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Will Herondale

By the Angel! These 'fangirls' are crazy! I must tell Jem about them- oh wait. Nevermind.

There is a shout from outside the cages and I look up, alarmed, then laugh. Newt has escaped (I have no idea how) and is leading the girls on a wild goose chase. Everyone presses against the bars of the cage, shouting encouragement at him.

"OH BLOODY HELL!" He tears past me with wide eyes and comes to a halt.

"Newt!" Teresa throws something to him from within her cage and he catches it incredulously. It's a plastic knife. I laugh out loud again - it's not a patch on my seraph blade...which is at home.

I blame the ducks.

"ARE YOU BEING SHUCKING SERIOUS TERESA?" He is cornered and the fangirls descend on him. Well, actually, four of them do. Two of them hang back a little bit and send each other a quick glance, before deliberately tripping up two of the other girls and then pretending to apologise profusely. What in Raziel's name are they up to?

Back to Newt, who is about to be recaptured, when a voice from the other side of the room yells "BOOM!"

Every head in the room whips around to see Leo holding one of the bars from his cage with a crazy grin on his face. In the confusion, Newt seizes his chance to sneak an actual knife from one of the fangirl's belts. I only hope he knows how to use it.

Cecily POV

I know that my charming brother doesn't have his seraph blade with him. Stupid man.

I, of course, have mine stashed in my belt. All I needed was a distraction so that I could slice through the weak bars of the cage and what a distraction I got. First Newt, then Leo. Oh dear lord, what on earth are they doing?

I have all the time I need to slash through the row of bars. They fall one by one, making a satisfying clang on the floor. Leaping through the gap left behind, I sweep my blade in a wide arc. The girls all fall back.

From the corner of my eye, I see Leo toss something to Tadashi, who catches it and begins tinkering away with the bars to his cell. But that doesn't matter. What matters, is getting these girls out of the way.

"Man, this is boring." A voice speaks from beside me. I flinch, barely. Nico is standing, surrounded by shadows and grinning at the fangirls. One of them faints and falls right on top of her friend. That leaves two whom I am almost certain are actually helping us and two who will probably kill us all.

What fun.

Tadashi POV

When Leo throws me the chainsaw, I get to work straight away. The blade cuts through the metal bars like a knife through butter and I'm soon free. Looking sideways, I see Cecily fighting two of the girls at once. Newt is fighting another. Leo and Nico are taking it in turns to throw things at a fourth. The other two back away from the fighting, then sprint over to where a huge lever is sticking out of the ground.

They begin tugging at it to no avail. One of them sees that I'm free and beckons frantically.

"What are you trying to do?"

"This...lever," She pants. "It...opens the...cages..."

Without thinking, I help them. The lever is heavy, but with three of us, we manage to shift it. Immediately the bars on every cage fly upwards. There is instant chaos.

Tris takes charge. "Get the kids out!" She orders Uriah and her Will. He salutes mockingly, then shepherds Rue, Max, Chuck and Prim out of the cage entrance. Tris begins shoving anyone with no fighting experience towards the entrance too, making sure that they all get out safely.

She catches my eye.

"Tadashi, go with them. You can make the robots fly back, right?"

"I can?" It comes out as a question, but she's already pushed me outside into bright sunlight. I turn to see everyone looking at me hopefully. "Oh dear."

Fred POV

Soon the only people fighting are Cecily, her brother, Tris, Newt, Nico, Leo and me. I think everyone else got out safely, but I was more busy making sure that my body stayed in one piece. Those girls could do with a little less caffeine.

There's not much of a battle to be had anymore, to be honest. The four girls are unconscious on the floor in minutes. We turn to leave, but a figure is standing in the doorway.

"Leaving already?" Loki grins.

"Oh Merlin." I groan. A frown crosses Loki's face suddenly.

"There were more of you earlier. Where did they go?" He swings around to his remaining two fangirls (the ones who had been helping us, for like three chapters. Nice of you to tell us that you weren't actually evil, guys), who had been sneaking out of the cave entrance. They take one look at his murderous expression and bolt.

Loki huffs and waves his staff. Bars across the entrance slam down, missing them by inches. They make it out. Just.

"No matter. I still have some of you, which is all I need." A smirk spreads across his face. "Even the dead have something to fear, after all. But wait," He turns to Nico and Leo, pointing his staff at them, "you two aren't dead."

"Thank the gods for your astute observational skills." Nico says, completely deadpan. "Ciao." Shadows envelop him and Leo for a few seconds, then they're gone. I love that kid. We're all left to stare at Loki, who actually looks...is he offended?

"Rude." He mutters. I glance at my companions, trying to figure out if we have a chance. Quickly, I reach the conclusion that we're completely and utterly screwed. Ah well. Leo and Nico are gone, possibly to get help. Those fangirls escaped, maybe to help? I have no idea.

We'll see what happens. For now, I'm going to stay in one piece.

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