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Summary: Princess Naruko of the kingdom of Fira has everything that she deems necessary. She has a caring grandfather,loving father,a very extended family, loyal citizens, and 2 best friends. However everything changes after our young princess has her heart broken when the man of her dreams gets engaged to another. Naruko is now trying to slowly heal her wounds due to these recent events, however things immediately change when she is informed by her father her time is up and that there family secret is out. Now Naruko is expected to leave as soon as possible to be with her new husband. Who is this new person who is to be her husband, and how many more secrets does her family have, should our young princess be able to trust anyone at all.

Bold (Screaming)

Italics (thoughts)

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Edited November 14,2014

Silence. Everything was still and silent throughout the massive castle that was part of the Kingdom of Fira. Some of the residents of the castle were sleeping soundly as others were now doing their jobs and guarding the royal family and the servants. One individual was sleeping on top of her enormous warm comfortable victorian like bed. Instead of having her hair secured in the bun that she had put it up into before she had turned in for the night, was now currently loose and was still in it's smooth, wavy like state. The moon light was streaming down onto her room, due to having her mahogany wooden doors of her balcony being opened a bit, now was shining upon her. The young women, no girl for she had still not turned sixteen which was the age where a girl was now considered an adult women, was still sleeping. However it wasn't peaceful like state for her face was covered in a few drops of sweat and was mumbling in her sleep. She tossed and turned as if she was trying to get away from something. This went on for a while until she let out a loud gasp and immediately shot up in a tense like state. She was now catching her breath as she quickly took in her surroundings. In relief she sighed and let her body relax as she was now thinking back to the nightmare she had experienced just moments ago.

But this wasn't actually anything new to her, for this was the same dream she had been having recently for the past few weeks. Even though she had already gone through this every night it still left her shivering when ever she would wake up herself from that nightmare. Oddly enough her thoughts went back to the time when she had first had this ill dream.


{In Dreams}

She was currently in a meadow that was made up of Sunflowers, Lillies, Chrysanthemums, and Daisies. The young child was chasing after a beautiful azure butterfly. Whenever she tried to grasp the little creature it would always be to out of reach. This just made her more determined as her main focus was to catch the butterfly so that she could show her triumph father or grandfather. The butterfly still kept flying away and she followed. She was finally close and was now able to reach the butterfly. Smiling she brought her hands up into the air and grasped the butterfly. Sadly however the butterfly still hadn't been caught and flying towards another direction. Pouting she kicked the dirt under her feet in frustration.

'Why can't I catch it! Doesn't it know that I just want to be friends with it?!Maybe not.'

The young child sighed and was looking around her surroundings in boredom.

'Eh, I should probably wake up now. There's nothing else to do here.'

As she was trying to will herself to awaken from this dream something called out to her. She looked around but didn't see she then tried to awaken but then heard the mysterious noise again. The noise was getting a bit louder but was still quiet. She focused on the noise and was shocked when she finally could clearly hear what the noise was. Turns out the noise was voice and it was calling out to her.



She then started following the voice. It didn't take as long as she thought it would, for now she was in a clearing that was isolated from most of the field. Seeing nothing here she decided to leave but was stopped. Glancing down she saw a hand that was on her shoulder. Turning around slowly she saw the person who had done this and slowly started to form in her big cerulean eyes.


"Naruko why are you crying. Aren't you happy to see me."

Naruko then quickly embraced the person and started sobbing into said person's skirt.

"Shh, shh, Naruko it's okay. Mother is here."

"Why did you go. Why did you have to leave me and father. Don't you see us suffering because of you!"

"I'm so sorry my little Naru, but I had to go. It was my time. Can't you see that I was dieing."

"No don't say that! You were in perfectly health! You just left us because you din't want to be with us!"

"Naru, I'm so sorry if I made you and your father suffer. How can I ever make it up to you!"

"By not leaving me anymore! Promise to stay with me! Don-don't lea-leave me."

"Is that what you want. For me not to leave."

"Yes, just do that, do it for me and father."

With this Naruko held even more tighter on to her mother. She felt her hair being stroked by her mother.

"Oh Naru, if that's what you want then that is what you will get. I promise I won't leave you or your father ever again."

Smiling Naruko relaxed and heaved out a heavy sigh. Her mother still kept on stroking her hair, but for some reason she felt uncomfortable.

"Naruko do you want to know why i won't leave you anymore."

"No. Why kaa-chan?"

Suddenly the clearing became all dark and was being quickly covered in mist. Gasping in fear Naruko held on to her mother even more but felt surprised when she didn't feel the radiating feeling whenever she was ever with her mother when she had been alive. Instead she felt a very cold, dark aura being imitated from the person she was holding on to. The hand then stopped caressing her hair.

"Because your never going to leave. Your going to stay here with me,forever."

Looking up her eyes widened instead of her mother being there it was a pale man who was dressed in dark clothing and had a very weird looking crown on top of his head. He then glanced down towards her and spoke something out very quietly.

"Yes, your going to stay here forever."

Naruko tried to get out of his grasp but he was to strong for her young self. It was to over bearing.

Closing her eyes in fear she prayed that she would wake up from this dream turned nightmare. When she finally did open her eyes she was still in this dream scape but everything had changed. Everything was now all pitch black. Glancing down at herself she noticed that she was in her fifteen old body again. She was wearing a very puffy but tiny white dress with a bright yellow sash around the middle. And even more down she noticed that she was surrounded by a strange red liquid. Not knowing what it was at first she stared down at it confusedly. For the next few seconds she could't comprehend what the strange liquid was when it suddenly clicked. This wasn't a liquid it was blood!

"What the. Where in the bloody hell am I!"

Then she jumped a little when she heard a deep monotone voice reply back to her.

"Language dear. Or have you forgotten that you are not supposed to talk like that."

Looking around she tried looking for the owner of the voice but found nothing. Whimpering in fear she started to shiver.

"No need to be afraid my dear, isn't it obvious why your here."

But instead of listening to the voice Naruko was to busy trying to find a type of escape.

"I don't think so my little fox, like I said your staying in here forever,"beamed the mysterious deep voice.

Suddenly Naruko felt something latch onto her ankle. It was wet and irritating and was bothering her by the second! Looking down she screamed when she saw what was grasping onto her. For what was grasping on to her was a dark gray skinny hand that was missing chunks of meat. Then to her horror, more hands started appearing and were latching on to her. They were now dragging her down towards the blood. Trying to break free she tried to at least run but was stopped by an unseeing force.

"Well you look at that. They really look like they like you."

Looking up Naruko saw the man from earlier and stopped struggling.

Her heavily breathing was the only thing that could be heard.

The man then grasped her chin and lifted it so that she was know looking up towards him.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. What am I going to do with you Naruko.

He stared down towards her until he finally said something that made her shiver.

"Oh wait I know. I exactly know what to do."

His eyes then changed from their obsidian black to that of a scarlet like color which was now completed by three tomoe that were spinning around at a very fast pace.

'I've heard of this but I forgot what it went by.'

"Yes, you shall stay here, for ETERNITY!"


And that was when she would strangely wake up. And for nights she has been having this dream but she would always be terrified when ever she woke up from it. Another thing that didn't help was she was now getting a really strange feeling that their was some type of hidden meaning to these nightmares. Quietly she slowly rose up from her bed and walked towards the windows of the balcony. She opened them a bit more and was now leaning against her sighed and gazed up at the stars.

'Why am I having these terrible dreams. And why do I have an agonizing feeling that their is something even more about these dreams.'

Sighing again she started to findle with her pointer fingers. 'Oh well looks like I might have to look for someone to look for to help me out with this. Maybe a healer, no maybe a shaman. They might be of greater help. Why does this have to happen to me out of all people.' She gazed back up at the stars trying to clear her head now from these terrible thoughts.

What she didn't know was that someone else was watching her very closely from far, far, far away.


A sharpened pale finger slid down a a very big crystal ball. The pale finger belonged to that of a man who was now very concentrated on the figure that was inside the crystal ball. He smirked and chuckled to himself.

"Perfect. Soon my little princess, you will be mine."


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