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Chapter 6 –

Dairin stood there in her front doorway shocked and speechless. But anyone would be able to understand why if they were in her shoes. The boy she has been crushing on for five years FINALLY asked her out!

As she was sorting through the shock in her mind Obito began to get anxious. He started fiddling with his hands behind his back holding a small bouquet of flowers. One Anemone, two Asters, one light red Carnation, and a single white tulip.

"These are for you, helped me pick them out she said the flowers meant...Oomph" Obito couldn't get the rest of his sentence out since an ecstatic Dairin tackled him, who threw the book in her hand into the house.

"Yes Bito, I will go on a date with you!" She said while rubbing her cheek on his.

Just then Anatsu ran outside waiting for Minato.

"Okay then I will pick you up at 8:00." Obito smiled and gave the flowers to Dairin and began to walk past Anatsu.

Minato flashed in front of Anatsu and he grabbed her hand to flash away. But when he was about to flash out, Anatsu grabbed Obito by his collar taking the unsuspecting Uchiha with them.

"Well he is probably going to be interrogated." Dairin sighed in slight annoyance, but she grinned when she smelled the flowers and went inside to find a vase… or a very large cup.

"Look here you little turd-,"

"Umm, Anatsu why are you choke-holding my student?" Minato asked Anatsu who was in the middle of interrogating Obito and locking him in a choke hold.

"Because he asked my LITTLE SISTER out on a date! Now I must know his reasoning behind this traitorous act." Anatsu claimed.

Obito looked at his Sensei and then substituted himself with a log and appeared in front of the two adults.

"Anatsu-sensei I really like your sister and have for some time now. I know that I was a big fanboy over Rin, but Dairin is special and she always believed in me when no one else did. I didn't think she liked me at first because she would always argue with me and sick Oni on me. But I remember you told me that was her way of showing people affection that she first meets and now she is nice and sweet to me. I want to help her reach her goals, and want nothing in return. So can I please date your sister?" Obito asked with a look of confidence, and bravery on his face.

Anatsu stayed silent for a minute and then burst into laughter. "I was just messing with you Bito! Haha! Oh, the scared look on your face when I grabbed you!" Anatsu calmed down her laughter and gave Obito a genuine smile.

"You know I have always been cheering you on to be the one who dates my little sister. You guys are so cute together, that is why I was giving you all those hints about her. Besides I ship you two together, it's so adorable! But I give you my blessing and Aruma's as well, he likes you too, although he acts different."

"Thanks Anatsu-sensei! I promise I will be super respectful, and -,"

"Just be yourself Obito, but don't be late!" Anatsu cut him off. "Now Minato and I need to hurry up and get back, you go and get everything together."

"Hai!" And with that Obito ran off to get everything ready for his date tonight.

Anatsu and Minato turned around and walked towards the restaurant.

"Where is Aruma?" Minato wondered as he opened the door for Anatsu.

"Oh he is with Kushina Something about hanging out, anyways I bet they will get together." Anatsu smiled as they went back to their table.

"I don't know Kushina is a little hot-headed." Minato chuckled.

"Have you met me and my sister!" Anatsu laughed with Minato.

The day went by fast for Dairin who was finishing up on her hair. There was a knock on the door right as she put the last touches on her hair. She looked at the clock and seen it was 7:55.

"Oh my word he's actually early! He really likes me!" Dairin squealed to the horror of her twin siblings.

"Stop with the squealing or you're gonna make my ears bled." Aruma yelled up the stairs from his spot on the couch in the living room.

Anatsu walked down the stairs from her room covered in paint and smudge marks. "Well seeing as I'm closer I'll answer the door."

"Thanks Tsu-chan, and why are you covered in paint?" Aruma smiled not realizing the sarcastic tone, his twin had, in her voice.

"Oh you know I was in the middle of drowning the world out with music, and painting when I hear a squeal. So in my panic to get to our sister I turn to run. When I realized why she is screaming, I go to stop, but then my foot slipped, and I fell on my project." Anatsu stated while opening the door.

"Your foot slipped? Aren't you supposed to be a ninja?" Aruma asked with a smug grin.

Obito was at the door and about to walk into the house when all he seen was Anatsu jump across the Living room and onto Aruma. Fists were flying, and a deep laugh was heard, meaning the male counterpart meant to get his twin riled up.

"You ready to go Obito?" Dairin asked with a big smile.

Obito thought she looked beautiful already, even when she was angry or in her lazy/slob days, but she was even more beautiful now if that was possible.

Dairin had on a grey oversized sweater dress that stopped about mid-thigh. The sweater dress was an off the shoulder neck line but underneath she had on a black halter top with a silver choker. In the middle of the top a little below her neck was a slight opening in the top. She had a thin black woven belt to tie around her waist and black gladiator sandals that stopped right below her calves.

She had her hair tied up in a high ponytail much like her older sister wears all the time, but her bangs were straight instead of pulled to the side like they always were. The red/purple haired girl's hair-tie was in fact her Konoha headband.

"You look amazing, but um… Shouldn't we get them to stop fighting? It looks like Anatsu is really beating your brother!" Obito asked while rubbing the back of his head with a confused look.

"Oh they do that all the time. Aruma always starts fights with Anatsu when he's bored. Let's go before they notice you were the one at the door, and that I am gone." Dairin grabbed Obito's hand and ran into the middle of town where all the restaurants were.

When the two finally got to where they wanted to go they slowed to a stop. Obito looked to his date with a grin and told her, "I am going to take you out to eat first then the fun will start."

They slowly walked to Ichiraku's and Obito noticed something funny about Dairin's shadow. He let his eyes change into the Sharingan and seen that the shadow was full of chakra. Which meant it was Aruma in the shadow watching them.

Obito's eyes faded back to normal and stomped on Dairin's shadow, hearing a slight groan. He smirked at this, but ended up slightly startling Dairin.

"What was that for Bito?" Dairin asked with one hand on her chest as if she was trying to calm her heart.

"I saw a spider and killed it for you, because I know you hate them, and I didn't want to freak you out." Obito grinned at Dairin.

"Awe, that's sweet!" Dairin smiled and gave Obito a hug.

They were hugging for five seconds when they felt themselves being pushed apart. Dairin looked down to see Oni looking up at them.

"I didn't like the way he was looking at you….. and you were hugging for too long."

"Seriously Oni, why aren't you at home anyway?"

"I got bored watching them fight, so I left to find you. Besides I don't want him to think he can take my place. I'm your baby!"

"That won't happen, and you can hang out but stay in the trees or something." Dairin told the huge Panther, and walked up to the Ramen stand with Obito trailing behind her.

"Obito, how are you? And what can I sever you two tonight?"

"Awesome! And I will have pork miso ramen with extra pork. What about you Dairin?"

"I will have Vegetable miso ramen with egg and menma." Dairin smiled as she sat down on a stool to the counter top.

After they ate and laughed about a small prank that Dairin pulled on one of the other customers, Obito decided it was time to get to the real part of the date.

He led them to the park where they walked along the path, talking and laughing the night away. Suddenly Obito smiled and grabbed Dairin's hand.

"Close your eyes and follow me."

Dairin did as told and closed her eyes, not that she really needed them to know where she was going. Although all the walking they were doing was making her feel like she was going to be kidnapped by her favorite non-blood relation human. Maneuvering his way along the path and through the trees the dark haired boy grinned widely as he seen their destination.

Pulling Dairin in front of him and putting his hands over her eyes. "Okay now when I count to three, you can open your eyes."

"One." Obito counted next to her ear.

"Two." Dairin was actually getting really excited.

"Three!" Obito lifted his hands off of Dairin's eyes.

Dairin opened her eyes to put her hands over her mouth as she gasped.

The sight before her was beautiful. It was a small clearing with a little pond to the left of them with a tree next to it and a long branch hanging over the water. Beds of flowers were naturally growing in spots around the edge of the water, and clearing. Just over the tree-line you could see the full moon shining brightly. Fireflies were glowing and flying around, looking like tiny floating lanterns. The place was perfect, even the scents around her didn't make her nose hurt.

"How did you find this place? It is amazing, and beautiful! I would have loved to come here all the time when I needed a break from life." The Red and purple haired teen exclaimed.

The Uchiha rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment. "I accidently found this place after I got out of the hospital from the Kannabi Bridge mission. I was pissed over everything that had happened, and began to wonder around in the forest be the park. Then I came up on this place, and I just wanted to keep it to myself. When I found this place I felt like all the problems left me, and I could breathe. Like everything made sense for once in my entire life."

"Well I am glad you decided to share this place with me." Dairin gave a true smile to the dark haired teen.

Obito felt his heart melt at the sight. He had only seen Dairin smile like that two times since he has known her. The first time, is when her brother and sister came back from a Mission that took them a little over a month to complete. The second time is when everyone stopped in the middle of a mission to celebrate her birthday. That smile gave him the confidence to do what he planned this whole night around.

"Dairin I have something that I want to show you." The young Uchiha replied while leading his date to sit on the blanket in front of him.

Dairin sat down and gave Obito and encouraging look when he sat down before her.

"I have been working on this for a while now, and I finally got it done after a ton of Chakra manipulation training." He laughed as he crossed his legs and made a few simple hand signs

Obito closed his hands in front of himself as if he was holding a ball inside his hands. He then took a breath and blew into his hands. Closing his onyx eyes, he concentrated and opened his eyes smiling. He then opened his hands and there floating in the air, above his palm, was a rose made of flames.

The youngest Hyō gasped at the wonderful creation. It looked simple to pull off but she knew that it was actually extremely difficult to get fire to form into something you wanted. Heck she had watched Anatsu practice for years her affinity to fire, getting the amount of fire she wanted to release just right.

Obito grinned widely and moved his free hand in front of the small flower slowly, and placing that hand next to the other as a small fire panther paced the space of both of his hands. The next image was a little bunny hopping around before it dissipated into smoke.

"That was so cool! I loved it!" Dairin giggled.

"That's not the only thing I had to show you." Obito pulled out a folded blank piece of paper from his pocket.

Unfolding it and setting it down in front of him he gave one simple direction for Dairin. When he said now she was to blow onto the paper.

He did a few hand signs and took a small breath, and blew fire onto the paper in between them. He waited two seconds before he gave the command. Dairin was surprised that the flames had went out so easily, but figured he must have put very little chakra into the jutsu.

Obito quickly picked up the paper and looked into Dairin's eyes. "I have a question for you Dai-chan. But you have to promise not to change after I ask, Okay?"

"Why would I possibly change Bito? Now shoot!" Dairin replied with a confused face.

Obito closed his eyes as he flipped the paper around. He almost substituted out of there until he felt someone tackle him and a burst of squealing and giggles.

"Of course you silly Uchiha!" Dairin replied.

Obito laughed as he hugged the mostly redhead back, with a ear to ear smile on his face. Finally after years of waiting, and months of talking himself up to the challenge, he got what he had wanted. He manned up and asked her on a date, and another important question.

One that was proudly burned into the paper being crumbled between the giggle pair.

A question that would start their future, and bring them both hardships.

One piece of paper.

For six words.

Will you be my girlfriend, Dairin?

Aruma woke up from his nap on the couch with a start as his twin walked in the door.

"Where were you?" he asked.

"I was spying on their date, when I left they were watching the moon talking." Anatsu smiled as she threw her shoes by the door.

"Is that all that happened?" Aruma asked watching his twin make her way to the Kitchen and putting his head in his hands.

"Well Minato ended up following them too, under the excuse of wanting to make sure his student acted right." Anatsu laughed.

"So you were basically on a stake-out date, while our sister was on a date? Man Anatsu just go out with the guy already! What are you trying to hide for?" Aruma asked and closed his eyes, only to open them to the sound of glass shattering.

Anatsu stood frozen in the middle of the Kitchen with her hands at her sides. Her eyes staring into something, yet nothing at the same time. He began to get worried for her when she collapsed onto the floor, scaring him completely. This wasn't like his sister to just collapse, she hasn't done that since three years after their clan was massacred.

Aruma had his sister's head in his lap when her eyes opened and she gasped heavily while she snapped to sit upright.

"Ego quod vidi. Erat memoria caedis die Omnia amisimus" Anatsu spoke looking with terrified wide eyes at her brother.

Then she began to cry.

So just a tid bit of information. Anatsu and Aruma can speak a different language. Dairin calls it their twin lingo, but it is something that they have done for as long as they can remember. They only speak it when they are talking about something no one else should know about or when one of them is actually afraid. Or when something traumatizing happens to them and they just can't speak normal. Sometimes they just get caught up and start to talk like that, but it is very rare.

Anyways Anatsu was terrified and coming out of a vision/memory of her past that traumatized her fully. So she is going to speak in their twin language.

Anatsu said, "I just seen something. It was a memory of the massacre, the day we lost everything."

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