So, I recently fell in love with Gravity falls at about 3 a clock this afternoon-

Readers-You mean to tell me you got engaged to a show you just met that day?!

Me- Yes, pay attention. So anyways, I've been watching some episodes on youtube (And being forced to skip around :( ) after my boyfriend showed it to me, And this just randomly popped into my head.

I don't really remember how we got into this mess so let's start in the present. You know, with Giddeon trying to kill us in a mini (he didn't have the patiance for a big one again) robot suit with a clear glass (but strong) dome instead of a head.

"You can't run anymore Dipshit!" Giddeon cried as a metal hand grabbed me around me waist and (unfortunatly) arms. How a nine year old even knew that kind of language, I didn't know, but I didn't really have the time to think about it as I was punched in the face with a metal fist and thrown harshly (gee, I thought he would do it gently) at a tree. Right before I passed out I heard Mabel yelling my name and what I thought was the sound of breaking glass. My last thought before I passed out was 'What the hell was that?"

The first thing I realized as a slowly blinked awake was that my head was killing me. Second, I noticed my twin sister brushing dust off her sweater with a smile on her face, completly unscathed. Third, was the smoking pile of burning metal rubble surronding a thouroly beat up Giddeon a few feat away from her.

"Dipper! You're awake!" Mabel yelled as she rushed towards me. Giddeon looked up at us with a look on his face that could only be described as pure fear.

"Sh-sh-she's crazy!" He squeked out. Mabel turned around, glaring at him (I could swear her eyes turned red) and he fainted with a quite undignified umph.

My twin turned back towards me, putting my arm around her neck and half carried me towards the direction of the mystery shack. I looked at her, the smoking rubble, then back at her again with wide eyes.

"M-mabel did you...?" I stumbled.

"Come on, I just found this reeeaaaally cool sparkly glitter rainbow guaze that we can use. It'll look so good on you and Waddles!" She said, back to her usual overly happy demeanor.

"Waddles was hurt?" I asked, feeling extremnly confused.

"Of course not silly, It'll just be soooooo adorable on him."

"O-ok." Suddenly feeling worried about what happened, I asked Mabel if Giddeon would be ok.

"Probly not. Anyways, a few days ago, Candy told me about this dream with a unicorn..." She sontinued talking aimlessly like she didn't just beat up a guy in a robot, and I realized that no matter how silly or clueless my twin may seem, she can totallly kick-ass. I also made a personal note never to get on her bad side. Ever.

I don't know why, I just love the idea of a kick-ass Mabel. Review Please! (I'll give inside info about my other two storys to the first person who has reviewed this story and my other two stories. (They are Rise of the guardians just fyi. I did say I just met Gravity Falls today.( If you don't like that fandom, ignore this. )) Also, kudos to the those who get the refrence in the top AN.