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God how he hated medication. Alan glared at the little orange pill bottle which sat on the side of his sink, taunting him. Gordon had woken him up at an un-Godly hour so they could go for a run. Sure he loved running but being woken up at six am wasn't what he was hoping for. Sighing in annoyance he took the pill and swallowed it regretfully. Soon Alan was going back to school, he'd have to catch up and face all of the questions. Looking at his fading scars on his arms and rubbed his face. His anxiety and thoughts were clouded, and it annoyed the heck out of him.

"C'mon Alan!" Gordon shouted through the door in a cheerful voice "I'm not getting any younger. Hurry up!" the footsteps faded and Alan groaned as he got dressed.

Running with Gordon was more fun that he had anticipated. They talked and laughed, Alan beat him in the end and he entered the kitchen with a big smile on his face. Jeff looked up from his newspaper, no one saw the smile hidden behind the paper.

"What's gotten you so happy?" Virgil asked as he spread his butter on his toast. Clearly accepting the change in Alan with open arms.

"I beat Gordon" Alan replied and sat down on the chair opposite his brother with a puff of air.

"You cheated!" a shout came from the door connecting to the kitchen. Everyone turned to see a disgruntled Gordon draging his legs to his seat at the table. His red hair was pocking up in odd angles, his clothes were covered with sweat patches and to be honest he looked like he had crawled out of hell.

"Prey tell how I cheated exactly?" Alan drawled and snickered at a spluttering Gordon.

"I don't know how. But I will find out!" ending it with a bang on the table. Alan rolled his eyes with a smirk. Everyone released a tired breath at how cheerful their youngest was. It was definitely refreshing to see how much of an impact the new environment was having on him. It was clear to them all what went wrong. They weren't there for Alan, none of them were. And since they were now, it was changing Alan into a happier person.

Alan for once truly felt one with his family. It was foreign almost. They hadn't been a full family in years, he was always the outsider and being let in willingly felt weird. His eyes traveled to the knife in his hand. One little cut would…


He couldn't do that to his family. Not put them through the pain and anguish he gave them over these past months. The incident with the roof was all forgotten, nobody talked about it because they wanted him to get better. Dwelling on the past wouldn't bring any hope. Those were his father's words to him when he tried to bring the subject matter up.

He knew the itching to cut would never go away. It will always be inside him. Scratching its way into his thoughts now and again. But he needed to conquer it. Overcome the needing and wanting, never give in to its temptation. Virgil said it's an addiction. You get one taste of it. And you're a goner. One cut may be your last. He knew it was a dreadful thing to think. That the cut he may do in the future could end his entire life. In the past he would have jumped at the thought. But now, now he was in a family. He was wanted not by just one brother, but all. He felt all-warm inside. Not the cold that echoed around his heart.

"Hey Sprout?" Virgil asked as he shook his side. A concerned look on his face "You ok?" Alan realized that he must have been stuck in his thoughts longer than he had known.

"I was calling your name for like a minute," said Scott. Alan looked around the table to see everyone's faces that he loved more than ever. His father and brothers mattered so much to him.

Yes, he had some bad memories of them. Memories that will sure haunt his future to come, but they're just that, memories. Nothing to do with the present. The years to come will be surrounded by these people he loves. He'll join International Rescue with a smile on his face. He'll fly a Thunderbird of his own and save people that will live another day. Just like him.

He now knows that suicide was never the answer. People like the Hood will enter his life in the future and try to tear him down like they did now. But he and his family will face the threat head strong.

His depression will fade like the wind and he'll focus on school and life. The pills will be annoying but Alan knows that he has to take them to get better. Most likely Fermat will find out about what happened in the past months and he's scared of how hill take it. But apart of him knows he'll welcome it and help him get through it. Alan looked at Virgil with a smile and cheerful eyes.

"Yeah" he chuckled "Never better" his brothers will never know why he said it. But Jeff Tracy does. He smiled at his son and went back to reading.

Alan began to eat his food and snorted. 'Maybe Kate was right' he thought. 'I was lucky to have survived. And maybe I am worth it'.

Deep in the depths of the Royal National Prison Lady Penelope walked through the dark halls. Her high pink heels clicking on the floor. Her face was full with anger, two men walked behind her. Carrying state of the art guns supplied by the military. At the end of the hall was a prison cell which had a bullet proof, mind proof glass. The walls were painted white. And In the middle was a man in a white straight jacket. His back was turned to Penelope as she stood in front of his cell.

"I got a call this morning saying that you threatened Alan Tracy" Trying to keep the anger from her voice "I think you've caused him enough pain as it is" The man raised his bald head. The light shining off of it, he turned around and smiled at her.

"Believe me Miss Penelope" the Hood drawled "His pain will be worth it"

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