Welcome to my new story! I've been working on this all summer and I am excited to present "Freezing over"!



"Mama!" the little girl called with glee.

Dimia looked up from her stitching. Her daughter ran up to her with her hand closed.

"What do you have there, Jane dear?" She asked with interest as the girl ran under the tree where she sat.

Her daughter always found things out in the fields.

"Promise you won't tell Alec?" The little girl suddenly grew worried and her eyes widened into large blue saucers.

Laughing lightly at her dramatics, Dimia shook her head. "Of course not."

Relaxing, Jane opened her hand. Dimia jumped at the sight of the huge insect. She was most certainly not expecting that!

"Look at its colors, Mama! Isn't it pretty?"

Jane marveled as the insect crawled around on her hand.

Holding back her immediate disgust, the mother tried her best to put on a smile for her daughter.

"Alec always squishes the things I find, and this was too pretty to let him squish."

Jane looked behind her to make sure her twin brother wasn't close. He was still out in the fields watching their father plow up their land.

She sighed in relief.

"Why don't you let it go, Jane? I'm sure it wants to be in the grass instead of your hand."

By now, Dimia was having a hard time not showing her distaste for the thing.

"I know…" Jane pouted slightly.

She trotted away letting the bug go. "I'll see you next June, bug!"

Waving good bye, Jane looked around for her brother.

Alec waited to do something for father. He was growing bored when he saw his sister run up to him.

"Alec! Do you want to go to the river?" She asked with excitement.

Looking to his father, guiding the oxen, his eyes asked the question.

Their father, Thomas, smiled. "Run along now."

Jane squealed while Alec jumped up with joy. The twins barreled to the river eager to get wet.

As they splashed and played in the river they were oblivious to the two pairs of eyes watching them.

Aro and Caius stood a ways watching the twins. Aro had caught wind of two powerful humans. With no hesitation, he came to England with his brother and they found the rumor to be true.

"They will indeed be very powerful." Caius smirked with satisfaction.

While Aro was impatient and wanted to take the children now, he and his brothers had already lawed out immortal children. And these two were clearly too young for the change.

"I shall let them grow up here with their family and when they are older, we shall come back for them."

Caius nodded. "Yes. Of course, Aro, of course."

Aro looked back to the twins splashing in the river. He was only thinking one thought.

They are mine.

And that is the beginning! :)