The mountain and the hobbitling



One shot



"Are you a mountain?" Thorin looked about for the voice and realized shortly it was from below waist level.

Glancing down, his eyes met with the curious green eyes of a hobbit child.

"Excuse me?" He asked with a slight chuckle.

"Well my uncle Hildagrim said that mountains were very big and you're very big but now that I think bout it you are bigger than very big so you mustn't be a mountain." The lad babble on about different structures native to his homeland.

The lad froze mid-ramble.

"Oh!" He bopped his copper curls with the palm of his hand. "My name is Bilbo Baggins," he gave a bow.

It was a clumsy but endearing thing from one so small. He would say adorable, if he were a weaker dwarf.

"Thorin II Oakenshield, at your service, mister Baggins," he gave a bow and the boy glowed with happiness, a happy giggle escaping his lips.

"But I must be truthful, I am but a dwarf of the Blue Mountains, not a mountain one in itself."

"Well I think your a mountain," He said with a matter o fact attitude with a puffing up of his cheeks.

"There you are, Bo!" A woman with his same cherub features trotted up to them. "Your da'll tan our hides if we don't get home quick, suns nearly down!" She gave a blindingly bright smile to the dwarrow.

"Belladonna Baggins, at your service," she said with a curtsy "sorry if my Bilbo held you up, master dwarf, have a nice evening." Thorin smiled and stood from where he hadn't realized he'd kneeled.

"Thorin Oakenshield, and it was no trouble of mine, Mistress Baggins," the onyx haired woman pulled the small toddler into her arms and, with a magic that only the Hobbits of the Shire held, quickly disappeared from sight.

Years later Thorin thought back to that short meeting as he stood in front of a green door, Gandalf's initial inscribed in a piercing blue as his company raged within.

A short two knocks the door opened to reveal the wandering wizard and a hobbit.

"Are you a mountain?" Came the cheeky voice of a now fully grown Master Baggins.


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