Authors Note

YES, I am re-posting Destiny High since many have been upset that I've taken it down. However, the reason I took them down was because the entire story was unorganized (Believe it or not) and my spelling was awful. Now that I have improved and planned with the story (Many thanks to GreenPearlAtlanticAries) The series will be up AND DIFFERENT! So If you've read this before, I hope you like the changes, if not...enjoy! :D


Also GreenPearl and I are adding our OC's they won't be main but they will be in the story, you can read about them on my profile page :)

Authors Notice:

Also, Constructive criticism is excepted. Rude insults and nasty comments like : "This story sucks, go kill yourself!" or "I can write better than this, you're a terrible writer" Are extremely immature, however I can not stop you for bashing my story, it's your choice. If you REALLY feel like you need to spend your own time writing rude and immature things to me, go for it. You're just going to be wasting your own time because I DON'T CARE. I'm not perfect and never will be, also this IS fan fiction...just an FWI.


This isn't exactly a real's just a little info before the story starts! :) If you have any questions or concerns feel free to PM me! :D

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Square Enix, nor will I EVER be. All character rights go and belong to Square Enix. I just write about them. :)

Destiny High Staff/Classes

Teacher: Sebastian

Class: Band (3rd Period only)

Teacher: Cid Highwind

Class: Basics Of Mechanics

Teacher: Lulu and Rinoa Heartily

Class: Basics Of Potion

Teacher: Phil

Class: Basics Of Olympics


Class:Basic Of Arts

Teacher: Merlin and Donald Duck

Class:Basics Of Magic

Teacher: Ariel

Class: Choir

Detention: Skinner

Teacher: Jane

Class: English

Teacher: Belle

Class: French

Teacher: Remi, Colette, Taton, Linguini

Teacher: Jasmine

Class: Fashion and Beauty

Teacher: Hercules

Class: Greek Mythology

Teacher: Yen Sid

Class: History Of Nobodies

Teacher: Cinderella

Class: Interior Design

Teacher: Jack Skellington

Class: Improve

Teacher: Anton Ego

Class: Journalism

Janitor: Sephiroth, Kadaji, Yahzoo, and Loz

Teacher: King/Principle Mickey (1st Only)

Class: Keyblade Wielding

Lunch: Lemire and Mrs Potts

Teacher: Milo

Class: Math

Teacher: Tifa Lockhart-Strife, and Mulan

Class: Martial Arts

Nurse: Aerith Gainsborough-Fair

Teacher: Zack Fair, Cloud Strife, and Squall Leonhart

Class: Swordsmanship


Class: Therapy and Relaxation

Vice Principles: Donald Duck and Goofy

Principle: King Mickey

Destiny High Clubs

Art Club: Rapunzel

Archology Club: Milo

Band Club: Sebastian

Blitz Ball Club: Wakka

Fashion Club: Jasmine

Food Club: Remi

Chocobo Riding: Cloud Strife, and Zack Fair

Improve Club: Sally and Jack Skellington

Martial Art Club: Mulan