Title: A Hero's Goodbye

Summary: A look at George's reaction after the Battle of Hogwarts.

Author's Note: This is my second dabble into the world of Harry Potter. I've recently been reading the books over again and watching the movie and this idea just popped into my head. I hope you all enjoy and I'd love to hear what you all think. Comments, critics and reviews are always appreciated!

In all the novels and dramatic movies his older siblings had forced him to read and watch he could always remember the hero getting a say before their death (if they died at all). Especially in those fantastic muggle war epics his dad was so fond of, the hero would heroically make the ultimate sacrifice, say his dramatic and inspiring farewell then gloriously and peacefully pass on and life would continue…but this was not those books or movies.

In real life war was fast, brutal and unfair. There was little time for preparation, hardly any time for respite, and definitely no time for goodbyes. Heroes had died left and right today and none had had a chance to have a last say of any kind. He should know he had watched one of them fall and as soon as he had, he knew life would not continue because nothing would ever be the same.

How could it when half of you was laying dead in the Great Hall with all the other heroes.

That thought sent him to his feet as he began to pace the empty dormitory. Fred had not had the luxury of saying goodbye, or rather he hadn't. In the blink of an eye Fred had been there smiling, firing spells, joking with Percy and then he had just…not been there.

With a low moan he stuck his hands in his hair, pulling fiercely at the roots. He wanted to jump out of his skin, this just could not be happening. "No, no, no, no, no, no…" he repeated softly at first until the last "NO!" was torn from his already ravaged throat.

Without thought he moved to the bed his brother had once occupied for nearly 7 years. The hangings were closed around it and with a powerful wrench he began tearing them from the posts. He didn't stop there, he began slashing, pulling, throwing, beating and kicking everything within in his reach. Soon the air was full of flying debris. His sobs were deep and gut-wrenching as he continued to lay waste to the room.

However he could not keep it up for long, already exhausted his heavy arms slowed in their destruction and fell limply to his sides. His sobs had escalated as he began to hyperventilate. He looked around the room and saw his handy work; it was just as broken and shattered as he was.

With an enormous effort he forced out all of his breath in the form of a guttural scream. Once he let it out all the energy seemed to drain from his body. His knees were the first thing to hit the floor. Then the rest of him slumped down, as if had just caved in on himself. His sobs came out softly and quietly now which surprised him, he didn't think he had any left.

This he thought bitterly was definitely not one of those books or movies he remembers, because in them everyone lived happily ever after. The survivors never wanted to exchange places with the fallen or wished that they too had died.

This was nothing like that because this was real life.

A very real and horribly cruel reality where George would have to go on without Fred, Fred who was always so full of life and laughter. No, this time the hero had not been able to say goodbye or leave behind words of comfort. More importantly he had not been able to say all the things he needed and wanted to say to Fred. And that was something George would have to live with for the rest of his life.