Holiday Greetings.


I've never given much thought on how tiring being pregnant could be. Let alone being pregnant when in high school juggling a job and homework. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like when our baby arrives. I still had no idea how I was going to tell my dad.

I had to think of something and fast. Christmas break was only two weeks away, and King Mickey is closing the school until the day after new years day. I felt relieved and so thankful for the support of my friends, especially Yuna considering we are in the same boat.

Its been two weeks since I've been working at the sunlight Cafe. I opened the shop everyday, I'm working full-time for as long as I can to save up as much money as I can for this baby. I worked five in the morning and got out at nine when classes started and out at noon on Saturdays and Sundays. The customers were friendly and my boss was super understandable and let me sit and take five minute breaks whenever I wanted when I was getting tired or feeling sick. At $15 munny an hour wasn't bad either.

Sora has been working part time at that surf shop with Riku by the shore. Its been busy during this time of year he says, since everyone is buying surfboards for others for Christmas.

"Hey you." Naminé greeted me as she stepped through the front door to the cafe.

The door followed up by a little "ding" from the bells strapped to it notifying us when we had customers.

"Hey! Good morning! You're up early." I say, plopping myself down on a wooden stool behind the counter. I could fall asleep right here.

Naminé usually came around 7 or 7:30 to grab her usual chai vanilla latte and chat with me for a bit, doodling in her sketch pad while I worked. It was nice, especially on slow mornings.

"Good morning! How did your appointment go?" Namine asks, as she sets her dainty white floral backpack on the counter to pull out her matching wallet.

I got up slowly knowing she'll want her usual. I ignored the wave of nausea and slowly walked over to my work station. I was getting better at holding it back but I wasn't sure if that was healthy.

"I'm a month along...Sora teared up at that." I paused to smile as I started to steam up the milk. "They weighed me and checked the babies and my heart rate. Were both healthy. She even gave me a list of foods that should help me with the nausea"

Naminé nods and smiles. "Thats wonderful! What do you think you're having!?"

I shrug and smile as I pour her latte into a cup adding the extra vanilla and foam the way she loves it.

"I honestly haven't put much thought on it. I know, that's unusual...but...I've had my mind on how im going to tell my dad."

I walk back over to her and set her drink down in front of her after securely tightening the lid on.

Her pale blue eyes soften as she hands me a twenty. "I can imagine...I wish there was something I could do. But maybe it won't be as bad as you think!"

I sigh as I slip her money in the register and gather her change.

"Trust me, just you listening and giving me company helps." I reply handing her her change.

She shakes her head. "Keep it."

I widen my eyes. "Seventeen!? Thats a big tip are you sure?"

"Absolutely." She smiles at me and then holds up a self portrait picture she's done of xion. "What do you think?"

I look at the perfected features of XIon that she has captured. Her striking dark blue eyes, her cupid bow shaped lips, her jet black hair.

"Incredible." I smile. "You've been drawing her a lot lately, I've noticed!?"

Naminé flushes and shrugs. I open my mouth to say something but another customer walks in.


It was about 7:30 when my alarm goes off, waking the four of us up. Actually more like the three of us since Sora needs me to kick his butt every morning. Literally.

I grab my gummiphone turning off my alarm while Axel is groaning like an old man in pain. Roxas is already up and headed to the bathroom to take his morning shower.

As for Sora, he's still fast asleep snoring like a bear above me. I decide to let him rest a bit. He's been working hard lately, on his grades and at work. He's been taking every avaliable shift he can get. He is trying so hard to prepare for his and Kairi's baby. I'm really proud of both their responsibility.

"Why isn't Sora up?" Axel grumbled as he rolled out of his bottom bunk lazily. His red hair looking like a lions maine.

"I'll give him a half hour, he got out at eleven last night and he started at 3."

Axel whistled. "An eight hour shift after a six hour school day? Got to give him credit."

I nod. "Hes a trouper for sure. Kairi too"

"I can't believe I'm going to be an uncle!" Axel squealed, making me turn to raise an eyebrow at him.

He caught my expression and pointed a finger at me. "Hey! Friends are family!"

I smile at that. He was definitely right.

"We really should get him up..." Roxas drawled, stifling a yawn as he took out his ear buds. "He'll be more disappointed he missed out on breakfast than sleep."

We all laughed at that. I wasn't so sure, with Sora, food and sleep were his two favorite things but i doubt he'd get up for food. I remember years ago before all our keyblade adventures happened I would literally have to drag his butt up the basement stairs to my kitchen to feed him, he used to refuse to move.

"I can't believe next month we'll have new classes!" Axel said, walking over to my bunk. He reached up and thumped Sora on the head.


Then the nose.


I snorted as he started yelling.


The only movement we got was a nose twitch.

I laugh. "When will you guys learn? You have to physically move him to wake him. Trust me, I've known this lazy butt forever."

"Good, then you can deal with him!" Axel waves a hand toward Sora. "I won't let him make me late! Belle is nice and all but she won't buy any excuses for being late for french!"

"It's true...she'll mark ten points off your next assignment if you're late.' Roxas adds, he was in the process of changing into his school uniform.

"That wouldn't motivate Sora either." I mumble before climbing up Sora's bunk. Hell, I doubt his baby would even wake him.

That concerns me.


"Can it brats, class has started fifteen minutes ago." Leon grumbled.

"Can't we have a christmas party Lenny!?" Yuffie shouted from the back. "I loooooove christmas parties!"

"Oh! Me too!" Sora exclaims. "We can play secret santa and have a bunch of holiday treats!"

"I hate parties." Cloud grunts.

"Yuffie, first off, we talked about this. I hate being called Lenny and second-"

"YES! YES! WE'RE HAVING A CHRISTMAS PARTY!" Zack shouts, completely cutting Leon off.

We all cheer.

"Everyone start buying stuff for next class! Cause that'll be the party! Okay, Lenny, give me a minute to pass out this paper!" Zack shoves Leon out of the way as he hands me a large piece of lined paper. "I want everyone to write down their name and what they're bringing!"

I scrambled through my bag for a pen and grinned over at Aqua. "I'll bring the santa and elf hats and reindeer ears! Are you going to make your famous gingerbread cookies!?" I ask as I messily write down my name.

"Of course," Aqua smiles. "It isn't christmas until you've had my gingerbread cookies."

"Hey, can I be a part of the 'no party' club!?" Vanitas asks, raising a hand.

Zack snaps his fingers at him. "Only if you want an F!"

Vanitas rolls his eyes. "Fine."


"Hey ladies!' I greet, setting my lunch tray down on the table as I take a seat next to Kairi. "How's everyone's day going!? Did anyone finish their christmas shopping yet?"

"Almost!" Olette smiles behind her toasted sandwich. "I've been making my gifts by hand so it's taking some time but it's going to be worth it! Expect a present for your baby, Kairi!'

"That's so sweet Olette, thank you." Kairi beams.

"How are you feeling, by the way?" I ask, as i unwrap the plastic wrap around my salad.

Before Kairi can answer Yuffie interrupts.

"i can't stop eating. I think I might be pregnant too!"

We all turn to look at her, puzzled. She starts to laugh. "Kidding! I always eat this much! You should have seen your faces though!"

"Well..anyways, I've been better...the nausea comes in waves but I can hold my food down...ah...sorry" Kairi blushes. "This is not the best lunch conversation."

"It's all good, I'm so hungry I don't think anything can stop me from eating!" Xion giggles.

"I can't believe christmas is next week." Namine says. "Like Olette, I'm actually making my presents by hand as well."

"Aw man! You creative people..." Ari sighs. "You're making the rest of us seem super lazy!"

Jessie laughs. "Absolutely not, Ari. A gift comes from the heart, whether it's purchased or made."

"Easy for you to say! I still can't sew! Even after the fifth time you've tried to teach me!"

We all laugh.

"Did everyone hear about Zack's christmas party!? The entire school is invited!" Yuna says.

"It is!?" i blink. Wow, he sure extends his plans fast.

"We can exchange gifts then!" Xion exclaims excitedly. "AH...only a week away!'

"I'll have to start getting the ingredients for my gingerbread cookies!" I say, taking a bite from my salad.

"Sweets sound amazing right now." Kairi says, zipping up her sweatshirt. "I don't think I've ever ate so much in my entire life since I have these past few weeks!"

"I'll say!" Yuffie cries. "You couldn't even eat an entire sandwich yourself!"

Kairi giggles. "That's because I'm so used to splitting one with Sora!"

"You two are so perfect for each other." I say, rubbing my friends back. "I know we shouldn't rush this, but I know you two will be great parents!"

"That's sweet, Aqua. Sora and I are going to sign up for a couple parenting classes after christmas."

"Oh god, with Aerith?" Jessie shudders.

Kairi laughs. "Well, yes! I want to know as much as I can!"

"Oh! Tidus and I will be there too! The second of January, right!?"

Kairi nods.

I smile. i can already imagine two adorable babies crawling all over the place. To think next christmas, there will be two babies here.

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