Next chapter! Fred Weasley, one of my favourite characters!

Fred Weasley POV

I run down the corridor. They'll find out in a second-

There's a yell from behind me, followed by fast footsteps. They guessed, then. I tear down the corridor and swing around the corner...straight into a girl. We tumble to the ground and the girl in questions punches me round the face, then holds a hand to her mouth.

"Oh god, I'm sorry!" She pulls me up and starts apologizing again.

"What did you do now, Tris?" A guy with blonde hair walks around the corner and grins at us. "Did she punch you?"

"Yup." I click my jaw back into place. She punched me hard. The footsteps behind me are getting closer. I spin around and come face to face with...Snape. Damn it.

"Mr Weasley. Did you think it would be amusing to leave fake vomit on the carpet, followed by real...waste?" I glance down at his shoe. The toe is covered in it. Ugh.

"The vomit was mine." I say, still looking at his shoe. "The 'waste' was not. There was a huge dog in here earlier though."

Will and Tris stifle laughs behind me. I give them a rude hand gesture behind my back, which apparently makes them crack up even more.

"Severus!" Lily comes around the corner, looking annoyed. I still can't believe that this is Harry's mum. I imagined her differently, though I'm not sure how really. Oh yeah, and Harry's dad. Prongs. Harry knew that his FATHER was one of the marauders, yet he never told us?

Not to mention Sirius. And Lupin. My fifth year Defence against the Dark arts teacher was Moony. And Harry's godfather was Padfoot. These guys were our idols, yet none of them ever mentioned it.

But what really got me annoyed was the fact that Wormtail, as in Peter Pettigrew was THE FAMILY PET. For TWELVE YEARS.

Oh boy, Harry's gonna get an earful when he get's here. I hear something in my head.

"Really? A whole world of ear-related humour and you go for 'earful'?"

After that little run-in with Snape, I wander aimlessly with Tris and Will. Turns out that they knew each other in their past lives. There's something that they're not telling me, but I try not to pry. When they ask how I died, I reply that I was hit by a stray killing curse. Somehow, telling them that I was killed by an exploding wall sounds a little stupid.

The pair of them were both shot. Tris's eyes go wide with a slight panic, but Will doesn't seem to notice. He just grins at me and we carry on to the courtyard.

See, the way that the Library was built is weird. It's three storeys high, in a square/rectangle around a courtyard. There are random rooms sticking out of the sides in places. It kind of reminds me of home.

Speaking of home, I wonder how Georgie and Ginny are doing...They're okay. Right?

Tris and Will sense that I'm in my own thoughts and just chatter between themselves. The words 'moths' and 'serum' come up a lot. And the word 'four'.

Another guy walks across the courtyard to us. Gus. He seems okay, but I don't know him that well.

"Fred." He kind of limp/runs towards me with a grin. "So, I heard that you pranked Snape earlier?"

"Yes." He laughs and I find myself grinning. "What do you want, Gus?"

"You see Cato and Marvel over there?" He points to where a pair of guys are chortling about something or other. "I need help to prank them."

"Did someone say 'prank'?" Will and Tris appear next to us, grinning like maniacs. I look around at the three of them, all with a slightly evil, maniac glint in their eyes.

"Will you help?" Gus turns to me. I consider it for about half a second.


We start plotting straight away. Tris turns out to be pretty good at drawing, so she does all the diagrams. Will figures out all the stuff that involves a brain. As for me and Gus? We start finding the equipment that's needed.

Half-way through, there is an interruption. A little twelve year old kid comes tearing across the courtyard, holding something that looks like a t-shirt or a pillow case. Limping after him is a guy with blonde hair.


The last part was Chuck and Newt...the idea came from a thing I found on Pinterest.

Dear Tommy,

Chuck's still bloody annoying


But anyways, I need ideas for a prank! Please help me out with this! Thanks in advance (::) :D