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Club Day

Uzumaki Naruto stalked through the night with a purpose. He gave it some real thought and decided on how he would get back at Kurumu for her little brainwashing kiss.

At first he thought he would get back at her by kicking her ass. Sure he was respectful to woman but he was not the kind of person who would hold back the punches on someone based on gender. Things like gender and age meant nothing on the battlefield. If a female decided to attack him then he would fight back with everything he had. And as far as he was concerned, Kurumu was the one who attacked first and it was time for his counter strike.

The only thing left was to think up how he would get revenge. Now that the fight was officially over he couldn't do anything that could physically harm her. From what he understood the succubus was now friends with the pink haired vampire and human that she tried to attack. He had no idea how they became friends but the only thing that mattered was that they were friends. Because of this doing anything that harmed her would probably upset Omote and anything that would upset Omote would anger Ura and an angry Ura was something he tried to avoid at all costs.

So he would have to get his revenge the old fashion way.


Lots and lots of pranks.

And he already knew what he would do for his first strike.

Finally reaching his destination he looked at the girl's dormitory. He took a few sniffs and found Kurumu's scent. Bending his legs he jumped into the air and landed on the windowsill of the room her scent was coming from. He reached to lift the window and smirked when he found it was unlocked.

'Perfect.' He thought as he silently crept into the room. He scanned it to see a typical girl's room and saw Kurumu was sleeping away on her bed buried beneath her blanket.

"Show time." He whispered to himself as he reached for the back that was slung over his shoulder.

For the next few minutes Naruto silently went to work. Once he was finished she crept towards the window and just as he was about to jumped out he looked over his shoulder and smirked at the sleeping Kurumu.

"This is only the beginning." He quietly said before jumping out.

Naruto was casually leaning against the school wall. His eyes were closed and his hands were stuffed in his pockets making him look like the picture of relaxation. Every now and then his nose would twitch as he took in the different scents around him but he did not find the one he was looking for.

Sighing he opened his eyes and gazed at the sky in thought.

'Only two more days until the full moon shows up.' He thought to himself. 'I'll have to find a way to burn out my excess energy.'

'Ura's fan club always finds a way to piss me off. Maybe this time I'll antagonize them first.' He thought to himself. More often than not those guys were a bunch of weaklings but maybe fighting all her fans at once would be a challenge.

As he was thinking a familiar scent reached his nose and he couldn't help but smile. Standing up from the wall he turned around and waved at Ura as she approached him.

"Yo." He greeted with a lazy wave.

"Naruto." She responded with a nod as she continued to walk. Naruto walked by her side as they headed for homeroom.

"Is something happening today?" Naruto asked curiously.

"Not that I am aware of, why?" Ura asked glancing at him curiously.

Shrugging his shoulders Naruto clasped his hands behind his head and answered. "Earlier today I saw a couple of students carrying a bunch of stuff. There were posters, props, hell I even saw some students wearing some kind of costume."

"Hmm, perhaps something is happening today but I do now know what." Ura said.

The two walked in comfortable silence when suddenly.


"What was that?" Ura asked looking for the source of the feminine scream. She looked at Naruto and saw that he was now sporting a devilish grin. "What did you do?"

"What makes you think I did anything?" Naruto asked wiping the grin off as he wore a mask of innocence.

A mask that did not fool Ura in the slightest.

"I will not even dignify that question with an answer. Instead I will ask once more, what did you do." She asked turning to look at him fully as she crossed her arms.

"Okay I may or may not have gotten a bit of payback against Kurumu." Naruto said his innocent mask replaced with a mischievous smile.

"Oh really?" Ura asked with a raised brow. She was about to ask more but Naruto just shook his head and motioned for her to wait. Remembering the irritation she felt towards the succubus the other day she decided to wait and see what Naruto had done to her.

She didn't have to wait long before she saw Kurumu and when she did her eyes widened. First off all she had to do a double take to make sure it was really her. Instead of her usual blue hair Kurumu now had bright pink hair and without it being tied up it fell to her shoulders. Also written across her chest in bold writing was 'Omote's Bitch'.

Naruto and Ura watched silently as an angry Kurumu walked past them.

"That's not all." Naruto whispered before taking in a deep breath. Ura watched curiously as he released the breath with enough force to create a whirlwind that blew Kurumu's skirt up. The now pink haired succubus shrieked in embarrassment as everyone was able to get a view of her panties and more importantly the words 'Property of Omote' that were printed on the back.

"Out of all the possible forms of revenge…why did you choose this?" Ura asked unable to hide the surprise she felt when she saw Kurumu.

"Well somehow she was able to become friends with your sister and that human guy right?" Naruto asked making sure no one heard him.

Ura raised an eyebrow. She did not know how he knew Tsukune was human but he didn't seem to care so she let it go. "Yes, what does that have to do with anything?"

"Well since she was friends with them I figured that if I hurt her then that would upset them and if I upset your sister then I would have to face your wrath." Naruto explained. "So I decided that embarrassing her for a while would work just fine."

"I see, well that was a very…interesting prank." Ura said casting a glance at Kurumu who tried to ignore all the looks she was receiving.

This was probably the first time in her life that she didn't want to be the center of attention.

"Well I remember the whole thing started because she was jealous of you and Omote so I thought this would be fitting." Naruto elaborated causing Ura to nod. It did make sense.

"I must say that this is an interesting way to get revenge." Ura commented lips twitching in amusement.

"Thanks." Naruto said with a grin feeling very pleased with himself.

'Maybe next time she'll think twice before trying to brainwash me again.'

"Alright class today we will be doing something different." Sid addressed his class once the bell rang. "As you know the purpose of Yokai Academy is for yokai to learn how to coexist with humans. To help with this there are various club activities that help students learn more about different human cultures. The clubs have set up different stands for you to look at. All students are required to join a club so you will spend the day looking for a club that interests you."

After saying his piece Sid sat down at his desk and pulled out a newspaper to read. Students rose from their seats and shuffled on out. Naruto lazily stood up and glanced at Ura.

"So I guess all those people I saw earlier were setting up for this club thing." He commented as he headed for the door.

"So it seems." Ura said walking by him. They turned a corner and paused in their steps as they studied their surroundings.

In front of them was a sea of Yokai. Every nook and cranny was filled with students trying to recruit new members.

"How on earth did I not notice this?" Naruto muttered to himself staring at all the colorful decorations and club stands.

"I have no clue." Ura said wondering the same thing.

"So…what kind of club do you want to look at?" Naruto asked curiously. Ura was silent as she thought about it before shrugging.

"I do not know, honestly I think this is a waste of time." She answered. She saw no point in wasting her time with these frivolous club activities.

"Maybe but it doesn't change the fact that we have to find a club to join." Naruto pointed out as he looked around. Maybe there was some kind of ultimate fighting club where the strongest students are pitted against each other.

Hearing this caused the vampire to huff in annoyance. "I suppose…very well. I guess we should just look around. Maybe we can find something interesting. "

"That's the spirit!" Naruto said with a grin.

And thus the search for a club began.

Photography Club

"Ura-sama someone of your beauty would make for a fantastic model!" a student holding a camera said.

Ura just stared at the boy with a raised brow before scoffing. "Your attempts at flattery are quite pathetic. I already know I am beautiful."

'Such a humble personality…' Naruto sweat dropped.

"Forgive me for stating the obvious. Please think about joining our club." The student pleaded. "We can take a lot of fantastic pictures…would you be opposed to some nude shots?"

"DAMN RIGHT I WOULD!" Ura shouted with a tick mark as she kicked the student with enough force to send him crashing into the photography stand.

"Next club." Naruto said as ushered an irate Ura away.

Archery Club

"Damn you Uzumaki!" the archery captain shouted as he aimed his bow and arrow at Naruto.

"Oi what the hell?!" the blonde shouted as he dodged an incoming arrow. "I seriously doubt shooting me is good advertisement!"

"You have some nerve!" another member shouted as he prepared his arrow.

"What the hell did I do this time?" Naruto asked as he ducked down in order to dodge another arrow.

"Being all friendly with Ura-san and then coming here! How dare you mock us! Members prepare your bows!" the captain shouted as all the members lined up and prepared their shot.

Naruto gulped audibly as the arrows were shot into the air before they began to descent up him. He glanced at Ura who was sitting in the side with a mocking grin. It was obvious that she was enjoying this little show.

"Sometimes I wonder why I hang out with you." Naruto deadpanned before he began to twist and weave his body in an attempt to avoid being turned into a pin cushion.

Cooking Club


"And stay out!" a student wearing a chef's hat and apron shouted as he kicked Ura and Naruto out of the kitchen.

"Who does that cretin think he is treating me in such a manner?" Ura hissed as she dusted herself. She turned to meet the incredulous gaze of Naruto. "What?"

"How on earth did you cause an explosion? You were just boiling water!" Naruto shouted in disbelief causing her to blush lightly in embarrassment.

"So cooking is not my strongest suit. Big deal." She said as she walked away.

The I love Akashiya Ura Club

"What the hell am I looking at?" Ura asked brow twitching dangerously.

"Well this is interesting." Naruto commented with an amused grin as he stared at the club dedicated to his silver haired friend. "Maybe I should join."

"Take another step closer and I will end you." Ura said seriously.

"Not even a little peek?" Naruto tried.




"…Fine. You can be such a buzz kill." Naruto pouted as the two continued on their way.

"So…now what?" Naruto asked scratching the back of his head. So far they had no luck whatsoever with these clubs.

"I don't know." Ura sighed as she massaged her temple. Every club they visited did nothing but piss her off.

"Hm. Now that I think about it…are you going to join the same club as your sister?" Naruto asked out of the blue.

"…I hadn't thought about that." Ura admitted with a thoughtful expression. Since she didn't have any classes with Omote then joining the same club would be the best chance to be with her.

"If you want we can go look for her so you can talk about it. Maybe she already found a club she's interested in." he suggested.

"I would like that…thank you." She said after a moment of thought.

"Right so we better start looking." He said. "Where should we start?"

Ura was about to speak but before she could even open her mouth large commotion drowned her out as a herd of boys ran passed them.

"Quick! Let's go to the Swimming Club!" a boy shouted.

"Hot girls wearing swimsuits? I'm in!" another shouted.

"I can't wait to go swimming with beautiful girls!"

Eventually the boys were gone and Ura rolled her eyes in annoyance. Honestly what was it with all the boys at this school? She turned to Naruto but blinked when she saw he was nowhere to be found.

"What the…where did he go?" Ura asked tilting her head slightly.

"Assholes. Now I lost Ura." Naruto complained as he walked around keeping an eye open for his friend. He somehow got caught in the stampede of hormonal students and got separated from the vampire. He had no desire to join the swimming club so once he was able to escape from his kidnappers he went out to search for Ura.

"Well hello there handsome." He heard someone from behind say. Turning around he was greeted by the sight of a girl with forest green eyes and red hair. And like many other girls in this school she had a killer figure. "You look a little lost."

"I guess you could say that. My friend and I were looking for a club but we got separated." He explained causing her to nod in understanding.

"So you haven't found a club yet?" she asked causing Naruto to shake his head. "Tell me, how do you feel about nature?"

Naruto was silent as he thought about it. In a word, nature to him was awesome. He loved running through forests in his true form and the smell of nature was simply amazing to him. "I love it."

That seemed to have been the correct answer because she gave him a beaming smile that made him blush a little. "Then you might be interested in the Nature Appreciation Club."

"Nature Appreciation Club?" Naruto repeated somewhat interested.

"That's right. All over the world humans are destroying nature. What we do is find different ways to help preserve the wild life." she explained causing Naruto to nod. He had seen many forests getting cut down in order to create new cities to accommodate with the ever growing human population. "It may seem pointless but if there's even the slightest chance of making a difference then we will take it."

"Well that's a pretty commendable goal miss." Naruto said with a smile.

"Why thank you! By the way my name is Chiryo Kaori, first year student." She introduced herself.

"Well it's nice to meet you Kaori-san. My name's Uzumaki Naruto, also a first year." He introduced back. "You mind if I take a quick look at your club?"

"Are you kidding? I'd be delighted if you looked. Follow me and I'll show you the ropes." Kaori said with a smile as she led Naruto away.

"Where is that idiot?" Ura said to herself as she looked for the blonde. Shortly after their separation she made her way to the swimming club. Now as a vampire she would usually steer clear of the that club but she was only looking for her friend so as long as she stayed away from the pool she would be alright.

As she made her way she was bombarded with countless requests to join several clubs but she ignored them all. She had no intention of joining a club that was filled with nothing but perverted fools who made no effort to hide their disgusting thoughts.

As she looked she saw a pink blur heading towards her and blinked. When it came to the color pink only one thought came to mind.

"Omote!" she called out gaining the blurs attention as it came to a stop.

"Ura?" a distraught Omote asked as her eyes landed on her sister.

"What's wrong?" Ura asked knowing something was wrong. She took a quick glance around and noticed the absence of a certain human. Gritting her teeth a little she looked back at her sister knowing this involved Tsukune somehow.

"It's nothing." The pinketted muttered hoping to avoid the topic.

"Omote…"Ura warned.

"So did you find a club yet?" Omote asked trying to move in. Ura stared at her for a good minute before sighing.

"Not yet." She answered. She would drop the subject…for now. "Naruto and I have been searching but so far we have had no luck."

"Where is Naruto?" Omote asked looking for him. She did not know him that well and the only real interactions she had with him was when he gave her directions on the first day and when he was brainwashed by Kurumu.

But she wanted to know the real him. He was able to do something most would think was impossible. He befriended her sister. Whenever Ura spoke of him she may have sound like she was annoyed with him or something but there was also this fond look in her eyes that she had rarely seen from her.

"He got dragged away by a bunch of pests to the swimming club." Ura answered noting how Omote wince at the mention of the club.

"I see…" Omote trailed off. She had just come back from the swimming club and had no real desire to go back.

"How about we go look at some of the club stands and you can tell me what's bothering you." Ura suggested. Omote looked at her before offering a small smile.

"Alright, it's been a while since you and I spent some time together anyway." Omote added.

"That's right, let's go." Ura agreed.

"Ah, nothing like the feeling of fresh grass between the toes." Naruto said as he wiggled his bare feet against the grass as freshly planted grass.

One thing about Naruto was that he hated wearing shoes. They felt constricting against his feet but in order to fit in with the humans he learned to deal with it.

"I know what you mean." Kaori agreed as she discarded her shoes along with him. "Although I thought I was the only one who felt like that."

"I've been to many cities before but in my mind nothing beats the fresh smell of nature. The feeling of the great outdoors always gets my blood pumping." Naruto said taking in a deep breath before releasing it with a smile.

"I'm glad you feel that way. It's always nice to meet another person who appreciates nature." Kaori said. "Come on, I'll take you to the club captain. He'll tell you more about the club."

"Alright." He said as he led to a rather bulky looking student.

He was taller than Naruto and looked like he belonged in some kind of body builder club instead of the Nature Appreciation Club. He had green eyes and brown cropped hair. Instead of the uniform he wore a short sleeved white shirt and dark brown pants. Over his shirt he had a dark green gardening apron.

"Onii-sama I brought someone who might be interested in joining." Kaori said once they reached him. The older boys face broke into a small smile as he greeted her.

"I see, good job imouto-chan." He said before turning towards Naruto. "Hello there my name is Chiryo Mashu, the club captain and third year student."

"Nice to meet you Mashu-sempai, I'm Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto greeted with a bow.

"Excuse me for sounding skeptical but I find it hard to believe that you are interested in joining." Mashu said as he knelt on the ground and began to plant some seeds.

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked with a frown.

"What I mean is that most boys tend to join this club in hopes of getting closer to the female members." Mashu explained as he pointed towards a few male students who didn't bother to hide their open leering of the female student body.

"I can assure you that I have always loved nature." Naruto said. Before he was adopted by the Huang Family some of his happiest memories were of him running through different forests exploring new lands.

Mashu appeared to be studying him for a while before nodding. "I see in that case I'll give you a rundown. We do exactly what our club name entails. We appreciate nature. Now there are many different ways to do this from gardening, pruning, picking up litter or spreading awareness. So if you're looking for something with a little more action then this is not the club for you." He deadpanned.

"I see…" Naruto said with a sweat drop.

"Baka nii-sama! Try and sound more enthusiastic!" Kaori chastised as she slapped the back of her brothers head, though she had to jump in the air to reach. Mashu was a head taller than Naruto and Kaori only reached his shoulders.

"What are you talking about? I was being enthusiastic." Mashu said with a confused look.

Kaori just stared at him blankly before sighing. "Sorry about that Naruto-san. Onii-sama isn't the most expressive guy out there."

"Now that's just rude Kaori-chan. I can be very expressive." Mushu protested but his facial expression did not change.

"Of course onii-sama." She said dismissively. "Come along Naruto-san. I'll show you around."

"All right." Naruto said as he followed the red head.

"So Omote, are you going to tell me what made you so upset earlier?" Ura asked as she took a sip of her tomato juice taking a break from their club search.

If things kept going the way they were they would never find a club.

"I already told you nee-chan, I wasn't upset." Omote insisted only to yelp in pain as Ura flicked her forehead.

"Do not lie to me Omote. You were never any good at it." Ura chided causing Omote to pout.

"It's just…something happened with Tsukune." She finally admitted causing Ura's eyes to narrow a bit.

'I knew it.' She thought in annoyance. "What happened?"

"We were looking for a club and we somehow got dragged into the swimming club." She started and winced a bit when she saw Ura's disapproving stare.

"Omote, you know how dangerous it is for us to be near water." Ura stated causing the pinkette to nod.

"I know it's just…Tsukune looked like he was having a lot of fun swimming. Sometimes I wish I wasn't a vampire." She said in a remorseful tone.

Ura frowned at this silently promising to unleash a world of pain on Tsukune. "Don't say something like that Omote. You should be proud of what we are."

"I know but still…I can't help but wish that I could be normal like him." She said as memories of her time in the human world filled her mind. She remembered how isolated she felt around them. And now because of her weakness to water she was isolated from her first real friend.

Ura sighed as she could practically see her sister's dark thoughts. She racked her brain trying to find a way to cheer her up.

She idly wondered what Naruto was up to right now.

"As you can see the land around here could use a little more green." Kaori said as she pointed towards their surroundings. Yokai Academy truly lived up to the stereotypical haunted house image including dead trees and grass. Other then this small garden the place looked like a wasteland. "So it is our duty to help re-grow and take care of this land."

"Not the most action packed club but it could be relaxing." Naruto muttered to himself. He never tried gardening before but who knows? Maybe he had a green thumb waiting to be unleashed.

With nothing better to do he grabbed a small gardening shovel and a potted plant. Stabbing the shovel into the ground he dug a small hole before transferring the plant into the hole and filled it up. He took a moment to observe his work before shrugging as he repeated the process with a few more potted plants.

"You should be gentler with that shovel. You might damage the plants by accident." Kaori pointed out.

"Oops." He muttered. "Sorry, never done this before."

"It's alright, at least you're trying which is more then I can say about the other boys." She said as she pointed towards a group of boys who were trying to flirt with the female members

"So Kaori-san, how did you get interested in this club?" Naruto asked trying to make conversation.

"Well for one my brother is the club captain so I thought that would be obvious." She pointed out with an amused smile as Naruto scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "But mostly because I grew up around nature. I grew up in one of those villages that weren't touched by modern day technology ya know? So while most city kids would watch TV or play video games I would go out and run in flower patches or see how high I could climb up trees.

"Really? Wow." Naruto whistled.

"I know. Because of that I grew up to really appreciate Mother Nature's gifts." She said causing Naruto to nod in understanding.

"I know what you mean. I used to travel a lot and got the chance to run through a bunch of different forests." Naruto said with a grin recalling his old adventures.

"Really? Interesting. You sound like quite the adventurous person Naruto-san." She commented.

"I've had my fair share." Naruto said. Being adopted by a Chinese mob family pretty much guaranteed a life of adventures.

"Perhaps you can tell me about them sometime." Kaori suggested with an interested look.

"Maybe." Naruto agreed.

"Great, so have you been enjoying your time at Yokai Academy?"

"It's alright but sometimes it can get really annoying." Naruto gave his answer.

"Really? Like what?" Kaori asked curiously. Naruto opened his mouth to speak but was interrupted.

"Isn't that that bastard Uzumaki?"

"Tch. What the hell is he doing here?"

"Oi look at that! He's hanging around a super cute girl!"

"What?! First Ura-san and now her?!"

"Who does that piece of shit think he is hogging all the hot girls to himself?!"

"I say we teach him a lesson."

Kaori watched as Naruto's eye twitched furiously with each sentence as the group of 10 boys stalked towards them.

"Excuse me for a moment." Naruto said with a pleasant smile as he stood up. He turned towards the group and the smile was replaced with a snarl. "What the hell do you dipshits want?"

"FOR YOU TO DIE!" they shouted as they leapt into the air and charged.

"Funny…I was thinking the same about you! BURRYING PUNCH!" the blonde shouted as he cocked his fist back.

Kaori watched with wide eyes. One moment she saw a bunch of boys charging at Naruto and then she blinked. Once her eyes opened she saw said boys buried head first into the ground as Naruto stood in the same spot with his arms crossed.

"Ha! Take that you bunch of pansies!" he taunted before turning back towards her. "So yeah that's pretty much the thing that annoys me most about school."

"You mean this is a regular occurrence?" Kaori asked as she surveyed the damage. Other then the occasional twitch those guys looked like they wouldn't be getting up anytime soon.

"Yeah, ever since the male population of school found out that I'm friends with Ura they've tried to jump me." Naruto snorted.

"Ura? As in Akashiya Ura?" she asked curiously.

"The very one. Why? Do you know her?" he asked tilting his head a bit.

"Not personally but I've heard of her. According to the rumors she's really beautiful but she's also very cold." She explained.

"I wouldn't call her cold." Naruto mused as he felt the need to defend his friend. "I mean sure she can have quite the temper but she's pretty level headed most of the time."

"Really? Huh, I've seen her passing by and she seems pretty anti-social." Kaori commented causing Naruto to think. That wasn't far from the truth.

"I don't think that's the right word…I'd say she's more reserved around others." He clarified. Kaori seemed to be thinking about it before shrugging.

"Everyone's different I guess." She said before pouting playfully. "But everyone talks about how beautiful she is. Makes me feel a little jealous sometimes."

"Really? Ura always complains about the attention. She says that she never has a moment of peace." He said causing her to hum in thought before nodding.

"I can see how that can get pretty annoying. But what about you?" she asked leaning towards him a bit.

"What about me?" he asked confused.

"Do you think I'm pretty enough to have my own fan club?" she asked playfully before leaning towards his ear whispering, "Well do you Na-ru-to-kun?

Naruto shivered a bit at the feeling of her breath caressing his ear not to mention the way she said his name. He felt his cheeks heat up when he noticed how close she was to him.

Why didn't she have a fan club again?

He shook his head and was about to speak when something hit his nostrils. He took a few sniffs in the air and gulped.

Grinning in satisfaction Kaori leaned back pleased with herself as she stared at his flustered appearance. However she blinked when she saw him take a few sniffs with a strange look in his eyes.

"Hey Kaori…are you wearing some kind of perfume?" he asked out of the blue.

"No…" she answered in confusion. However it was her turn to blush when Naruto invaded her personal space and seemed to be sniffing her.

"Really? Because you smell amazing." He said in his typical blunt fashion.

"Huh?" Kaori mumbled blushing harder not sure what to say.

"I mean damn…I'm starting to feel intoxicated." He continued before he was pushed away by the flustered red head.

"Baka! You just don't say that kind of stuff out of nowhere!" she said trying to compose herself.

"Oh, sorry about that." Naruto apologized.

'But damn I couldn't help it. Her scent is as intoxicating as Ura's.' he thought before his eyes widened. 'Oh crap…I forgot about Ura!'

"Is something wrong?" Kaori asked seeing how stiff he was.

"Kinda…I was supposed to look for my friend and got distracted." He explained. 'She is going to kill me.'

"Ah I see. Would this friend happen to be Ura-san?" she asked curiously getting a nod from the blonde.

"Yeah, chances are she'll think I ditched her or something. Damn she's going to be pissed." Naruto sighed. "Sorry Kaori but I should probably get going."

"I suppose I understand but don't be a stranger. Even if you decide to join a different club that doesn't mean we can't be friends alright?" she asked with a smile. While she hoped he did join the club she would accept if he chose another to join but that didn't mean she didn't want to spend more time with him. He was good company compared to the other boys here.

"No problem! I'll see you around!" Naruto said with a grin happy that he made a new friend. Waving goodbye he sprinted away hoping to find his vampire friend.

Kaori watched him go with before smiling to herself. "I hope I meet up with him again, he was pretty nice…not half bad to look at either.

"If you're done ogling your boyfriend then help me." Mushu drawled as he walked by carrying a bag of soil.

"Kaori blushed before glaring at her brother. "He's not my boyfriend! I just thought he would make a good friend!"

"And I totally believe you." Mushu countered in a monotone voice not even sparing a glance at his younger sister.

"Alright if I was a prideful vampire with a short fuse where would I be?" Naruto asked himself as he looked for answer.

"Hm…I would either be with my twin sister complaining about how pointless today is or sitting by myself thinking about how pointless today was." He answered to himself with a sigh. While that was most likely the case it still didn't tell him where Ura could be.

Shrugging he channeled his yoki into his nose to increase his sense of smell. He sniffed into the air and grinned when he smelled the familiar lavender scent of Ura. However he frowned in confusion when he also smelled the strong scent of chlorine.

"That much chlorine can only come from a pool? Maybe the swimming club?" he asked himself. He looked towards the direction of the scent and saw that it was in the same direction that those boys who wanted to go to the swimming club went. "But why would she go there?"

That made no sense to him. Vampires were weak against water so why on earth would she be at the school pool?

"Oh well, I better go see for myself." Naruto said before rushing towards the pool. As he got closer he saw many boys wearing swimming trunks running away with scared looks on their faces. "Well that can't be good."

"Why is it always you two who attract trouble at this school?" Ura groaned in annoyance.

Ura and Omote were walking through the hallways when they heard about a commotion happening at the swimming club. Naturally, Omote was worried about Tsukune and ran off hoping to save him. Ura sighed at her sister's recklessness before chasing after her.

When they arrived they saw that the swimming club members were actually mermaids who were draining the life force of everyone.

And when it looked like they were about to drain Tsukune Omote acted without thought. Ignoring what harm the water could do to her she ran towards the body of water hoping to save him.

"Omote no!" Ura shouted with wide eyes. What on earth was she thinking? Luckily she was faster than her sister so she was able to grab her arm preventing her from reaching the pool.

"Ura-chan let go!" Omote shouted trying to reach the pool but Ura's grip was strong.

"No! What on earth are you thinking?" she shot back glaring at her sister.

"I'm trying to save Tsukune!" Omote said trying to break free from her twins hold.

"The moment you touch the water it will be you who needs the saving! Think before you act!" Ura scolded and pulling Omote back.

"Well this is certainly entertaining." They heard Tamao say with her arms wrapped around a frightened Tsukune as she looked at the vampires with a mocking smile. "But really, why don't you two blood sucker run along. It's not like you can do much right? After all, everyone knows vampires can't swim."

'Vampire's can't swim?' Tsukune thought with wide eyes. He remembered how uncomfortable Omote looked around the pull and it suddenly made sense.

"That's some big talk coming from some low class fish." Ura shot back with a glare.

"Tch. I could say the same about you. It's rather pathetic that such a strong monster is weak to something like water." Tamao countered causing Ura's glare to harden. The mermaid smirked as she tightened her hold on Tsukune. "Such a nasty look you have. I'd be careful if I were you. I still have your friend."

"Tsukune!" Omote shouted in concern. "Ura we have to do something."

"Can't we just leave him be? It's his fault that he's in this predicament." Ura explained uncaringly causing Tsukune to gap in disbelief. He knew that he and Ura weren't really friends but he thought she cared enough to at least help him.

"Ura!" Omote shouted appalled.

"Oh fine I'll help him." Ura sighed in annoyance.

"Really? What are you going to do?" Tamao mocked as she raised her tail and splashed it against the water sending a small wave towards Ura who pushed Omote away before rolling to dodge it.

"Girls, the vampire looks thirsty. Why don't you give her a hand?" Tamao ordered. The rest of the mermaids nodded before splashing water everywhere. Ura cursed as she dodged around to avoid getting splashed.

"Afraid to confront me head on so you resort to this? I should have expected this from a weakling like you." Ura taunted but winced as a few drops of water splashed against her face.

"Who cares? If it works it works plain and simple." Tamao said with an uncaring shrug. But she yelped in pain when something slammed onto her head causing her to go down. The next thing she knew Tsukune was ripped out of her grip and thrown out of the pool.

"Sorry captain but I can't let you hurt my friend." A voice said. Ura looked up and saw it was Naruto who freed Tsukune and was now standing on top of the heads of two unconscious mermaids. "Looks like you could use a can Ura!"

"I had everything under control." She shot back despite the feeling of relief she felt at his arrival. While she knew she was stronger than these fish that didn't mean she wasn't wary about the water.

"Whatever." Naruto rolled his eyes before ducking in time to avoid a mermaid who lunged at him from behind. He jumped off the two mermaids he was using as a platform and grabbed the lunging ones tail. He spun around and once he gained enough momentum he threw her with enough force to create a crater on impact.

"I don't know who he is but I want him dead!" Tamao shouted as the rest of the members launched into the air.

"Your only real advantage was your ability to fight in water yet you jump out of it?" the airborne Naruto mocked. "Oh well, time to end this. Geppo (Moonwalk)."

The fight, if you could call it that was one sided to saw the least. The people on ground level watched as Naruto seemed to jump off the air as if it was a solid surface. With this ability to change his trajectory in mid air he easily maneuvered around the mermaids and landed hard blows that sent them crashing towards the ground where they passed out on impact.

"Damn you!" Tamoa shouted in anger as she lunged into the air planning to bite his head off his shoulders. Her anger prevented her from seeing she was doing the same thing as her allies did and just like them she would fail.

Naruto saw her approached and kicked the air to sidestep her attack. Before she completely sailed past him and grabbed her tail before swinging her around.

"Ura! Catch!" Naruto shouted as he threw the mermaid towards the smirking vampire.

"Look at you now, as useless as a fish out of water. Know your place!" she shouted as she delivered a kick strong enough to break Tamao's jaw. Unable to take the pain the mermaid blacked out.

"Thank you so much for the help Naruto-san." Omote thanked as she walked towards Naruto as he landed on the ground.

"No problem." Naruto said before the sound of a slap echoed across the area. Both turned to see Ura glaring at Tsukune who was holding his red cheek.

"Ow! What was that for?" Tsukune asked as he rubbed his sore cheek. He looked at her for an answer only to shiver under her glare.

"You're on very thin ice with me." She hissed her anger visible to all.

"W-What?" Tsukune asked taken a back. Ura's only response was to point at Omote who stood by Naruto as they watched the scene unfold.

"Do you have any idea what you have done to her?" she asked Tsukune opened his mouth to say something but she continued before he could speak. "Because you wanted fool around in the water with those girls you ignored her. You hurt her and made her doubt her vampire heritage. She already had to deal with inconsiderate humans that hurt her once and I'll be damned before I let it happen again. You cared more about yourself and ignored her discomfort around the water."

"B-Bu t I didn't know." Tsukune tried to reason. He took a glance at Omote and saw that she wasn't looking at him. Did his actions really hurt her?

"And you think that is an excuse?" Ura asked. She took a quick glance around the room and saw that it was only the four of them left, other than the unconscious mermaids. "You chose to stay at this school. The least you could do is learn a thing or two about different yokai."

Ura leaned closer towards Tsukune her red eyes practically glowing as she spoke in a quite but threatening voice.

"I will warn you once Tsukune. Omote is my most precious person and I will not let you hurt her due to your ignorance. If you wish to continue being her friend then you better set your priorities straight or else…" without waiting for a response she walked over to Omote and grabbed her arm and dragged her away.

Naruto scratched the back of his head before glancing at the dejected human. He sighed before stuffing his hand in his pockets. "Well damn, you ended up on Ura's bad side and I wish you luck on your survival."

Next Day

"So…you feel any better?" Naruto asked as he and Ura walked through the halls. After chewing out Tsukune Ura left with her sister and he hadn't seen her since.

"I am still annoyed at him but I will be fine." She answered causing him to nod.

"You might have been a bit too hard on the boy but he needed to hear that. You were right about him being ignorant. Here ignorance can get him killed." Naruto said.

"I don't care if he gets himself killed. The only thing I care about is how he hurt Omote." Ura said a bit coldly. Obviously she was still mad at Tsukune for depressing her sister, not only that but the pinkette almost jumped in a pool of water to try and save him.

"Right, anyway we never found a club." Naruto pointed out causing Ura to sigh.

"Great, so what are we supposed to do?" she asked. She did not find any club that interested her.

"Ah just the pair of students I was looking for." They heard from behind. They turned to see Sid walking towards them with a blonde haired woman wearing glasses. The oddest thing though was her hair was shaped like cat ears and the tail she sported. "Naruto, Ura this is Nekonome-sensei."

"Hello." The two students said bowing in greeting.

"Hello there, Sid-sensei was just telling me about you two." Nekonome said with a smile.

"So far you two are the only ones in my class who hasn't joined a club." Sid explained causing the female teacher to nod.

"You see I am the supervisor of the Newspaper Club and I thought I would come see if you two would be interested in joining." Nekonome added.

Naruto and Ura looked at each other before shrugging.

"Not like we found anything better." Ura mused.

"I guess it could be fun." Naruto added causing the cat like teacher to smile in delight.

"Great, just sign your name here and I'll see you during our first meeting." Nekonome said as she handed them a clipboard.

"Got it." Naruto said as he grabbed the clipboard and signed his name. He took a glance at the other names and raised a brow. "Well I'll be, what are the chances of us joining the same club?"

"What do you mean?" Ura asked as she grabbed the clipboard and scanned the other names.

Akashiya Omote

Aono Tsukune

Kuruno Kurumu

"Well this is a surprise." Ura said signing her name as well. While she was surprised at seeing her sister's name she was also pleased.

And with that both werewolf and vampire were official members of Yokai Academy's Newspaper Club.

End of Chapter

After some thought I decided it would be best to keep them in the Newspaper Club. Exanime Draco left a review that made a lot of sense and after reading it I agree.

So next chapter will be a clash of werewolves when Naruto and Gin meet.