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Draco's Sister

I've always thought about how Draco Malfoy was a dick, but really after reading the last book of the Harry Potter series, it really isn't his fault that he's a dick. With his father Lucius Malfoy being a death eater and all (spoiler, but I'm pretty sure everyone know that…) and her mom, seems to care about him but she never acts against Lucius, at least at the ending they kind of end up being a family.

Anyways I thought, what happened if there was someone there to comfort him when he was scared at night" When his father was too busy? On his 6th birthday, his father brings something, or should I say someone as a birthday present, a companion, a lover, it is forbidden, but they're not really siblings...

Chapter 1 (Draco pov)

Today is my birthday, I'm turning 6 today… I'm very happy because I am bigger which means that I might be able to do more in the house, father has started lessons with a private tutor. , I don't like her, all she talks about is how bad mudbloods are, and that they are a disgrace to the wizard world.

I am a proud pureblood, which mean that both my parents and their parents were wizards. I'm excited today so I jump out of bed and run to the family room. We live in a pretty big house but it's really empty….

"Mother!" I yell as I run to her, and hug her.

"Draco, my child! I did not raise you to run like a monkey!" She scolded. "Sorry mother." Just then the door opens.

"Narcissa, dear I am home." Father walked towards mother, but there seemed to be something trailing behind him. As he hugged mother I decided to speak up.

"Father today is my birthday."

"Ah, Draco were you behaving correctly while taught you? I hope you didn't bother her did you?"

"Father, she is sooo boring!"

"Well, she is one of the best, a pureblood tutor of course. Narcissa how have Draco's studies been going?"

As mother started to chat about my academic achievement, I remembered what I wanted to say

"I turned 6 today!" I yelled.

"My boy is growing into a man!" My father joked, father doesn't really joke, only with mother and I.

"Since it's your 6TH birthday, I got you something special, or someone to be exact. Father then looked down at his legs and said "Anabelle, please get out of my robe."

As he said this, his robe started to move, my mother took a step back inching towards me to protect my if needed. All of the sudden a little head popped out, a girl about my age with beautiful golden hair and eye the colour of the ocean looked at my father.

"Yes, Master Lucius." she said obediently as she quietly walked out of my father's robes to stand beside him.

"Draco this is Anabelle, she is a magical being, only the best for my son. Your mother has told me that you have been very lonely when I am out doing business (I had to , get it peeing haha). Anabelle is a purblood fairy, and will act as your companion while I am out." He then looked at the fairy named Anabelle.

"Anabelle this is your new master Draco Malfoy. He is your master from now on, you will do as he says and you must never leave his side." The pretty girl nodded as she acknowledged me and bowed.

"Master Draco I hope that you will be satisfied with my services." I blushed and replied.

"T-thank you, but you can just call me Draco, I hope we can be friends!" Her eyes widened and she tilted her head to the side.

"Friends?" She asked like she never heard the word.

"It means that you stay by my side all the time, I can tell you my secrets and we can play together!"

"o-okay M-Draco!" She then gracefully walked to where I was, my mother stepping out of the way, as she hugged me.

"A fairy Lucius! She better not harm my Draco!" Anabelle's eyes widened as she turned to my mother.

"No disrespect Mistress Narcissa, but I will never put Draco's life in danger, I will protect him with my life!" My mother's eye widened just the tiny bit and smiled at the little girl.

"Okay." She said kindly.

"Draco why don't you and your friend go and play while your mother and I talk?" Father said as more of a demand than a question. He then looked at Anabelle and she bowed quickly.

"Of course Master Lucius!" She said as she grabbed my hand and we walked to up the stairs.


Ha sorry I had to, I thought it would be nice to see a warmer and funnier side of the Malfoys since you never do in the books or movies, anyways back to serious stuff. Don't worry this is just the beginning the next chapter will be a time skip when Draco enters Hogwarts, don't worry I will make cute and fluffy extras about Draco and Anabelle's bonding together. It's just I'd like to get to the main story, and I thought of this just as I was watching Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Of course I don't own Harry Potter (duh) but I own Anabelle, all credit to J.K Rowling. Toodaloo~ I will be away for vacation but I'll type the story there, no internet and I'll post them when I go to Mcdonald's or when I get home be patient!