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Chapter 1: Welcome To Hyrule Island!

It was a sunny hot day in the beautiful Hyrule island, bordering the continent of Hyrule its self. The birds were chirping and the keese were in their caves. Along the docks of the beautiful island was a Hylian man. Like all Hylians, he had very long pointy ears. He was tall, his wind blown black hair, and had a blue shirt on. This Hylian, was Chris Mclain.

"Welcome all you Total Drama Fans!" He said enthusiasticly as the camera zoomed on him. "This season, we have a new Cast! A New Island! And New challenges to see them go up against! I like the NEWS of that! Hehehe!" Chris said, laughing at his own pun. "This season, we do bring back tables and cabins and what-not! As Hyrule Island here is a peaceful resort! And, per usual, we still have the old confessionials!" Chris walked to the end of the dock. "And now, we'll meet our new cast members! Ratings say that instead of having some elaborate way to introduce people, example; for last seasons Blimp introduction, people prefer for them to be introduced like the very first season! It boosts, 'Character Development'" He mocked, putting up quote sings.

As the first boat drawed near, he quickly put them down and smiled. "Everyone meet our first arriving contestant..." Chris said, as a female stepped off. She was slightly short and very thin. She had wavy long blue hair, and wore a light blue dazzling shirt with sleeve poofs. She wore a dark blue frilly skirt, with white frills and turquoise flat heels. She was pale, and had beautiful sea blue eyes. "...Navi!" Said Chris. Navi smiled.

"Hi Chris! It's great to be here! It's so beautiful! Hey, did you know that-" She begun until Chris barged in.

"Yeah, that's nice, uh huh, why don't you wait down the docks, okay?" Chris said, waving his hand.

"Okay!" Navi said with glee, as she skipped down. Chris rolled his eyes, but turned hus attention to the next boat.

"Say hello too." Chris said, as a pale-ish male stepped onto the docks. He had big purple-plum like colored hair and brown, green tinted eyes, and a wide smile. He wore a purple jacket, and very long baggy dark purple pants. "Ravio!" Chris happily introduced. Ravio pointed at Chris in amazement.

"Chris Mclain! Oh, Din, i wish i could be as famous as you one day, Mr. Famous!" Ravio said, bringing himself down. Chris smiled.

"Yep, don't dream too big." Chris said happily, pushing Ravio over to Navi. Navi raised an eyebrow to Ravio. "Hmmm..." She said, as Ravio smiled. A bird flew toward Ravio, and onto his shoulder. "Oh, well hello there!" Ravio said nicely. Chris squinted looking suspiciously at Ravio, but turned his attention to the next boat, as it stopped at the docks.

"Lets hear it for..." Said Chris, as giant footsteps were heard on the dock. It almost shook Ravio and Navi! A burly tall man, wearing a dark blue shirt with a big collar, and black jeans and big black boots came onto the docks. The man had small eyes, and red lips. His white skin was toned and he had an AMAZING set of big orange-red hair! "Groose!" Said Chris.

"So, this is my, ehehe, competition, eh?" Said Groose, snickering. Navi looked mad at Groose, crossing her arms, as Ravio just looked sad looking down, as well as the bird on his shoulder.

"Well, there's still about 13 more to go." Said Chris. Groose sneared, walking down.

"No matter," He said, combing his hair "The Groose will take them all on." He said, as Navi rolled her eyes. Chris chuckled "Haha! Drama already, just as our next contestant arrives."

The boat arrived and dropped off two girls. "Lets give it up for the 2nd pair of twins in Total Drama history..." Said Chris.

One twin was wearing a short blue tanktop and a tight blue skirt, with a shiny blue streamed wavy line at the bottom. She wore light blue sandal heels. She was tall and thin, and had aisian skin, and black eyes. Along with long red hair, with a blue bow in it. "Marilla and..." Chris said, as he looked at Marillas younger twin sister.

Her sister shared facial features, however, this one wore a short red colar shirt, and a free red skirt. With shiny red steamed in a wave design on the bottom. She wore plain red sandals and had her red hair in a red scrunchie. "Judo!" Chris finished.

"Hello!" Said Judo as she followed Marilla down the dock. "I'm Judo! This is my-" Judo began to explain, but frowned.

"Nobody caressss!" Groose chimed in, as Marilla grabbed his over sized colar, and pulled her right fist back. "Don't you EVER talk to my sister like that, GOT IT?!" Marilla demanded, as Groose shook his head and gulped. Marilla let go, and hid behind Ravio. Marilla stood straight and calmed as Judo mouthed 'I'm Sorry' to Groose. Navi smiled.

"As much as i like the drama, lets wait until we get ALL the contestants!" Chris said, and smiled as the next boat came.

"Here comes..." Chris said, as light gentle footsteps came from the boat. The girl was slightly short, and had normal white skin. She wore a green t-shirt, with a dark green thermal shirt underneath. She wore green shorts that matched her t-shirt green shade, and a brown belt. She wore dark green boots. She had light pink small lips, cute blue light eyes and light green hair with a green band in it. "So much green." Said Marilla silently.

"Saria!" Said Chris. Saria held a green carry-on bag. She put on her thick glasses. "Oh, high." Saria said, as she walked down the dock. The bird on Ravios shoulder flew onto her finger. "Oh, hello their Mr. Bird!" Saria said, as Ravio raised an eyebroe.

"Mr?" He asked, as she smiled and shook her hand. She gently placed the bird back on his shoulder.

"Hi." Saria said shyly to Marilla, as Marilla sent her a glare. Judo mouthed 'I'm Sorry' again.

Chris broke the silence "And here comes..."

Chris said, as the boy stepped down. He had black eyes and freckles, with brown hair sorda in an up-do. He wore a yellow t shirt, with a orange vest over it. He also wore tan jeans and brown cowboy boots. "Pipit!" Chris said. Pipit shined a bright smile. He walked over to the rest of the group. Navi blinked several a time, looking at Pipit. She blushed. Groose rolled his eyes.

Next arrived a pair. A girl and a boy. They both had white toned skin. The boy had dark purple spikey hair, and purple eyes. He wore a purple long sleeved shirt, and wore a black jacket. He had heaphones in. He wore dark blue baggy jeans and black converses.

"Our first Brother and Sister pair in Total Drama, Tael.." Chris said, Tael being the boy. The girl had white-blonde hair and yellow eyes. She wore a white long sweater, and a long flowy yellow skirt. She also wore yellow slippers. "...Tatl!" Chris finished.

Tael went to run down the dock, but Tatl stopped him. "Don't run, you might fall!" She nagged. Tael stopped "Aww, but sis..." He complained. He slowly walked, as Tatl almost ran.

"Hello!" She said to the group. Saria and Ravio waved hi. And the bird still on Ravios shoulder squaked. Tael stood beside Navi.

"...Don't touch me..." Navi said to him, sidestepping.

Suddenly, a zora jumped out the water, and landed on the docks. "Ruto!" Said Chris.

"Umm, THIS is where i'm staying? Yah, not so posh as i expected." Ruto said, walking dissapointed.

"Hey there, I'm-" Groose began, buy Ruto gave him 'the hand'.

"Don't care. Just so you know, i can buy AND sell you all..." Ruto said, smiling, crossing her arms.

"...Then why'd you enter the show?" Marilla snapped, as Ruto was left shocked. Saria smirked at her embarrassment.

"Haha, love it!" Chris said, evily rubbing his hands together.

Next, a boat house dropped off a girl. As she landed on the dock, her spers clinked. She wore a cow-girl hat, a light-tan sleeveless shirt with a red and blue zig-zag motion. She wore light-tan short-shorts and high 3-inch cow-girl boots with spers. She had red hair and blue eyes, and a shiny smile.

"Malon!" Chris said happily.

"Hello, Chris." She said happily.

"Look, i know you're not so used to the flora and fauna type of environment, so try to stay sharp." Chris mentioned.

"Oh, i'll be fine." Malon laughed. She walked over to the group. "Hi, i'm Malon!" She introduced. Some stood, others winced, Saria gulped and walked forward.

"Umm, I'm Saria." She shyly introduced. Malon smiled widely, shaking her hand.

"Nice to meet you!" Malon said.

"Yeah, this isn't exactly Kansas." Said Ruto.

"It is with you, tornado reck." Mumbled Marilla, as Judo knudged her.

"I thought we'd at least have plain ground." Malon stated frowning.

"Oh, we do." Chris said. Malons frown turned to a smile, and she nodded, and got with the group.

A boat dropped of a mid-sized man. Or, BOY... Teen... He had orange hair and green eyes. He wore a green white-beater and and brown cargo shorts. He wore green shoes. "Mido!" Said Chris. Mido rested his head on his arms, put behind him.

"Yeah, i know." He sput out. He walked over, and saw Saria... And instantly had to have her. He zoomed up to Saria, who was beside Navi. "Hey their, i'm-" But Navi got scared as a boy got too close.

"AHHH!" She screamed, and pushed him off the docks. "...Opps..." Navi said. Midow got back up.

"Ugh... What's the matter with you?" Mido asked annoyed.

"Sorry, that's just what happens when boys get close." Navi said, hiding behind Saria. Ravio looked at Mido, afraid. Tael just yawned out loud, as Tatl whacked the back of his head. Ruto burst into laughter, and Groose almost had a heart attack when a drip of water almost touched his hair. Judo giggled, and even Marilla showed signs of stifless laughter.

"Next up..." Said Chris.

1h agoA yacht pulled up to the island, and out stepped a very beautiful tall female. She had blonde hair, bright blue eyes, pink lips and toned white skin. She wore a pearl necklace, She wore a faded pink tight casmere sweater, with pink faint designs on it. The sweater had slightly fluffy ends of the sleeves. She wore a pink flowy skirt, with a fushia design at the bottom. She wore red mary-jane heels. She also wore two triforce earings. She only had a purse on hand.

"Zelda!" Chris said excitedly. Zelda waved nicely.

"High Chris!" She said. Grooses eyes watered at the utter beauty. She walked down to the others. "Hi guys!" Zelda said, as Groose stepped forward.

"Hello, dear Zelda. I am Groose, and i would love to be on a team such as yours." Groose said, bowing.

"Um, thank you...Groose." She said, plastering a smile. Ruto rolled her eyes. Tael was wide eyed, and Tatl blew her hair out of her face, crossing her arms. Ravio smiled. She was pretty, though, Ravio prefered the more 'darker soul' type. The bird on his shoulder chirped. Mido was just staring at Saria. Judo and Marilla just stood aside.

"Hello their!" Ravio said. Zelda waved back. Groose shot a menacing look at Ravio when Zelda wasn't looking, and Ravio stood aside, upset.

"See, Character development raises ratings 'soooo much.' Pfft." Chris said, sarcastically.

"I think Topher would've made a better host." Ruto chimed in. Chris looked angry, remembering the Hylian fanboy of his, until the next boat drew near.

"Everyone,..." A young handsome blonde haired hylian stepped onto the dock. He had a silver earing on, and had deep blue eyes. He wore a green v-neck, And dark blue jean, and wore brown shoes. "Here's Link!" Chris said, holding his hand up. Link slightly smiled. Ruto was wide-eyed at the boy, as Groose crossed his arms. Saria blushed wildly, as Zelda waved. Link walked over to the group.

"Hi, i'm Link." He greeted, shaking Zeldas hand.

"Yeah, Umm, we heard that." Mido rudely said. Judo walked up and shook his hand.

"Nice to me you, I'm Judo." Judo said. Pipit went to hand shake him as well.

"Nice to meet you, M' names Pipit!" Pipit greeted. Link smiled more. Zelda went to eagerly shake his hand, but was pushed aside by Ruto, and Zelda was caught by Malon.

"Hiii, I'm Ruto! Daughter of the mayor of Zoras Domain!" She bloated. Zelda looked upset, as Malon shook her head.

"Yeah, enough chit-chat. Cause here comes another contestant now!" Chris said pointing.

A boat dropped off a heavy tall, burly teen. He had fire red hair slicked back, and red eyes. He had almost pitch black skin. He wore a black and red designed biker jacket, with a ripped grey shirt underneath. He wore black baggy jeans, and wore big black boots. Almost the whole group looked in shock at him. Save for Link, Navi, Marilla and Malon.

"Welcome to Hyrule Island, Ganondorf!" Chris introduced. Ravio couldn't help but chuckle, as Ganondorf grabbed him, lefted him up, and threw Ravio into the water as the bird flew off.

"Call me GANON." Ganondorf snapped at Chris. Chris shrugged. The whole group backed up, instead of Link.

"Hey, that's NOT funny!" Link said, to the taller muscular Ganondorf.

"Really?... Laugh at it, or you'll be with him!" Ganondorf said, as Link was about to say 'No' Zelda stepped in between them.

"Boys, boys, please! Lets just try to get along, okay?" She said, plastering a smile. Ganondorfs frown, turned into a smile.

"Yeah, you're right." Ganondorf said happily, swinging his arm around Link, putting his arm on his shoulder. " 'Sorry' about that man!" Ganondorf said. Zelda looked at Link, and Link plastered one too. Ravio came to water surface, and spit out the water. He sighed, looking down at it, until the bird returned on his head, chirping. Ravio smiled.


Zelda: Okay, so it was REALLLY cool for that Link guy to quickly make up with Ganondo- Ganon! *smiles* I know i may have interjected. I hope i don't come off rude. Being on this show and trying to win the million is really bothering me. *Frowns* At home, people haven't realized, but i'm the daughter of the President of Hyrule! I came here to win it, because i'm tired of being treated like a princess! *smiles and looks at camerea* But now, once i win, i can take care of my own self, and show the world just how tough a spoiled girl can be! *slams fist into hand smiling*...*frowns, shaking hand* Owie!

-End of Confessional-

Ganondorf got with the group, as Saria helped Ravio and the bird up. Mido was still chuckling because of Ravios 'down fall'. Judo looked at Marilla expectantly, but hey, it wasn't HER problem. Zelda smiled at the peace.

"Now, for our last arrival!" Chris said, as a slightly-heavy step landed on the dock. The crowd, save for Ganondorf, Saria and Marilla looked at him surprised. Link was extra shocked. The guy was Links height, with almost the same hair style (just messier looking) though, he was pale. His eyes were outlined black and were crimson red. It looked slightly like he was wearing eyeliner. He had normal lips, (in a frown) and was built enough. He wore a black white-beater, black jeans with a silver chain to the left, and Dark grey sneakers on. "Say hello, to Dark!" Chris said.

"Dark, indeed." Navi muttured. Tael 'Ahhhhh'd as Tatl rolled her eyes. He was a very rare species, a dark hylian. Also like Ganondorf, a male Gerudo. Both, very rare. Dark was still silent, as he walked right by Chris. "He looks alot Like you, Link." Navi said, right beside Links face. Link was a bit weirded out by her.

"Hello!" Zelda spoke up for the group. "We're happy to..." She stopped, seeing Groose look in the mirror combing his hair. She knudged him.

"...Huh? Oh, ugh, hello, their, new... Yeah." Groose said, looking back at his mirror.

"...Hey." Dark said, walking by Zelda. He looked at her, and gave a smile as he said it... Was it Zelda? Or did he walk slower and have sparkles around him in her eyes?

"Okay, so we're all here! Now, before we go to the camp grounds, we're gonna do a season one bring-back! Everyone, gather infront of the 'Hyrule Island' sign behind me!" Chris said, pulling out a pictograph. Every walked into position.

Sitting down, was Saria crisscrossed. Tatl and Tael to the right. And Ravio, holding his knees to his face.

Standing was Zelda to the left, waving. Link beside her, smiling with his back against Pipits back to his right. Both smiling crossing their arms. Mido to the right of Pipit, crossing his arms, looking mad. Judo smiling slightly and Marilla beside her smirking. Ganondorf was beside them, looking at the camerea, casual. Beside him was Groose, looking in the mirror. Dark all the way to the right, looking, well, dark. Malon was sitting on the left of the sign crossing her legs smiling, as Ruto was holding onto the top, on the right pole, smiling showing all teeth.

"Evevrybody say, Hyrule Island!" Chris said. Almost everybody did, as Chris took the picture. And it processed through the picto-graph.

"...Yeesh, that was BRUTAL. Next season, i'm going with a destructive opening again! Who CARES about character development!" Chris complained, throwing down the pictograph. "Lets head to the camp grounds!" Chris said, as everyone followed. Malon jumped off easily, as Ruto fell on her face. Unoticed, Ruto quickly caught up. Zelda stopped behind the group. "Wait, shouldn't we..." She said, looking at the Large Photo coming out of the pictograph. Realizing nobody either listened or heard, she quickly picked up the picture, and ran with the rest of them.

"Even though you all already know what you're here for, let me explain again!" Chris said smiling. "You all will split into teams and spend every week doing a challenge. The team that wins, will be safe from elimination. The losing team, will be voting off a player. Eventually, the teams will merge, and then, all bets are off." Chris smiled. "When that happens, first place winners in challenges will win immunity! And then, somebody will be voted. The last two will move to the finale! And whoever beats the finale, will win ONE... MILLION... RUPEES!" Chris yelled, as the group cheered.

"Now, this island is Hyrule island! And-" Chris was cut off by Navi.

"Is NOT made out of mechanicalism and machinery?" She asked. Chris glared at her.

"...Yes... Thank you Navi..." Chris said angry. "So, while all that, we still have NEW fresh confessionals! That you can talk in any time." Chris said.


Groose: As you can clearly tell, i'm the most handsomest of all these other contestants! *combs hair* I joined this lame-o show to use the million rupees, and buy an epic stand, where people can pay to look at my face. Zelda, however, can use that for free, ehehe-

Link: I can't believe i made it on here! I've never watched the show, but with the money i could definetly buy a home... I mean, house! *grins* For when i move out of my parents house! Aren't parents just the... Hufff... Best? *frowns* Well, that Zelda girl looks really nice... Or, sweet! Yeah, i mean sweet!

Marilla: As twin sisters that are orphans, we had to join a circus troup at a young age.

Judo: It was so hard, we only had each other to count on.

Marilla: But with the million rupees, we can have twice as much the chance to win, and quit our stupid circus troupe!

Ruto: So like, i'm Ruto. Daughter of the mayor of Zoras domain! As one of the only girls in this season that has a popular standard in school, i'm a shoe in to win! *puts hand beside mouth* And a shoe in to win the heart of that Hottie Link.

Tatl: Since i had to bring my brother with me, i'm sure to be held back. Tael is always getting in trouble! Gosh, i hope we're not on teams *frowns* i know how Chris has a habit of making related people or 'cute couples' in one team together. Ough...

Malon: You see, i am NOT a southern bell. Heck, i don't even have a southern accent! My family is going through money problems. With the mill, me and daddy can easily get things back and running.

Pipit: Well i'll be darned, i didn't think i'd actually make it on the show. I came here to win, but making some cool friends would be nice. Also, that Malon cow girl? She's sure an Ol' looker.

Ganondorf: I may be intimidating but, i frankly don't care. I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to win, so i can get the heck away from my family. As you might know, i'm a male gerudo. Their for, i'm sorda a rarity in my family. Am i treated special for it? *looks angry* WRONG!

Navi: Look, i joined this show to get college fund. Not much else. I know just about everything. Listen, i'm not an egg head, i just have a fascination with everything. Hmmm, i hope my team won't find me annoying.

Saria: Umm... (looks at birds in confessional)... I guess they like me? Anyways, my name is Saria. I come from a family of immature brothers and sisters. And was raised in the forest. To be honest, i thought this was just a tour of the floral fauna of the island. I won't amount to much. I'm weak, sensitive and pouty. But, since i'm here, i'm actually gonna try and win *smiles*

Dark: You could say i joined the show to win. Don't know really. I honestly thought i would have a chance to make some friends. I'm sorda a loner at school. I don't even know why my old friends left me be. I do say some messed up dark stuff. *ponders* Is it because i've never once turned a light on or opened a curtain in my room?

Tael: So, i'm just glad to be here with my sister. We'll definetly win if we both work together! I hope i don't make her spaz out like usual...

Ravio: (looks at bird on shoulder) why does this stay their? Huh? Oh, hi! I'm Ravio. I wanted to go on total drama thinking i had a shot *frowns* but then i remembered i'm an utter failure at life. But at least i already made a friend! (pats Bird) What shoul i name you?

Mido: K' i'm Mido. And i don't see why these other losers even attempted to compete with me! I'm perfect at everything! EVERYTHING I SAID *crosses arms* Mmmm...

-End Of Confessionals-

"Now, over there to the campgrounds, we have two cabins. Unlike the cruddy cabins from earlyier seasons, these cabins are actually suited with nice bunk beds, and few furniture. After all, the island is a famous landmark and resort." Chris said smiling. Everyone else felt relieved.


Zelda: Egh, i honestly wouldn't mind a cruddy cabin. Now, things sorda seem just like back at my home. Daddy and me would come here every other weekend, and would have so much fun!

-End of Confessional-

"Now, the people i call up, please step to the right below that hung tarp." Chris said, pointing. He brought out a list.

"...Malon." Chris said. Malon smiled and walked her way.

"...Groose." Groose stood up, rolling his eyes. Malon suddenly frowned.

"...Pipit!" Chris said, as Pipit stood at his destination.

"...Saria!" Saria reluctantly walked to her team, as Mido smiled. Saria stood beside Malon, as Malon hugged her. "Yay!" She cheered, as Saria shook.

"...Navi!" Chris said, and Navi walked to her team. Blushing beside Pipit.

"...Zelda." Chris said. Zelda smiled, and stepped to her team. Malon clapped, and Groose smiled. Saria felt intimidated.

"...Judo!" Chris said. Judo looked back at her twin Marilla, and frowned. Would they not be on the same team? Judo held Marillas hand, standing up. She walked, letting go, and stood beside Zelda. "But... What about Marilla?" Judo said, as Zelda looked at her upset.

"And last, but not least." Chris said, as Marilla stared at Judo. "...Link!" Said Chris, as Link stood up. Link smiled toward the whole group. Zelda couldn't help but smile, and blush a bit.

"You are now..." Chris said, as he pulled the string. The tarp fell, revealing a blue shiny emblem of a light blue Ocarina. "Team, Ocarina!" Chris said.

"Sweet." Link said. Groose bent down to put his face beside Zeldas.

"I think it was destiny we'd be on the same team, Dear Zelda." Groose flirted, as Zelda cringed. Judo was shocked, much more then Marilla.

"Now, for the last left." Chris said, throwing away the piece of paper, and reading a new one. "Step to the left." Chris said.

"... Tatl and Tael." Chris said. Tael happily ran as Tatl huffed. "Quit running!" The older sister Tatl nagged.

"...Ruto!" Chris said, as Ruto walked to her team looking dissapointed.

"...Dark!" Dark got up, and walked to his team with his hands in his pocket.

"...Mido." Mido took his nose from out his underarm, and walked to his team, mumbleing something.

"...Marilla!" Marilla stood up and huffed, stepping to her team, as Judo looked sad. Marilla wanted to be on Judos team to help her, and win, but Judo just wanted her on the team for guidance. Judo would stay dumbstruck about it, as Marilla accepted it.

"...Ravio!" Chris said. Ravio smiled, as the bird on his shoulder chirped. Ravio stood beside Ruto, as Ruto cried "Ewww!"

"Not least, but last, Gannon!" Chris said, as Gannondorf heavily walked to his team beside Dark. "You are henceforth." Chris said, pullingnthe string.

A Purple emblem with a light purple harp on the tarp came down. "Team Harp!" Chris called out.

"...So what?" Said Ruto. Zelda raised her hand.

"Umm, Excuse me, Chris? Why refrences to beautiful sounding instruments?" Zelda asked nicely.

"Ohhh, you'll see." Chris said, laughing. "Now, every other day your teams will attempt a challenge, and one team will win and be safe. You all know what happens to the other team, and one person will be eliminated. Today, each team is going to test their trust in their teamates, and perform in a relay-race, today." Chris announced.

"Awww..." Some of the contestants complained.


Mido: Ugh, as if the ride here wasn't enough?!

-End of confessional-

"...However..." Chris said. "If one of you contestants can find these three jewels." Chris said, holding three triangle jewels. One red, one green and one blue. "The triforces of power, courage and wisdom. If one of you find all three of these..." Chris said smiling, as others watched in awe. Ganondorf raised an eyebrow. Dark looked determined, as Marilla knuged Judo. "Will be imuned to all eliminations ever!" Chris chanted. A Hylian intern of Chris' came by, and took them away. "They are hidden around the island."


Judo: This is perfect! Though we're not on the same team and all, we can still find the three triforces, and win!

Marilla: With both of us searching, *grins* and both of us after the million, we're as good as gold!

-End of Confessional-

"Anyways, pack your things in your team cabins, and go to the mess hall for lunch. We'll explain the situation from their." Chris said, as His Hylian 'Co-Host' Chef walked beside him. The team ran to their cabins. Chris and Chef looked at each other, and held back major laughter.

-Team Ocarinas Girl Cabin-

Zelda stepped into the cabin with her purse. Zelda smiled at all the girls. Malon was settling her things near a bunk. Malon smiled as Zelda walked nearer.

"Hi, Zelda!" Malon said, shaking her hand firmly. It hurt her hand, but she smiled.

"Hello, Malon..." Zelda said. Saria sat on a top bunk swaying her legs back and fourth.

Judo was sighing on a bottom bunk. Though they were on different teams, maybe this was an advantage. It was all about strategy, so said Marilla. She huffed. "...Hey, has anybody seen Navi?" Malon asked concerned.

-Team Ocarinas Boys Cabin-

Link looked around the odd and empty cabin. It was quiet... Too quiet. Seemingly dull. Link set his things on a top bunk. what with four bunks and 3 guys, there would surely be no dispute in who gets which. He sat on the bottom bunk, pulling out his Journal. Feeling the soft green linen on the front cover. Link smiled. This season of Total Drama would be a blessing. He'd make friends, friends he has never had the chance to have. Maybe even make a best friend. And also have fun. The million would be great, what with him living in a tree house his whole life. With no parents. Though, he liked his tree house. With the money, he could get a good education, and still have plenty left over. Just as Link opened to the latest blank page, "HEY!" Navi said, with her head hanging right beside his.

"AHH-" Link said, falling down. Link got up, rubbing his head. The next thing he saw was the short Navi right infront of him, like she teleported from the top bunk... DID SHE?

"Hello, ummm, Navi is it?" Link asked. She nodded smiling.

"Yes, i am Navi." She said, looking up at Link. "I intend to make very good use to you in further challenges." Navi said.

"Umm... Okay." Link shrugged. Navi paced back and fourth the cabin.

"...Look Link, if we lose the challenge, they will either vote off the most weakest, or the one who either did nothing or lost the challenge for us. That is why, i shall make good use as your 'friend' and guide. So, i will have your vote for when we lose." Navi said. Link didn't think about having to vote off one of his friends before. "So, keep that in mind." Navi said behind Link. Link looked at the cabin door, as he heard both light and heavy footsteps on the porch. He looked back where Navi was "Look, maybe you-" He was cut off stunned she was no longer their. Groose entered the cabin, and so did Pipit. Pipit looking not so happy to be behind Groose. Groose, combing his hair. He threw Links stuff off the top bunk. "Hey!" Link exclaimed. Pipit brought in several carry-on bags in.

"I need ALL these bunks to carry my beauty supplies." Groose said, wiping his hair back. Pipit looked shocked.

"What?! That wasn't part of the deal!" Pipit yelled.

"Who cares? There all mine. You two... Sleep outside." Groose said, waving his hands to the door. Link stepped up, but Pipit stopped him.

"You think you're better then us?!" Link demanded. Pipit whispered to him,

"He's not even worth it man." Pipit said, putting a hand by his chest.

"What'ch you gonna do? Fight me, wimp?" Groose said crossing his arms, smiling. Pipit looked at Link tenderly. Link looked mad at Groose, looked at Pipit, then back at Groose. Link frowned, embarrassed he had to pick up his stuff and leave the cabin right infront of Pipit. Link stormed out, as Pipit slowly followed. Link sat angirly on the porch seats. Pipit walked out closing the door. He sat beside Link, looking at him. "Cheer up ol' pal. Don't mind that drag queen." Pipit said, Link looked down, ashamed.

"...So embarrassed... I just stood their." Link said, ashamed. Pipit patted his back

"It's okay man. Your not embarrassed. It only happened infront of me, and i didn't do much more then you did. If not, nothing at all." Pipit said, putting his arm over his shoulder.

"Hmph. Thanks." Link said, smiling at Pipit.

"Trust me, if we stick together, that guy can't come between us and the million. Even without the ol' cabin for us to sleep in." Pipit said, laughed. Link slightly laughed too. Could this be a start of a good friendship? Or was this just a trick into an alliance? Link couldn't tell, but somebody who was a friend would've stopped Link like that.


Pipit: *shaking-back-of-head* Well, i'm a little ashamed of my self that i didn't stand up to that Groose guy, ehehe. But somebody like him would've POUNDED me into the ground! So, since i'm here to make friends, and their are only 3, correction, 2 males and one drag queen on this team, my only option is Link. Lucky me that Link is extremely cool! Gosh, sorda GLAD i'm stuck with him! Though, i'll miss my girl and mom back at home. I hope she doesn't make a mess in the house again. *looks at camere* Got that mom?!

Link: Ehehe, i've gotta Friend! Finally!... I mean, i've had friends before, of course. But, finally a sincere one! Since me, him, and that j*** Groose are the only guys, did he think i was his only option?

Groose: *Looking in mirror, combing hair* You see, losers don't make it far in this game. A team player such as myself knows that! And those two wimps i'll have off this island easily! In that case, the ladies won't feel bad giving me all the attention i deserve! *poses* especially Zelda.

-End Of Confessionals-

-Team Harps Girls Cabin-

The girls were pretty settled in their cabin. Tatl was annoyed, because Tael followed her in their. Tatl rolled her eyes, as she was brushing her lovely golden hair. Tael looked in the mirror behind her, and she elbowed her. "Would you back off Tael?!" Tatl complained, as Tael held his stomach in pain.

"Urghh! Would you keep it down? I'm trying to apply my make up! And don't bother brushing that ugly mop of yours!" Ruto said, applying Coral Blue #2 lipstick.

"Ugh! My mop?! At least i HAVE hair! And not on my legs!" Tatl argued. Ruto turned around, looking at her viciously. Tatl was intimidated for a second, but decided to show no fear. She stood up, as Tael stepped backwards worried. Just as the two girls were about to have an all-out brawl, Marilla jumped off her top bunk and in-between the two.

"Look, no fighting! We are a team!" Marilla said looking assertive...

Tael ran out as the two girls fought, and Marilla was in-between. Tael stepped out, and saw Navi infront of him just as the door closed. "Hello, Tael." She said casually.

"Oh, Navi?" Taels heart beated faster, and he got nervous. He actually sorda like Navi. In a little boy crush sorda way. "...Wait, you're on the other team! What're you doing here anyway? On a reconnaissance mission or something?" Tael stated, going from nervous to defensive. He raised his eyebrow at her.

"Oh, no. I came here to reconnaissance on you." Navi said calmly. Tael didn't know what she meant by that, and he got nervous again. He stoked a hand through his hair, confused at her odd remark.

"...Ugh... O-k..." Tael said, walking with his hands in his pocket in the Harp-Boys-Cabin.

-Team Harps Boys Cabin-

Mido wasn't conversating with everyone, unless you count it when he childishly said "I get the top bunk!" And jumped on it, marking his territory with his scent, and his self.

Ravio was sitting under Mido, on the bottom bunk. The bird was still on his shoulder. Ravio thought of making it a pet of sorts. Tael had the top bunk across from Mido, and Dark and Ganondorf were on the only 2 top ones left. Ganondorf was keeping quiet. Dark was quiet, but seemed willing to talk. Tael wanted to make a friend, and Ganon? That was a no-no. Ravio he could be friends with later. Mido was too rude. Plus, Tael wanted to be friends with somebody... Cool. So, he stood beside Dark.

"...Hey." Tael said to Dark, and Dark looked back at him, confused.

"...Hey." Dark said back, awkwardly. "Oh, i'm Dark."

"Hi, i'm Tael." The younger kid replied.

"You already said that, kid." Dark said, ruffling Taels hair like he was his little brother. Though Tael was embarrassed, he couldn't help but feel loved by the brotherly attention from Dark.


Tael: Goddess, He is so cool! I always wanted an older bro. *frowns* Maybe then i could do things that i wanted to, and not constantly hear 'Tael, stop running across the street!'... You know, when stuff like that happen with me and Tatl *crosses arms* i think getting hit by the oncoming truck would be WORTH it!

Dark: Well, i honestly thought nobody would talk to me here. I come off a little scary. But that Tael kid is pretty cool! I've always dreamed of being surrounded by friends, and having a wife to call my own. And though she's on the other team, i've got my eyes set on one of them... *smirks evily*

-End of Confessionals-

Mido rolled his eyes, as he started playing a hand held system. The fight in the Harps Girls Cabin was still going on. Mido saw his system was about to die. "Hey, does anybody see an outle-"

"GAHHHHHHHHHH!" A high pitched loud scream was heard from the Harp Girls Cabin. People from all the cabins surrounded.

"Goddeses, does she have to be so loud?!" Ganondorf complained. The girls from Ocarina slowly crowded, as all the boys came quickly.

-Team Harps Girls Cabin-

"KILL IT! KILL! IT! AHHH!" Ruto cried, standing on a stool in the middle of the cabin floor. Navi was taking refuge on a top bunk, and Marilla was using a large long stick, to kill it. A Ghoul Rat. The long stick came from two long sticks tied to the wall in an X form. Ganondorf attempted to stomp on it, but ended up stepping on Ravios foot. Groose quickly ran out of the cabin, worried they would mess up his hair. Saria kneeled down.

"It's just a poor rat." She calmly said. "Come here, ratty!" Saria said, holding out her hand. The rat sweetly and calmly crawled to Sarias hand, before it readied to pounce on her. "AHH!"

"WATCH OUT!" Navi said, tackling Saria onto the bed, and safe from the rat. "Look! That's a ghoul rat! If one clamps onto you, you'll be slowed down for sure." Navi said, as people ran around the cabin.

"A ghoul rat?... Odd, don't they come in herds?" Saria questioned. Malon tried to take refuge on another top bunk, but Mido pushed her off. Tael went up with Tatl, and Judo tried to help Marilla catch it. Suddenly, it inched near Zelda, who was against the corner of the wall. Everyone watched shocked.

"She's dead." Ruto muttered. Zelda was shaking against the corner.

"P-p-pl-please! D-don't hurt..." Zelda realized she was sounding cowardly. Her scared expression became angry and grabbed a water glass from the sink. "GO. AWAY!" She demanded, throwing the glass hard ontop of the ghoul rat. The glass shattered, as the ghoul rat got madder. It hissed before going to pounce on Zelda. "AHHHH-"

Zeldas screaming stopped, as she saw Links back imfront of her. He bravely jumped in the way of her.

"...Hmm... It doesn't hurt! Ha! It's just heavy is all!" Link laughed, as the rat clamped onto his chest.

"Oh, Link, thank you for-" Zelda was inturpted by Navi.

"HEY! Link, get out before-" Just then, a whole herd of ghoul rats crawled from under the floor boards. "...Rest of the herd comes."

"AHHHH!" Ruto shrieked. Marilla and Judo stepped back. Pipit watched in fear. Everyone else was just ready to faint. The rats chased after Link, as Link ran out the cabin, leaving the others in no harm. Link ran in circles around the camp flagpole. Soin, The one rat, became 2 rats, as Link was eventually slowing down by fatigue and the weight of the rats. Two came on him, and one managed to jump its way onto him from the herd. Pipit worried, but then he looked at the wooden sharp stick left tied on the wall beside Zelda.

"Zelda!" Pipit said, pointing at it. Zelda turned, and nodded. She grabbed it, and threw it out.

"LINK, CATCH!" Zelda called out. Link jumped and rolled forward, grabbing the stick. As soon as he did, he turned around to see all tge ghoul rats jump towards him.

"YAGHHHH!" Just in time, he swung the shapened wood in a fast circle, making all rats on him fly off with the rest, who died by Links attacks. Everyone watched in awe. Zelda was the first to run towards Link, happy. Pipit tied with Saria in second. Ruto in third, and Malon tied with Ravio in fourth. Tatl and Tael were still on the top bunk, holding eachother for dear life, still thinking their out there.

Navi smiled, looking at Link from the porch. She nodded proudly as Tatl and Tael stepped out. "A-are we safe?" Tatl asked. "Yeah, that was too scary." Tael added.

Navi nodded. "Yeah, we're safe. Thanks to Link." She smiled.

Zelda, unknowingly to Link, jumped up and hugged him. "AHAHAHA!" She laughed, with her face in his chest. "H-how did you do that?" She asked, impressed. Link smiled and shrugged before Zelda realized her position. She smiled awkwardly as she stepped back, and let the other fangirls in. Ruto held him close (much to Links dismay)

"You were SO brave to save me like that." Ruto said, as Zelda frowned. Zelda was the one Link saved last.

"That was so cool!" Malon said, smiling widely. Saria was slightly grinning. "How'd you do it?" Saria asked.

"...Instinct, i guess." Link laughed, as the other girls laughed. Ruto hugged Link, as Link looked at Zelda. Zelda plastered a smile, waving goodbye. Link frowned, though Zelda had already turned.

"Eh, he's no so cool." Mido mumbled, seeing Saria went to see him.

"Wow, you're amazing Mr. Hero! I wish i could be like you!" Ravio said, as his bird chirped. Link began to say something, before Pipit put his arm around Links shoulder.

"That was amazing Link! You gotta tell me about it later!" Pipit laughed, as Link put his arm around his shoulder too. They walked off, as Ruto led the papparazi group after Link.

Dark sat on the porch, not really caring. Tael watched beside him in excitment. Tatl went off to join the group.

"You're right Navi, he is-" Tael began, turning to where Navi was standing. She vanished, again. "...Navi?" Tael muttured.

Judo and Marilla came out of the cabin, seeming exaughsted.

"GO LINK, GO LINK, GO LINK!" Limks new fanbase cheered. Zelda watched from afar. Though nobody could see her, she still plastered a slight smile.

But, why did she suddenly have this urge to be as close to Link as possible? Her thoughts were cut off, when the speakers on top of the flag pole came on.

"Alright campers, head on down to the mess hall for lunch!" Chris voice said, as you could slightly hear giggling from the speaker. Zelda was the only one that did. The boys, the fanboys, the fangirls and Link headed to the mess hall, still with lots of commotion with Link.

As Groose arrived with a sledgehammer, he was confused why Link was being worshiped. But, as he saw Zelda walking alone, he quickly followed her.

"So, what do you think our challenge is?" Tael asked, as Tatl him and Navi walked in a group. "It's our first challenge... How hard could it be?" Tatl asked innocently.

If Only They knew.

A/N: So, what do you guys think? I'll be putting down the teams and eliminations at the end of each chapter. So long, I'm Look-It's-Your-Honor, and this has been TOTAL. DRAMA. HYRULE ISLAND!

Team Ocarina-

Link: The Hero

Zelda: The Princess

Malon: The Farm-girl

Pipit: The Best Friend

Navi: The Know-It-All

Saria: The Nature Lover

Judo: The Passive Twin

Groose: The Mirror Gazer

Team Harp-

Dark: The Anti Hero

Ganondorf: The Villian

Mido: The Peter Pan

Ruto: The Queen Bee

Ravio: The Wanna Be

Marilla: The Aggersive Twin

Tatl: The Nag-a-lot

Tael: The Lost Child

Next Time: The Teams test their speed and talent with a long Relay-Race along Hyrule Island!

1. Groose gets too distracted trying to woo Zelda

2. Tael and Tatls thereshold for one another is put to a limit!

3. Can Judo possibly get past this without Marilla?