Again just bouncing around, trying to find something to keep my interest well I just started the vampire diaries/Originals so I'm still getting use to it so far I'm enjoying three characters Kol,Klaus,and Tyler. I'm hoping this story will keep me busy the characters are a bit OC since I'm new to the originals/vampire diaraies I make a lot of typos. Some characters might come off like bashing Caroline, Hayley eh I'm not reaaally just don't like so far what ive seen of there characters

Rated: M

Shoutout; Bestfriend who got me interested in this show woot woot.

Unknown POV

I giggled quietly sitting in a tall tree with my legs dangling off the branch watching the fight scene between Klaus, and another hybrid. I was a bit shocked at first when I saw this other hybrid fighting my maker but then as the fight went on realized Klaus has again done something to piss or hurt another creature. 'I want to make my appearance..but this fight seems so emotional..more then physical eh maybe later then' I was about to hop away until I saw Klaus compel him. My biggest pet peeve..I hate when Klaus use to compel me, didn't he know I would have done anything he asked if he just asked for it? I heard some other stuff going on and decided to hop to see.

I almost snarled at what I saw Hayley was talking about how evil Klaus was and what he would do to his child, and his brother..was believing it didn't he have any faith in Klaus? I didnt want to see anymore I hopped further deeper into the treetops, I stretched landing on the ground making sure I was away from Klaus nose. Klaus smelling me would end horribly he'd probably lock me away or keep me from the action I can't live with that after all those years of being locked away in my parents basement and then Klaus freeing me just to keep me under his wing I just couldn't. I turned around seeing a beatup and compelled boy walking in my direction, that fight ended quickly I would of half expected him to try and fight it.

"Hey" I was shocked by my own voice, the boy looked at me and glared harshly. I jumped back a bit taking in his appearance, his whole face screamed feral but his eyes..his eyes screamed hurt. "Who are you" his voice came off angry. I chuckled lightly doing a peace sign "Call me Nellie" The boy clenched his fist possibly thinking I was a threat which I haven't even decided yet if I was a threat or not I just know this boy was compelled, I held my hands up defensively "You were compelled..let me help you" The boy took a step back "What are you" I sighed lightly "Trust me" The boy froze as I walked up to him with my confident stride and touched his face carefully my eyes dilated and I spoke evenly "Remember.." The boys fell on his knee's clenching his head tightly punching at the ground. I tapped my chin thinking "Maybe..I should have been specific.." I sighed realizing this could take awhile, I sat crisscrossed watching him squirm around.

Tyler POV

I was walking away from Klaus in pain my head, my heart it all hurt he killed my mother, he didn't even properly bring me up as a hybrid I was just some unsuccessful lab rat, I was so caught in my own thought I didn't even realize someone was in front of me until she spoke. I broke out of my train of thought looking at her, she looked in her early twenties or late teen's. She had straight shoulder length brown hair and a random white blonde streak that curled a bit, she had hazel eyes with long thick eyelashes her eyes was a bit wide and feral, her small lips had a gloss of red lipstick on it giving it a pouty look her face was mature and sharp, his eyes trailed down more taking in her outfit she was wearing high-waisted shorts and a red-knitted croptop with red van's, her complication was almost similar to Bonnies were they related?

'Nellie..that's her name?' I saw her reaching out for me I had to force myself to take a step back her nails were painted a simple green color. I would of ran if I knew I'd end up feeling like the way I did.

(Finally) No one POV

Almost an hour Nellie was picking at her nails squating over him "This is getting boring, pretty boy wake up" Nellie started tapping his face "Come on" Tyler jumped back glaring at her then grabbing his head he growled out angrily "What the hell did you do" Nellie huffed at the statement "Well for one I gave you back all your memories who are you by the way?" Tyler stood up stepping away from the women as she stood. "Tyler..Tyler Lockwood." Nellie stood up dusting non-existing dirt off her shorts "Well my Name is Nellie Emberlynn Neferet" Tyler made a confused face "Wait what?" Nellie rolled her eyes putting some wait on her left leg as she slouched " I'm Egyptian?" Tyler took in her appearance and nodded agreeing now that he could pin what she looked like she did look Egyptian, and her accent was very thick and sultry nothing like the females he hung around it was slightly deep, nothing like the high pitched nasal voice he heard in high-school "So Hybrid I should get going" Tyler eyes narrowed "How the fuck did you know I was a hybrid what are you?" Nellie messed with her blonde streak twisting the already romantic curl "Mm because I can tell plus I saw the spat you and Klaus had" Tyler slouched over in defense looking like he was about to attack.

Nellie yawned stretching "I'm not in the mood to fight plus look at you, you just got your ass handed to you I don't beat up the weak and wounded" "How do you know Klaus" Nellie was starting to walk away until the question was asked Nellie looked back at him smirking showing off her sharp small pointed canines as her eye's changed into that of a hybrid's for a flash second causing Tyler to stare in shock "Just like you he's my maker." Nellie began walking away trying to debate if fixing Tyler was the right thing, she turned around seeing Tyler following her " Uhm can I help you?" Tyler glared at her from behind following her " How? I don't remember seeing you with the rest of the hybrids he killed off" "Because I was the first plus Klaus likes me he wouldn't kill me maybe keep me locked up but never kill" Tyler glared at her "So if I kidnapped you?" "You wouldn't, I don't want to go back to Klaus at least not yet I still got places to be people to meet." Tyler nodded confusingly "Like?" Nellie smiled big causing Tyler to stare at her "I dont know"

Tyler scratched his hair watching female hybrid walk off contemplating one what to do he had a fucking headache, he was angry he wanted revenge he desired it but this Nellie girl helped him, could he really kidnap her? and use her to hurt Klaus? Tyler sighed watching her get further away from him he walked to keep up with her fist clenched tightly still debating on what to do. This women desired freedom, who was he to take it away from her? He was no Klaus.

Nellie wasn't going to just vamp speed away, this boy seemed honestly confused and lost damn her good heart though mama is long dead, she would punish Nellie for just abandoning someone, though she figure Tyler didn't know that he was in need for, Nellie kept her Egyptian stride waiting for him to decided on what to do ' If he has questions I might be able to give him an-'.

Nellie was brought out of her thoughts as she felt the bark of a tree scrape against her back, Nellie glared and snarled harshly at the physical contact thinking Tyler made his choice but in front of her hybrid gaze was an African-American with a afro, he reminded her of the slaves they had back home some type of Hebrew though it's 2014 the way she was brought up still resurfaced every so often she lifted her hand bringing down a claw hand at him which he dodged easily Nellie vamp speed tackled him snarling and baring her four fangs at him attempting to bite his neck, only to feel his foot pressed on her ribcage sending her off, Nellie felt the vampire grab at her hair and she glared up at the person. Now she was serious, Nellie was about to snap his wrist until she felt the slight tug pull harder then felt the hand release.

Nellie turned quickly and saw Tyler pinning him down on the ground snarling, Tyler was waiting for an opening to attack not sure if Nellie did something to piss off this vampire he didn't know her but she created by Klaus and liked by him meaning there had to be some similarities right? Tyler saw the confused and the way she was fighting she wasn't fighting to kill but to make the vampire get off her, Tyler made his move feeling rage for some reason as the vampire grabbed Nellie's hair and yanking it now this vampire was gripped tightly by Tyler who was debating on questioning this person or just snapping his neck, he couldn't think clearly knowing the fact that he got all this new found memories in his head, he kept his glare down on the vampire.

Nellie stood and vamp speed to grab piece of the tree branch breaking it to make it sharp, Nellie twirled it snarling angrily at the fact someone below her had attempted to man-handled the vampire saw the stick and began to struggle but Tyler held down tighter "wait wait wait" Nellie paused behind Tyler tilting her head in a curious manner down at the vampire. Tyler shook the vampire angrily "Who are you why did you attack her?" The vampire licked his lips and sighed defeatedly "Diego because Marcel told me to look for any other werewolves wondering around." Tyler snarled down at Diego "So you thought it would be cool just to kill on the werewolves?" Diego's shook his head a bit more scared "N-no it's just how things are around here" Nellie sighed Egyptian accent thicker then ever "So you common slave thought you can lay your hands on me" Tyler and Diego both looked at her slightly confused, Tyler spoke first "W-what?" Nellie vamp speed to the other side kicking Diego's head snapping it in the process "He's lucky I don't kill him" Nellie shook with disgust trying to shake off the feeling.

Tyler released the now subdued vampire shaking his head, there was similarities between Nellie and Klaus she had superiority issues that was for sure was she racist? Tyler walked to her accidently stepping on the branch she discarded Nellie neck snapped in his direction snarling at him loudly, Tyler held his hands up defensively and walked to her slowly. "Hey remember me? You just helped me, Tyler remember?" Nellie took a deep shaky breath nodding "I'm sorry." Nellie began walking away from Tyler. Tyler scratched his head 'Oh fuck it' "H-hey where are you going?" Nellie looked back at Tyler with a calm expression "I don't know yet" Tyler nodded putting both hands in his pocket shrugging walking closer to her with confident steps "Well looks like I don't know where I'm going either then" Nellie looked at him as he began to walk past her trying to piece what he said together and squinted doing a small smile at him "Are you saying you want to tag along?" Tyler looked her smirking and shrugged again "Two hybrids are better than one."

Nellie crossed her arms smirking "What about revenge? I'm not after Klaus" Tyler sighed a bit "Look shit I don't know I cant beat him now can I? so might as well cross the bridge when it comes" Nellie walked up to him smirking "Well then looks like this journey won't be so boring after all" Tyler watched Nellie walk in front of him causing him to break out in a Cheshire like grin 'I think I'm going to like this Journey'

The opening probably really sucked and had numerous of typos which I'm sorry for if its unreadable I'll re-write it. The story will be pretty long that's if I stick to it.

I will be doing a side story in this story which will show you the adventures of Tyler and Nellie so a lot of flashback chapters I hope you enjoy and again sorry if it's a terrible opening I'm really bad at them.