This sort-of came from my other fic, Crazy Singing Skeleton and from a piece of writing I found on Pinterest...I own nothing. Zilch.

It's just gonna be a short fic, from a couple of POV's about the Elysium library, where all the dead fictional characters go.

Prim POV

I looked up from my perch on the desk and smile. A new girl just walked in.

"Hello! I'm Primrose Everdeen, but everyone calls me Prim. Who are you?" The new girl looks down at me, slightly startled. She had chin length blonde hair and was dressed in full black.

"I'm Beatrice Prior. Call me Tris." Her mouth curves upwards slightly. "Um...where are we?"

"The Elysium Library."

"Elysium? Wait, are you telling me I'm-"

"Dead? Yes..." I wince when she flinches. Tris looks at me, as though trying to gauge whether I'm joking or not. I shrug and hold out a hand.

"That's what I've been told. Let me show you around."

We walk in silence. Tris seems preoccupied, and keeps looking around, as though scared of seeing someone. I don't push it. Not many people remember their past lives after being here for a while. All I really remember is Katniss.

The corridor we are walking through at the moment is black. There is a guy that shows up occasionally called Nico and he explained to me that in his world, we're all book characters. Each different coloured corridor is for a different book series. I have a list of which books go with which colour. Speaking of which, I should probably find out which one Tris is from...

"Prim!" Rue comes running up, beaming. "Is this the new girl?"

"'The new girl' has a name." Tris snaps, before looking slightly abashed. "Sorry. I'm Tris."

"Rue." My friend holds out a hand and Tris shakes it. "It's okay. We were all kinda jumpy at first."

"Tris Prior." Tris freezes. A boy walks up to stand in front of her. I don't really know him that well, but I think his name is Will. "Long time, no see." He raises an eyebrow at her.

"Will, I'm so, so sorry. You were coming at me and I panicked and I shouldn't have and-" Tris is babbling, looking terrified. Will cuts her off with a bear hug and a grin.

"Hey, at least I know someone in this place now."

Prim's List of Corridor Colours and Books

Black - Divergent
Brown - The Hunger Games (That's me! And Rue! And a whole other bunch of people!)
Red - Harry Potter
Blue - Percy Jackson
White - The Fault in our Stars (The only person I know of there is a guy called Augustus...I think there are a couple of others, but I'm not sure who they are...a girl called Anna, maybe?)
Green - The Maze Runner
Yellow - The Mortal Instruments/Infernal Devices (Yellow seems to be a really cheerful colour, considering that they are all 'Yeah, let's fight demons and stuff'...)

Orange is for anyone from a stand alone book, or who isn't really that well known.

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