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Teresa POV

Our group of souls, courtesy of Leo and Nico's friend, Jason, are all soon sitting on top of a robot. Of course, he wants to come along too in case anyone falls off. The robots all leave at different times, so we organise some sort of order.

First to leave are Leo and Nico, seeing as they planned it.

Then the others follow in pairs or threes. I'm going along with Newt and Chuck.

Gus and Fred are dragging along yet ANOTHER new guy - his name's Tadashi Hamada.

"What are we even doing?" He asks.

"Flying on possibly evil robots to find out which idiot has been spraying graffiti on the Underworld wall." Fred replies.

"Unbelievable." I have to agree with him on that one. Even after all the WICKED stuff, this is weird.

"Okay, let's log on to the Rescue Team thing to keep track of everyone." Leo says. "It'll automatically enter the chat when you leave the Underworld. And it's voice activated. Basically, what you say will come up on screen for everyone else to see."

This'll be fun.

TeamLeo has entered chat room

HappyMeals has entered chat room

TeamLeo: Let's go!

HappyMeals: I don't like this at all.

TeamLeo: So optimistic.

HappyMeals: Shut up Leo.

FirstJumper has entered chat room

TooMuchAcid has entered chat room

FirstJumper: THIS. IS. AWESOME.

TooMuchAcid: Would now be a really bad time to mention I'm scared of heights.

TeamLeo: Yes it would, Genius.

FirstJumper: WAHOO. BEST. DAY. EVER.

TooMuchAcid: Tris, calm down. There's a tree in front of-

FirstJumper has flown into a tree. She will be back up in about five minutes.

TeamLeo: First crash. Let there be many more for us to laugh at. :D

MischiefManaged has entered chat room

ItsAMetaphor has entered chat room

TeamLeo: Welcome, friends.

MischiefManaged: How the hell do you steer these things?

HappyMeals: You don't.

ItsAMetaphor: Hang on, was that Tris I just saw on the ground?

TooMuchAcid: Yes, she flew into a tree.

AllBloodyInspired has entered chat room

WickedIsBad has entered chat room

ShuckinKlunk has entered chat room

HappyMeals: Guys, I think Tris is back up.

FirstJumper is back up

TeamLeo: How did you-

HappyMeals: Just go with it


WickedIsBad: Calm down Chuck-


HappyMeals: Thanks

Everyone has entered the chat room. Enjoy your flight

Unbelievable: What is this. Do you guys do this often?

TeamLeo: No, it's a one off.

HappyMeals: Hey Leo, is that some sort of cave?

TeamLeo: Yes. Oh gods, we're headed straight for it. Jump off before you hit your head-

HappyMeals is on the ground

TeamLeo: Thank the gods.

Nico POV

Leo and I hang around for a few minutes, waiting for everyone else to catch up. Will H. fell off his robot too, but Tadashi caught him as he did. Once we are all huddled in a group, Leo calls for quiet.

"Okay guys. We're going in."

"Anyone want to give a motivational speech?" Cecily asks.

"Go ahead." Leo says, raising an eyebrow.

"Be careful. Don't die."

"Great. We're all bloody inspired." Newt mutters. Teresa and Chuck exchange glances and bite their cheeks.

I look at the cave mouth, then at Leo (and Jason, who has landed nearby), before shrugging and walking straight in.

I immediately wish I hadn't.

All sorts of things leap out at me and I almost jump out of my skin. A couple of blades narrowly miss my head and an arrow zips past my nose.

"KNEEL." A voice commands.

"How about: Hell no." I retort, unsheathing my sword. Behind me, the others enter warily, dodging the still-swinging blades.

"Fine." From the shadows, a guy wearing green and gold steps out. I have to admit, on anyone else it would look awful. But not this guy. "Hey, Death! Come and meet these new friends I've made!"

And so help me, the next person to move out from the shadows is my old 'friend' the Stupid Deaths Skeleton. Notice the sarcasm on 'friend'.

"Well Done, Loki."


"Now lock the cave." Stupid Deaths orders. Loki slams a button and bars slam down across the entrance to the cave.


Cecily POV

This wasn't part of the plan. Luckily, the bars can be taken down pretty quickly. We have Leo (and Tadashi seems to be pretty good with robotics and electrical stuff too).

"We have numbers." Nico informs Loki coldly. "How the hell are you planning on getting out of this alive?"

"We have fangirls." Loki replies calmly. "Really, where is my disadvantage?"

"We have fangirls too." Newt says. When everyone stares at him, he shrugs. "I found a website called Tumblr."

"How about FanFiction?" Chuck asks innocently. Half of the faces in the room flush deep red.

"Let's cut to the chase." I say, preventing an argument. "Will?"

My brother pulls out a couple of knives and tosses on to me. We throw at the same time, me faking at Loki, him faking at Death. I reality, mine hits Death and shatters.

Will's misses Loki entirely.

Whilst we were talking, Loki's 'fangirl' army had the chance to sneak up around us. And when I say army, I mean army. There are at least sixty of them. Seventeen of us.


There's not really much of a fight to put up. The fangirls swarm us about 3 to 1.

The only people who stand a chance are Tris, Cecily and the two Wills from their training. They take out the ones surrounding them, but by that time, the rest of us have been shoved into cells lining the caves walls. Metal bars slam down, into holes drilled in the ground. No way out.

As soon as everyone who can't fight is in a cell, the fangirls turn on the others. It's actually terrifying.

The demigod swords and weapons don't work - unless you count Leo wrapping duct tape around various limbs and creating a huge tangle. But eventually, he too is shoved backwards into a cell, as are the others.

I can't see the cells either side of me, so I don't know who's in them. Across is Tadashi, who is looking closely at the bars, as though figuring out a way around them.

Loki stands in the centre of the room and laughs. His fangirls kneel.

"We've done well." He says, looking around at us all. "Now, I can use the power to finally get what is rightfully mine."

The fangirls cheer.

"I want you-" He points to a group of about six girls. "On guard. The rest of you are free to go."

He turns from them to look at us. "I'll be back later to take the first one of you for your...ah...trial."

As he turns to go, Loki sees the Death Skeleton and an evil, terrifying grin takes over his face. I take a couple of steps back in my cell. It's the grin of a madman.

"You did well too, Mr Grim Reaper. But, only one gets the reward."

"What do you-" The skeleton begins to reply, only to suddenly find a spear sticking through him.



TooMuchAcid is Will from Divergent (I honestly couldn't think of anything else - he's scared of acid or something, he says it in the book)

In case of any confusion, the seventeen in the cave are: Leo, Nico, Jason, Cecily, Will H, Fred, Gus, Newt, Teresa, Chuck, Prim, Rue, Max, Tadashi, Tris, Will and Uriah.