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Summary: Princess Naruko of the kingdom of Fira has everything that she deems necessary. She has a caring grandfather,loving father,a very extended family, loyal citizens, and 2 best friends. However everything changes after our young princess has her heart broken when the man of her dreams gets engaged to another. Naruko is now trying to slowly heal her wounds due to these recent events, however things immediately change when she is informed by her father her time is up and that there family secret is out. Now Naruko is expected to leave as soon as possible to be with her new husband. Who is this new person who is to be her husband, and how many more secrets does her family have, should our young princess be able to trust anyone at all.\

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"Huuh, huff, huff…, it was that stupid dream again. Damn it! Why me, why do I have to have to have these nightmares. Naruko got up and walked away slowly from her bed. She slowly walked back and forth across her room. Finally what seemed to be for a long time to Naruko she stopped and casually let herself drop on her bed. She stayed like this and stared at the ceiling.

'I got to stop getting so riled up by this! I'm fifteen for crying out loud! I shouldn't be scared by this.' Naruko sighed and finally tucked herself in the covers of her blankets.

'I guess I'll just go back to sleep.' She then looked back up at the ceiling until her vision became blurry and black and faded the darkness.

Naruko woke up to the chirping of birds and bleaming rays of sunlight. She sat up and stretched her aching body. After she had done that she got up and proceeded to walk over to her vanity. She picked up the brush that was laying on it's side. This was a particular gift that her father had given to her on one of her birthdays when she had been younger. For that she cherished it deeply. She lifted the brush up and started brushing through her mane of beautiful golden locks. Naruko continued on with this until she deemed herself worthy and walked over to her closet. Now Naruko wasn't girly or anything she still had a lot of clothes that were either gifts or clothes that she was forced to buy and then never wore them. None the less she continued down the isles of clothes to find some proper attire that she could wear that day. Finally she found a beautiful baby blue gown with lovely sky blue sleeves. At the hem of her dress and sleeves were beautiful designs of silver and black flowers and butterflies. She then took the dress off its hanger and got out of her sleeping gown and slipped the gown over head. After it was properly on her Naruko proceeded to find herself some slippers that would at least match her dress. At last she found a pair of white slippers with gold buckles on each shoe. She slipped them on her tiny dainty feet and exited out of her closet. Then she went out of her bedroom one of the many staircases that the palace was very famed for. A few minutes later she was inside the kitchen scavenging for some food that would soon be her breakfast. Naruko grabbed a ripe green sour apple and walked into the the castle's massive dining room. She sat down on a random chair that was located on the table she really sat with her father whenever they ate their meals. She then took a greedy bite out of her green apple.

'Mmm...tastes so good.' Naruko then quickly ate the whole apple.

'Mmm, that was good. Now what to do today. There's nothing of importance so that means I'm free today. I could always go to the village today! Dattebayo!' It had already been 2 weeks since she had last seen Sakuro. 'Well now I'll just go today to meet up with him and maybe Sasuke.' Naruko then got up threw the apple core away and went searching for her cloak. She pulled the hood over her head and walked out of the castle. Naruko had to dodge some guards but finally made it yo the secret passage that Sai had shown her. She walked down the passage and was now out of the castle.

After some time later she finally made it to her destination. Naruko could be now be seen walking down the bustling streets. The young teen was trying to find the familiar pink hair of her friend. Naruko walked for a very long time until she spotted something. There amongst the crowd were the familiar wisps of Sakuro's pink hair. Naruko ran across the crowd to go greet him but stopped. Why was there a black haired woman next to him. 'What's Sasuki doing with him.' That's when Naruko could finally hear what the 2 were saying to each other.

"Sasuki I have a confession to make. Please don't get mad at me after I tell you everything. "

"Hn, go ahead."

"Sasuki, ever since I first saw you I have always been mesmerized by you."


"What I'm trying to say is ever since we met I have always had feelings for you. I love you Sasuki."

"Sakuro I-"

"It's okay if you don't feel the about me, but I just want to show you something before you give me your answer."

Sakuro then bended down on 1 knee and got a tiny box out of his robes. "Sasuki will you marry me?"

Sasuki just stared at him. Then out of the blue she flung herself over him.

"Yes, yes! I will marry you!"


"Yes you idiot!"

She then kissed him full on the lips lovingly.

Naruko couldn't help but stand there. What she had witness would forever plague her mind for eternity. Her love was now engaged to her best friend. She slowly walked back into the crowd and walked out the village. After she was outside the village she ran. She ran as if a pack of hungry wolves were chasing after her. She ran until she until she was in the secure walls of the castle. Fortunately for her she didn't run into any guards. She still kept on running until she reached her room. Once she was in her room she finally let it out. She dropped on top of her bed and let tears come streaming down and sobbed.


Minato was barely coming out of a meeting when he felt a very horrible pang to his chest. 'Agh, what is this! Naruko! Something must of happened to her! I have to go make sure she's okay!' With that Minato then took off running to the other side of the castle.


'Meh, so she finally found out about the boy. Good she deserves to know. After all I don't want her worried for that boy she arrives here.' the dark shadowy figure thought as he looked at his crystal ball.

'The sooner her dear old father tells her the better.' He then laughed. "Soon Naruko, you will be mine."

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"I'm back and I got what I needed."

Rorouje: "What is it that you got that you want to show to us badly."

Magix: "I'm curious."

Daislen: "Well you want to see it. Then I will show her to you."

Magix: "Her? Who is i-,"

Daislen reveals who she currently has.

Daislen: "Ta da! It's Sarada with her victorian dress on!"


Rorouje: "Yeah why in the world is salty doing here?"


Magix: "Wait then what is your actual name? Because if it's Salada then that means unlucky and salty in my language."

Rorouje: "Wait your name is Salada? I could of sworn your name was Sarada."

Magix: "Is her name Salada or Sarada? I don't know cause in the last chapter of Naruto it saud Salada in the english version."

Naruko: "Er, sorry about this inconvenience. Hop you liked the chapter and fav, follow, and review."

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