Chapter 4- First Day Off, Part 2.

Last Time on Total Drama Hyrule Island: The teams got their first day off! And what did most off them spend their time doing on it? Stratigizing and looking for the Triforce Pieces that give you eternal immunity in the game! What ambition! Judo and Marilla were the first to look, managing to confuse Dark in the process! After a scuffle between the twins, Tatl asks if she can switch places with Judo once more, attempting to protect her younger brother Tael! The girls on Team Ocarina exercised and met up with the only two boys on their team. What will happen now?

-Deep Woods-

Ganondorf was throwing rocks aside, burrowing through glass, scoping the place out, in hope to find one of the triforce pieces.


Ganondorf: Soon these wimps on my team will see i'm the biggest threat, and vote me off! To avoid this, i'm going to need an alliance on my team, but i need to get enough people to save my vote! I'll need one person who ISN'T intimidated by me, who can save me from all the eliminations, and can eventually be the patzi! A wimp, who will do whatever i say! And maybe a middle man, who can get to others and help e get rid of them! Therefore, i'll end up ditching the 'patzi' near the end with the help of my two loyals, and then i can easily beat the other two in the finals! And with the two lesser ones looking for the triforce pieces, i'll be imuned once it take them! *frowns* Of course, this is all in theory.

A perfect strategy for sure. My only option for the 'patzi' is either that one twin in blue, or Dark. Judo, is her name? Then i only have two of the rest of the team to choose. But which two will be DUMB enough to join my alliance? Ruto is dumb, but too pridefull to join my alliance, and that other twin is too sweet to the her twin, and Dark or 'The Twin' have to be a patzi, sooooo that leaves me wiiiiith. *grins*

-End of Confessional-

"What do you think you're doing?" Marilla snapped at Ganondorf, hands on her hips. Her asian eyes narrowed even more, with one eyebrow raised at his direction, like raising a glass to a kings honor. Ganondorf dropped the boulder he had just half-way lifted, and looked at Marillas way.

"I could ask the same thing, and have more right to ask so." Ganondorf shot back, scowling.

"There's not much to ask what somebody's doing when what they're clearly doing is looking at somebody… Scurry through rocks and boulders." Marilla said, allowing both of her eyebrows to raise at the end. Ganon gulped, and a sweat dropped from his fore head.

"Ummm… Well, i can look through rocks and boulders if i WANT." Ganondorf declared. Marillas straight serious face… Went to a smile.

"You're losing it, Ganon! You're OBVIOUSLY looking for the three triforce pieces." Marilla stated, sneering. Ganondorf huffed in defeat. She had caught him.

"Whatever. Like it matters to you." Ganondorf spat, looking the other way.

"...Actually, it may…" Marilla said, walking up to Ganondorf. "I'm thinking me and you could go pretty far in this game together." Marilla bargained, knowing exactly what she was doing. Ganondorf had her where he wanted to.

"...So, you're saying you want to work in… Bondage?" Ganondorf said, placing his elbow on a tree behind Marilla, smiling sadistically. Marillas smile became and akward wide eyed frown on her slightly freckled yellowish skinned face.

"... Are you hitting on me?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Wait- What? N-No! No, i was proposing an ALLIANCE!" Ganon said to her, balling his fist. Marilla let out a relieved huff.

"Oh, phew. Well, if that's the case. Then it's a deal. Me and you…" Marilla said, and Ganondorf smiled. His plan had already started to work, and it was his second day here! "...And Judo." Marilla added, just as the tone she said before.

"...Judo?" Ganon rudely added. Marilla put her hand on her hip, and raised an eyebrow.

"Ummm, My sister! Judo." Marilla snapped. Ganondorf thought. If this happened, then, he'd have to secretly have a alliance with the other two people.

"...Alright, Judo too…" Ganondorf added. He didn't quite know what the big deal is about letting Judo in too. They both look exactly same, and are probably exactly the same. Though, their was something about two females that look exactly alike to Ganon that made him think… 'Wow.' He'd probably mix them up sooner or later anyway.

" K'. Well, see you later… Ganondorf." Marilla said, walking away past the trees and more toward campus. Ganondorf frowned… But couldn't help but smile a bit once she was out of sight.

"What are you doing?" A familiar to Marillas voice asked right behind him.

"Huh?! O-oh… It's just YOU. Well, ummm, Marilla was looking for you, Judo." Ganondorf said to the straight-faced girl.

"Oh… I don't see why…" Judo huffed, looking down at her feet.

"...Why do you say that?" Ganon asked.

-East Forest on Campus-

The Team Ocarina group were chatting, asking questions about each other. Pipit explained his life in school, leaving out the fact that he had a girlfriend named Karane back at home. Navi was talking about her life back at home too. Apparently, she was a fairy! A common species in Hyrule. Tatl was pleasently surprised, as her and Tael were fairies as well. Navi was raised into a traditional fairy family, While Tatl and Tael were born into the now-a-day generation of fairies. Zelda said she is surprised that she didn't notice before, as Saria had mentioned that Fairies tended to mostly be short looking Hylians. That led to another 30 minute anatomy lesson from Navi about fairies.

Finally, Malon spoke up.

"So, Boys… You know, the only two boys on our team." Malon said, referring to Link and Pipit. Link and Pipit both looked at Malon, smiling.

"Yeah?" They both asked in unison.

"How are you not cold in such little you two are wearing?" Malon asked. Zelda blushed (As honestly, she did not yet notice that Link was in under dressed at the time... Because she would have loved to realize earlier.) Just as Malon asked this, Saria had fallen back, Tatl had ran away, Navis boy allergies were kicking in and SHE dissapeared again, and Zelda simply said she had 'somewhere to go'.

"...What's their problem?" Malon asked, the only girl their left.

"Well, ummm, to answer the question you asked, we simply decided to just leave the bunk house and take a walk. Even though it is pretty cold this early." Pipit said, rubbing his arms. Malon looked up into the sky, and narrowed her eyes at the position of the sun.

"...It's like, one o'clock now." Malon said, raising an eyebrow. Pipit looked impressed.

"Wow, you're quite an outdoorsman. Or, outdoorswoman." Pipit smiled, also blushing slightly. Link smirked, seeing what was going on here. Link patted Pipits back, standing up now. He decided to head back to the cabin alone.

"Back on my farm, papa let me ride my horse Epona until 5, which is when Mr. Ingo had to feed the horses. I learned how to tell the time of the sun to savor how much time i could spend with the horses." Malon said, rubbing the back of her head. Pipit smiled at her, letting out a quick laugh.

"Y-you horseback ride?" Pipit laughed out. Malons smile went to a defensive frown, as she poutingly put her hands on her hips.

"Y-yeah. So what?" Malon asked. Pipit layed back on a log, resting his arms behind his head.

"Ahhhh, i've always wanted to learn how to ride a horse. My father was a bush-plane pilot, and he always took me on rides in the sky, rather then on land." Pipit dreamed, with a slight pout in his voice.

"Ahh, you've flown before? I've always wanted to fly!" Malon said, also dreaming. She made herself land back, right beside Pipit, with her hands behind her head. Pipit felt a bit-uncomfortable, which would of been unnatural for the average straight male, had he not have a girlfriend off the show.

Malon lifted her hand, in Pipits sight. In the middle of the clear view of the pretty sky sightingly bordered by the end of trees in the forest. "I've always wanted to soar across the sky. My childhood fantasy was, -hehe- riding a pegasus across the sky… Silly, huh?" Malon asked, looking down at her feet, ashamed of letting that secret go.

"...Not at all. Besides, you were a child after all." Pipit said, reassuringly to her. Malon huffed, admiting, "Sometimes i still imagine i am…" Malon huffed, and rested her head on Pipits shoulder.

"...Umm, we should get back to the other team." Pipit hurringly said, standing up quickly. Malon raised an eyebrow at him, slowly getting up herself.

"Oh, b-but, i enjoyed talking wi-" Malon started, but Pipit became flustered.

"N-no, i-if it is one o'clock, then it's time for lunch." Pipit said, looking down the trail. Malon shrugged.

"Oh, ugh- Okay." Malon nodded. She didn't want to bother Pipit anymore, as it was clear something was amiss with him at the time. Then she did remember, everybody else scattered. She followed behind him, calmy but collectively. Even Malon managed to feel skeptical at times like such.

-Main Camp Grounds-

All of Team Harp, besides Dark and Tael and Marilla, were gathered in the Mess Hall. As they were eating, Ruto and Mido kept looking at each other. Gannon saw this, and got suspicious. He leaned over to Judo. He was going to ask if she noticed, but instead, decided to be a bit more thoughtful, and ask her if she felt okay after her conversation.

"Judo… You okay?" Ganon asked, as Judo looked up from her food.

"Huh? Oh, umm, yeah… I'm alright." She said, uneasy. Ganondorf shrugged, and continued eating. Completely oblivious that he was about to bring up Ruto and Mido.

Link was writing in his Journal, at the end of the table. Zelda was beside him. Zelda looked at his left handed, seeing him write with it.

"Oh, cool! You're left handed?" Zelda asked, bringing up an excuse for a conversation.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Link said, facing her now.

"Me too!" Zelda exclaimed. Link smiled at her.

"Really?" Link asked, sounding genuinely surprised.

-Team Harps Boys Cabin-

"OOOOoooouuuughhhhhh…." Moaned Dark, in pain. Tael looked over at him, worried.

"Hey Dark, a-are you okay?"

"Yeah, sorry, I'm alright." Dark grumbled, sitting up from his bunk. "Just, my stomach hurts... Lets hurry to lunch, okay?" Dark asked.

"Okay!" Tael exclaimed, hungry himself.

-Mess Hall, Cafeteria, whatever the heck you'd call it-

As Tael walked in with Dark, everybody was in the Mess Hall, save for Marilla. Dark took a seat beside an upset Judo, looking down at her food upsetly. Dark raised his eyebrows. This was his chance to talk to... Judo, right? That was Judo... She was the one crying while Marilla was bossing her around. Sure, she seemed like a wimpy baby, but she was more likely to be friends with then the hog goddess that was Marilla! For all he knew, she might even be meaner then Ruto!

"...Hey, Judo." Dark said, plastering a smile. Judo looked up at the teenaged guy. She had to admit, he looked pretty attractive... Okay, a LOT attractive. He just seemed so, well... Dark. Thus, his name. But, misunderstood. He wasn't one of those 'emo wannabes' back at school who had to try and look all morbid and evil, Dark naturally looked like that.

"...Hey Dark!" Judo laughed, sitting up more. Dark scooted more toward Judo.

"Sorry about the way Marilla treated you earlier." He said, thoughtfully. "It seemed pretty mean of her." He nodded.

"Ohhhh, she can... Do that a lot... Just, not that harsh at times." Judo huffed, placing her chin under her hands.

"Yeah, i bet. I wish I had siblings." Dark said, forcing out a laugh to lighten her mood.

"Well, at times it's a blessing, but at other times, it can be pretty... Overwhelming." Judo sighed. "Especially if it's a twin sister." She suggested... For a twin herself, she barely ever used the word 'twin'. People always referred to Marilla and Judo as 'The Twins' which she personally didn'tlike that much. She wanted to be know as Judo Rosa, not the girl who happened to be born the same day as Marilla Rosa!

"That explains why I always have so much time on my hands." Dark laughed, standing up. "Speaking of which, how about we hang out some times... Just you and me?" He kindly asked. Judo looked shy, but on the inside, she was scared. This reallllly hot guy just asked her OUT ON A DATE!

'No, no Judo, it's not a DATE.' She thought to herself, getting ahead of said self. Judo nodded. "Sure, i'd like that." She laughed. Dark nodded, and walked off. He sat beside Tael across the table, and went to eating his food. He looked over at Tael, to see he was smiling ear to ear.

"...What?" Dark asked, with a slight laugh, curious as to the reason of the smile.

"You liiiike her!" Tael chimed, giggling. Dark blushed, and beings he was pale as a ghost, it was very noticeable.

"Wh-what?! No! No I don't, I was just suggesting we hang out." Dark confirmed. Tael merrily rolled his eyes.

"Suuuuuure." He sang. Ganondorf looked at Mido, who was looking at Ruto, AGAIN. It was so suspicious. Did THEY have an alliance? Or did they like each other? He would have to find out for himself.

"...Are you two gonna kiss or keep staring at each other?!" Ganondorf snapped, very annoyed at them. As if they were in an anime or something, they both went from their seats to on the floor in the matter of a single frame. Ruto got up first, with a disgusted face.

"Ummmm, hang my self much?! Mo WAY would I ever date a guy like THAT!" Ruto said, pointing a the scrunched freckled faced Mido. "Back at home, daddy only pairs me up with the BEST of suitors." She remembered the guys back at home, Zoras Domain. They'd be in line waiting for her, as she'd meet the next one, never finding any of the good enough. Ruto came from royal blood, from the family of Zoras, that she quotes 'Goes all the way back from when Zoras were GREEN!'. She thought it automatically made her cool, or something. But for the most part, it did, at least in her schools. She was the feisty type, that all girls were scared by. In the halls, people would clear the way for her, and if any girl stood in her way as she walked, they'd get it. "All of them couldn't fit my standards, of course! Especially not THIS thing of uselessness!" Ruto exclaimed, pointing at the growling Mido. He definitely wasn't prince charming, but he wasn't ugly. He only seemed ugly because of his immaturity. Mido then raised an eyebrow.

"Wait, 'Suitors'? Does that mean your dad trys to hook you up with guys?" Mido said, very annoyingly. Judo cringed, as his voice punctured her long hylian ears. She hated the sound of this guy.

"Ummmm, Yes! Duh!" Ruto said, narrowing her eyes at Mido.

"Ewwwww! That's so gay!" Mido exclaimed childishly, sticking his tounge out in disgust. Ruto stood up all the way, towering over him, with a death glare.

"…Did you…Just try…To call me…A MALE?" She asked suspense-fully calm.

"…Wait, you're NOT?" Mido asked, actually very confused.

Save for Tatl and Navi (who was always missing just as she's found) everybody at Team Ocarinas' table was chatting and laughing. Pipit and Link were now dressed in their normal wear. Malon, Pipit and Link were sitting on one row, in that order, while Saria, Zelda were sitting on the other, in that order. Saria looked at Zelda, who was still going on about what hand everybody wrote with, which she wasn't focused on, beside the part when Link noted he was left handed. Saria turned her attention from the thought, 'Of course, the most perfect guy on earth is left handed' with a admired sigh, Saria was focusing on how much prettier Zelda was then her. She normally wasn't the jealous type, she didn't even like guys that often…Except for Link. She was snapped out of her thought when she hear a loud 'SMACK'.

"This'll teach you a lesson for calling me a guy!" Ruto yelled, as she kept on punching Mido in the stomach as he was pinned on the ground by the Zora. Ganondorf got up, very stern like.

"You idiots stop fighting, I was only asking if you liked each-" He yelled.

"Saria! Saria, HELP ME!" Mido pleaded, as he began to cry of fear.

"Sorry, I, I can't get involved with other team drama…" She trailed off, looking at Marilla and Tatl walk in, talking about something. 'But the can?' She casually asked in her head. Tatl looked upset up to Marilla, who was shaking her head. They both turned their heads to the fighting duo, and quickly ran to it. Zelda stood up, with a gasp, as she layed eyes on the quarrel. Ganondorf got up from his seat, and so did Dark. Judo didn't even notice Marilla, as she hurried to the fighting two. Tael saw Tatl, and rolled his eyes. But followed Dark as he walked to the two fighters as well.

"Uhhhh ohhhhh." Pipit silently murmured, worried. He could tell this didn't look pretty.

"I THOUGHT WE HAD A PLAN!" Mido yelled in pain, as Ganondorf raised an eyebrow. Both Judo and Marilla tried to pry Ruto off of him, successfully.

"Ruto, stop, you won!" Judo exclaimed, as Marilla held her other arm down. Mido got up, and cowered near Ganondorf. Ganon grabbed Midos' shoulders, and shook him.

"What's this PLAN?! You guys had?!" He angrily exclaimed, violently shaking him. Dark walked up to behind Ganon.

"Hey, dude, I think he's had enough!" Dark told him, as Ganondorf shuved Dark back, besides Tael. Tael growled, and threw a bowl at the back of Ganons' head. Ganon dropped Mido, and turned around with a frightening glare. He walked up to Tael menacingly.

"Don't hurt my friends!" Tael exclaimed, as Tatl pulled him away. She looked very accusingly angry.

"What are you doing, trying to pick a fight I can't save you from?! If you keep acting like that, you'll be voted off for sure!" The sister nagged the little brother.

"Why would YOU care?!" Tael complained, pulling away from her. Dark walked in front of Ganon, with his arms out, questionably.

"What dude, were you just gonna hit a little kid or something?!" Dark exclaimed, decently pit.

"GET OF MEEEEE!" Ruto shrieked, pushing off Marilla, not knowing if it was Marilla or Judo at that point, and not really caring. Marilla growled, and shuved Ruto. Hard. Accidentally into Judo as well! Judo glared at Marilla, and stood up to her.

"You don't need to push her like that, how does THAT feel?!" Judo exclaimed, as she pushed Marilla.

"I don't know, how does THIS feel?!" Marilla yelled, as she pushed Judo against a wall. Judo viscously growled, as she lunged her claws at Marilla.

"I HATE YOUUUUUUU!" She yelled, as Marilla was shocked by her attack. Due to Ruto ducking in fear by the sudden attack, and her being right behind Marilla, Judo successfully table topped Marilla. Marilla turned them around, so Marilla was over top her twin.

"I SHOULD HAVE WON THAT CLIMBING CHALLENGE!" Marilla shouted back, ripping off Judos scrunchy. Dark had sucker punched Ganondorf, as Ganondorf swung back, Tael threw another bowl, this time hitting Ganons head, causing him to cry "Ow!"

"I said don't hurt him!" Tael yelled.

"Leave the fighting to the MEN!" Tatl nagged, pulling Tael, but he shuved her, right into Malon, who was running up to help. Link motioned Zelda to stay at the table, as Link and Pipit ran to break it up. Tael and Tatl were now fighting, as Malon tried to separate them. Saria shyly walked up to Ruto, who was trying to convey her way around the huge brawl to find Mido.

"Are you okay?" Saria asked, tapping Rutos' shoulder. She turned around, and with a babyish "Mm!" complaint, she pushed Saria to the floor. "Ow!" Saria cried, as her glassed fell to the floor. Ruto laughed at the girl, distracted as Mido pushed Ruto from behind, as she stumbled, and ran right into one of the table bleacher stools due to the force of the push. Mido smiled, and helped Saria up.

"You okay Saria?" Mido daringly asked.

"L-Link, is that you?" Saria asked. Mido blushed, but smiled with a nod of his head. "Oh, Link!" Saria cooed, and placed her head on Midos chest. Mido smiled slickly at the camera. "Oh, there they are!" Saria said with glee, picking up her glasses. Mido gulped, as Saria put them on, and saw Midos face. "AHHHHHHHH!" She screamed, as flailed her arms girlishly at Mid, hitting him.

The scene before the cameras was as memorable one in TD history. It was the 2nd day at Hyrule Island, and there was already an all out brawl in the mess hall. Chief contacted Chris is he was getting this back at the film study, and Chris laughed hysterically at Chef. 'Good for the ratings' he said. Judo and Marilla were still fighting on the floor, tasseling about. Ruto was fighting Mido, alongside Saria; Poor Malon was stuck in between them, trying to break it up to prevent Saria from getting hurt. It was an brawl! There was only one missing person...

"Hey!" A voice shrieked out, as everybody looked up to see just who it was. Navi. "Stop fighting everybody, stop it, goodness! Have some humanity!" Navi narrowed her eyes at Marilla and Judo. "Marilla, you're mad at Judo just because she beat you yesterday! Drop the vendetta, she's your sister!" Marilla looked ashamed, as she turned at Judo. "Ruto! Mido is quite the idiot, so you really shouldn't be offended by what he may call you! And Mido, grow up! Ganondorf, you are prideful of your strength, which makes you think you can beat anybody up! Don't be a bully!" Navi nagged, as Ganondorf rolled his eyes. "Dark, it's very nice to stand up for Tael, but you shouldn't go overboard! And Tatl and Tael? Stop fighting, your brother and sister! If you don't get along, one of you are bound to be packing for home!" She cried out. Tael sighed, and looked at his sister, who refused to meet eyes with him. "...All of you have to stop fighting, this is what Chris wants!"

The masses began to mumble and ponder, as they got up, and seperated. Ruto crossed her arms, and walked off with Judo. Ganondorf rolled his eyes, walking off as well near Marilla. Malon and Saria walked up to Zelda, who looked dearly concerned. Ravio shrugged off, making sure his bird was safe from harm. Link walked up to Navi with a smile, with Pipit by their side.

"Aye Navi, that was pretty cool what you just did." Pipit laughed kindly. Navi blushed. Pipit was so nice. And seemingly always by Links side.

"Yeah, we'd all have killed each other if it weren't for you!" Link laughed. The boy she had presumed to have a alliance with also proved to be nice, but not in a charming way as Pipit did to her.

"Well, seya latah, right?" Pipit laughed, wrapping an arm around Links shoulder, as they both walked off. Then Saria, Malon and Zelda greeted her.

"Wow Navi, way to make peace!" Saria said, adjusting her cracked glasses.

"Yeah, it's a shame about Tatl still. I feel really bad for her. Her and the twins..." Zelda said, concerned and upset. Relatives fighting was something she'd hate to see. Even though she doesn't have any.

"Yeah, but the twins are on the enemy's team now... I think it's best we just plan for the challenge tomorrow." Malon added in defeat of denial. The girls agreed, and headed to their cabins.

That night, the teams slept with no ease. Ruto wouldn't stop going on and on about Marilla. Luckily Judo broke it up before it quite started. Mido snored so loudly, so Ganondorf kicked him out the cabin. Ravio managed to stay quite, hiding his bird. Tael couldn't stop thinking about Tatl, so Dark let him bunk with him that night, which they were both happy about. The two were like brothers now. In the girls cabin for team Ocarina, the girls slept soundly... Save for Navi, she was off somewhere else. Pipit and Link bunked together just 'cause they were 'bros' now. They especially felt closer beings it was the second night without Groose in the cabin.

Late at night, when Ruto was sleeping, Marilla woke Judo up. "Come on, we're gonna continue searching for the gems!" Marilla urged, as Judo crept a smile.

They went out looking and looking, to attempt to find it, laughing about old times and memories, and how they fought eachother.

"You almost bested me!" Marilla laughed. Judo rolled her eyes merrily.

"Whatever!" She laughed, looking away. She looked up at the night starry sky. "...Marilla... I'm sorry... I didn't want to make you angry."

"No, Judo, you were right... I shouldn't have held you beating me against you..." Marilla admitted.

"Promise me something, Maril'?" Judo asked.

"Yeah, Jud'?" Marilla responded.

"...Sisters forever?" Judo asked, holding out her clenched fist.

"Forever." Marilla laughed, bumping fists with her.

Next Time:

1. The Teams play a classic game of hide and seek in the dark!

2. Team Harps' boys begin to pick on the weak!

3. Navi begins to gain trust from the rest of her team.