thank you for the reviews here is chapter 2

Kenny was walking to Wendy's house wondering why she invited him to her house (he didn't know they broke up)
He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, then Wendy opened the door

Wendy: Hey Kenny!
Kenny: Hey Wendy.
Wendy:come in.
Wendy opened the door all the way to let Kenny in
Wendy: My parents aren't home let's go to my room
Kenny: OK.

Kenny and Wendy went into her room and sat on her bed
Kenny: Why'd you invite me to your house?
Wendy: What do you mean?
Kenny: Well you're dating Stan.
Wendy: No he broke up with me today?
Kenny: OH
Kenny was happy to hear that
Kenny:OH I'm sorry to hear that

Wendy scooted over to Kenny and he put his arm around her and she put her head on his shoulder
Wendy: Can I take your hood off?
Kenny: Sure

Wendy got up grabbed his hood and pulled it down
Wendy: I didn't know you were blonde

As Wendy stared and Kenny's face they leaned their faces together and kissed
they kissed for 2 minutes

Kenny: Wanna be my girlfriend?