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Tadashi POV


I have no idea what is going on. I've been dead literally five minutes and I'm already trapped in a cage by a complete psychopath. Fred and Gus say that this doesn't happen very often and I hope to God that they're right.

Anyway. Focus on the task at hand. Get out of this cage.

I kneel down to inspect the bars where they enter the floor. Each of them is slotted into a hole, which is drilled into solid stone. The gaps between them are way to small for me to slip through...but the ones at the end, near the walls. They're slightly bigger.

I still can't get past, but for someone scrawny, like say...Leo. He'd be able to slip through them.

Peering through the bars, I try to see if I can spot him. Will...Teresa...Newt...Nico...Leo...Gus...wait, back up. Leo! I wave at him a bit, trying to get his attention. Unfortunately, the only attention I get is from our guards.

A girl, maybe slightly younger than me slams a wooden staff into the bars, scaring the living daylights out of me. Her eyes narrow as I shuffle backwards. Past her, I see that I've finally got Leo's attention. When the girl turns around I point at the gap between the wall and the cave, then at him. He holds up a finger, telling me to wait a second.

He's making something out of the odds and ends in his toolbelt. What it is, I have no idea.


"Come on, Repair Boy."

I mutter as I work, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Across from me, Tadashi watches anxiously. It doesn't help that the stupid skeleton fell right in front of me and my cage.

From the corner of my eye, I see something move. One of the fangirls is fidgeting. She exchanges glances with one of the others, who nods slightly. Huh. Weird.

Anyways. I need to get out of here. Finally, I manage to attach the final couple of pieces to my invention, and voila: a tiny, tiny chainsaw. Now, if I've made this right, it'll be silent. If not...well. That'll be fun.

I crawl forwards and see that Tadashi is still watching me with an expression that says "What the hell are you doing?" I hold up my little invention for him to see and his eyes widen.

"Distraction." I mouth.

"Diffraction?" He mouths back, puzzled.

"No, Distraction."

"Destruction?" Now I can't tell if he's doing it on purpose or not.

"DIS-TRAC-TION." I mouth.

Understanding dawns on his face. Finally.

Fangirl POV

I glance over at my friend. Should we do it yet?

We never entered Loki's army to serve him. We entered to protect literally everyone else from him - including the dead, it seems.

Just as well there's only six of us to guard. If two of us are planning on letting them all out...yeah, the other four don't really stand a chance. And guess what? I don't care about them.

Well, obviously I do a little bit. They're fangirls. Just like me. But they only seem to care about serving Loki.

Just as I'm about to slip over to the lever to let them all out, there's a noise from one of the cages. I look over at it curiously. Tadashi is standing there, attempting to slip through the bars. Two guards stalk over to sort him out and he fights back, saying some of the most random things.

I hang back. He's intelligent enough to know better...so why is he making such a scene? Scanning the room, I spot Leo, crouched down, doing something to the bars. Ahh, so that's what they're doing. Smart guys.

I slip over to him quietly and stand in front of him, shielding his activity from the others. If he notices me, he doesn't show it. Just continues cutting straight through the bars.

My friend looks up at me, then tilts her head to see what Leo's doing. She doesn't react, just raises an eyebrow at me. I nod.

Newt POV

When Tadashi starts playing up, it's pretty obvious to literally everyone but the fangirls that he's causing a distraction. The only problem is figuring out what it's for. Only when a guard moves to block my view, do I realise that it's for Leo.

So why isn't she stopping him?

One of the other guards notices, but also does nothing. It's only when the third one, who wasn't really paying attention, see Leo that anything happens. She starts striding towards the girl hiding him. Without thinking, I jump at the bars to get her attention.

It works. Her thoughts turn to me. Now I just need to keep her attention until Leo is free.

Earlier...earlier Tadashi was pointing at the gap between the wall and the bars. Why didn't I notice that before? It's slightly bigger than all the other gaps. Before she can reach me, I start attempting to get through. This draws the attention of the fourth guard, the one who wasn't distracted by Tadashi or covering for Leo.

I keep attempting to get through the gap, they keep pushing me back. It goes back and forth and back and forth...until I accidentally get through.



One of the fangirls, the one I saw fidgeting earlier, seems to be covering for me. No idea why, not gonna question it. Tadashi is providing a decent distraction.

It seems to fall through for a bit, until Newt twigs on and joins in. In tune them out, focusing on cutting through the bottom of my bar. Finally, I cut through it. Now for the top.

I stand up and realise that I'm gonna have to get the girl to move.

"Hey." I whisper in her ear. She starts a bit. "Move forwards a couple of inches, would ya?"

To my surprise, she obliges. Then she keeps going. I wonder why, until I see Newt running around.


This could be a problem.

So guys, I hope you enjoyed, I will attempt to finish this soon. (As in, within the next three years :D)

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