Well, since people seem to want this and I really want to write this, here is the first chapter of the story. I really hope you enjoy it.

Chapter one: The Kiss

James Adams was on a mission with his girlfriend Kerry Chang and his best mate Kyle Blueman. He had to infiltrate a drug gang and help two MI5 agents take it down. Currently James Adams was fighting with his girlfriend.

"I saw you kiss her!" Kerry screamed.

"I'm not cheating on you! She kissed me." James argued, knowing exactly where this was going.

"And you kissed back." Kerry spat.

"Kerry, please.." James said, knowing the next thing she said was going to be:

"We're done James! Don't talk to me anymore!" She shouted, storming out of the room.

James collapsed onto his bed. Sighing he buried his face in his hands. He sat there for god knows how long until his best mate came in.

"You alright James?" Kyle asked, taking a seat to him.

"I suppose. We'll probably get back together soon." James said, hiding the anger and the sadness that was piling up inside him.

"You're lying." Kyle said.

"Fine. I'm angry, I'm sad! Is that what you want me say!" James shouted.

"Woah. I'm sorry I asked." Kyle muttered.

"I'm sorry. I'm just upset." James apologised.

"It's ok. And you're right you know, you and Kerry will probably get back together soon." Kyle said.

"No, I'm sick of me and Kerry's relationship. I'm done with her." James said looking Kyle in the eyes. His dark eyes.

That was when James felt a wam feeling spread through his body. He realised that for the first time since James had met Kyle his dark hair was messy. James liked that.

Kyle was also realising something about James. Kyle had always liked James. He had never told anyone about that little secret. He had always loved James' blue eyes. He had always loved James' hair hair.

Then James leaned in. He kissed Kyle. Kyle kissed back. James put his hands to the back of Kyle's hair and grabbed a chunk of it. Kyle in the meanwhile pulled James to a laying position on the bed, Kyle was on the inside. When James pulled away, he looked at Kyle.

"Im sorry. I...I have to go." James said, sliding off the bed and escaping through the door.