That recent attempt on Elsa's life ended in quite a mess, and might have worked if not for Olaf accidentally scaring the living heck out of the would be assassins.

They had evaded most of the guards, and had silently slaughtered those who noticed them. Out side Elsa's royal bedroom, standing in the blood of the mangled guards, were the three assassins, shrouded in shadow of the lunar eclipse.

Silently, one inserted the key he got from the corpses of the dead guards around him. Chikk . The key fits, and the assassin turned the key. Chikk! The lock snaps open.

The second assassin quietly pushed open the door, the well oiled hinges making no sound at all. Through the gap of the door and the doorframe, he could see the queens bed, though with the shadows and assorted jumbling pillows, he can't see whether the queen was actually there. The ice making up of the floor let out an ethereal glow, slightly shining. He cursed silently. Ideally, they would have shot the queen with their crossbows and be done with it, but the cursed pillows had obstructed their sight. And with this icy, glowing floor, it would be impossible to evade detection if she woke up.

Well hell with it!

The second assassin pushed the door a bit further, and he and his brother in harms (literally)slipped in like wraiths.

The first assassin approached the bed, his footsteps making as much noise as a feather falling on fresh snow. Now, next to the bed, he peered down. The queen was there alright, slumbering in her bed, totally oblivious of the fatality standing next to her. The assassin had no remorse, nothing against killing the young, weak or girls. Particularly if she is all three. To him and his brothers, who followed the code of their creed, death was just a part of life. Killing was just cutting it short, sending them to the great beyond. The assassins wrinkled their noses. The room reeked of perfumes, and their sensitive, corrupted noses were having trouble with the smell.

Silently, next to Elsa, the assassin said a silent prayer to the god of death, as the custom to respect thier chosen contract of blood. He raised his dagger, and prepared to deliver the killing blow.

"Hello!" a voice suddenly rang out cheerfully from the shadows.

The assassin and his 'brother' looked around in shock, trying to locate the source of the voice. They had scoured the room, every possible place. There was no way anything could slip pass them.

From the shadows next to the bed, a small figure stepped out and said, "Hello! I'm Olaf and I love warm hugs!"

It was a snowman. A living, TALKING SNOWMAN.

Forgetting all protocols, the third assassin send an arrow through it, the sound muffled by the snow.

"Oh! What have you done? Look! You impaled me!" the snowman complained.

The form on the bed stirred and sat up and mumbled, "Olaf, what was that about?"

The first assassin swore and trust his poisoned dagger at the queen, but he missed by inches as she rolled out of the bed.

The snowman cried out loud, "Intruders! ATTACK!" and threw himself at the first assassin.

The assassins cursed again and flung the snowman off. He looked for the queen and found out that she was standing, with two glowing whirling spheres of frost in her palm.

And the sound of wind and blinding light was the last thing he saw or heard.