Chapter one: Death is for suckers.

Space sector 2814 is usually a fairly lively place, due to the inhabitants of Earth 'owning' this sector, but something was off this time, something wasn't quite right.

My name is Hachu and I am a Red Lantern, a symbol of rage to some.

I come from an old planet called Volkreg in The Forgotten Zone, although the planet no longer exists it still lives on through memory and legend.

Within seconds the black night sky is illuminated with a violent shade of red that can only be explained as anger, the kind of red you see when you're in rage mode, or bleeding out, that rush of adrenaline.

As I come to a halt I turn to face my attackers, Bleez, Dex-starr and Skallox.

Dex-Starr holds the appearance of a timid house cat, but do not be fooled, for the influence of the Red Light makes him quite vicious and bloodthirsty.

Skallox on the other hand, can be closely compared to Earths image of Satan, complete with the goat head and blood flowing from his mouth.

Bleez is a deadly creature, with the body of a human but with wings of a hawk, which were burned away to the bone.

Her skin is a pale blue which contradicts the red of her outfit.

"Finally giving in?" Bleez says as her group halts and begins floating on the spot.

"As if." I counter.

"Okay then, so would you prefer a quick death or a slow painful one?" Skallox fires in before Bleez has a chance to reply.

"I'll take the third option." I say before firing an energy blast at the group splitting them apart.

After dodging the blast Bleez flies at me, gripping me with her claws she stabs her sharpened wing tips into my shoulders.

As I wince in pain I place my feet on her stomach and kick off, pushing myself away from her.

I lift my arm and a Hard light construct of a hand appears and swats Dex-starr away like a fly.

The fighting seems to stop momentarily as Skallox and Bleez stare at me in a mix of awe and hatred.

"Ah. So there is another like Rankorr." Bleez says beginning to smirk.

She turns and nods to Skallox who suddenly charges at me, Bleez follows in close behind him.

I manage to grab Skallox by the horns and throw him backwards, he narrowly misses Bleez.

As Bleez flies over the top of him I form a hard light construct of a bear trap, it clamps itself around her mid section.

A growl escapes her mouth.

"Warning, power levels at 4 percent." echoes my ring.

Bleez's bared teeth change to a smirk.

"not a lot of juice left." she mocks.

I take a moment to think.

"I hope I don't regret this." Are the words that cross my mind as I fold my arms, close my eyes and slowly fall into earths atmosphere.