The Art Camp

"And that is how creativity works in your gigantic brain that runs on 12 watts!" Sichuan sat there doodling little flowers in the sketchbook that she had been given, half-listening to her sister Anhui go on and on about creativity and art and a load of other crap.


Her name echoed around the walls of the lecture room and she jumped, covering up her doodles quickly with one hand. "Um, yes?"

"You are magnificent! Doodling is something that helps you memorize things and people usually say that doodling is a load of manure, but it actually helps your brain to focus and that is why you should always doodle whenever you can! Ahaha!" Anhui winked and held up her doodles for all to see. Sichuan groaned and covered her face with her hands. Even though her sister and America had basically no contact at all, they acted similarly. She had always assumed that it was a freak of nature.

She heard someone giggle. "I think your doodles are very pretty, Sichuan!" Hainan. The youngest province so far, and a very annoying (but cute) little brother.

"Be quiet, Hainan," she muttered, wondering if she could smash her head against the table to make her gigantic brain that ran on 12 watts all smushed up.

"Anyways, this lecture is over so we're going to go to the classroom to do stuff." There was a collective groan and she heard her siblings stand up, gathering their stuff.

"This is a horrible idea, letting Anhui be the 'teacher'," murmured Qinghai, Sichuan's best friend, neighbor and sister as they walked back to the classroom.

"Yeah," she agreed. "She's sort of insane."

"Sort of?" Qinghai scoffed. "Are you kidding me? She's downright crazy. I don't know how her citizens are so normal and she's so weird."

"But she does have a lot of history. Well, just like the rest of us," she muttered, reflecting over her twenty-five hundred years.

As they reached the classroom (it was completely empty and had no furniture), Anhui was already sitting on the floor so they went ahead and did that as well. "Alright! Today, we will be wrecking your sketchbooks!"

There was complete silence.



"This is a great book!"

"What does this have to do with creativity and art?"

"Silence!" Slowly, the provinces settled down but with confused/disgruntled looks. "You'll do as I say because Dad told you guys to listen to me."

"And okay. So, you have thirty seconds to do each task and you have to do it. Turn to a new page."

The rustle of pages was heard.

"Use a pencil to punch holes in the page."

The sound of pencils-punching-holes-in-paper was heard.

Stuff was heard.

More stuff was heard.

"Set a new page on fire!"

Fire was heard.

Something was heard.

Maybe I judged this program too quickly, thought Sichuan as she gleefully watched the flames devour her page.

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