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Chapter two:We need to talk.

For two days James had done his best to avoid Kyle, while trying his best to make up with Kerry to prove he wasn't gay. But Kerry was doing her best to avoid James. Everyday, James was up well before Kyle and was out the door before Kyle got up. But Saturday was different. James had accidentally slept late and when he got up and realised what time it was, he panicked. He really didn't want to talk to Kyle.

So he silently slipped out of bed and quickly dressed himself. He quickly as he could made his way down the stairs and was just about to open the front door when someone grabbed him from behind. That person then pushed him against the wall and turned him around. It was Kyle. Kyle then pinned James' hands to the wall.

"We need to talk." Kyle said.

"Where are the others?" James asked, looking for something to save him.

"Out. Why the fuck have you been avoiding me?" Kyle demanded.

"You know why." James said, trying to break free of his grasp.

"The kiss. You've been avoiding me because of that." Kyle said, already knowing that was the answer.

"Yeah, I'm not like you Kyle! I'm not gay." James said.

"So you're not gay.." Kyle asked.

"No I'm not. Now let me go." James said.

"Then why'd you kiss me?" Kyle asked.

"I dunno. It was stupid. I shouldn't have done it." James replied.

"How do feel about me James?" Kyle asked.

That was when James had a realisation. He didn't think of Kyle as a mate anymore. He felt like he wanted Kyle to be more then just a friend.

"I'm not really sure what I feel, Kyle." James answered truthfully.

In response to that Kyle leaned in and kissed James. For a brief second James began to resist, but ended up going with it and when Kyle pulled away, James was left wanting more.

Then Kyle left James hands fall, and turned away. He left James standing up against the wall, not knowing what to do next. He looked at the door then looked at the stairs, Kyle had just went up. So he made a decision. He went over to the door, opened it and left the house.