All my life, I have tried to be the best person that I could be. Mind you, I wasn't the nicest out there, but I did try to uphold the image of being a somewhat sweet individual to those that I deemed untrustworthy. Now I was nowhere acting like a nun or a preacher's daughter, but I did try to fool people into believing that I could never do the thing that I committed in the dark with my friends.

My friends back in Jacksonville were fantastic and people that I knew that I could rely on. I don't know if it was because we were all going through roughly the same mistreatment from our family members or what, but we just clicked. Together we did just about everything reasonable that was illegal and something we knew that we could get away ; we didn't do drugs. We were all against doing that, but we did break into people's houses, get into fights(later joining underground fighting)and when we got older, we stole cars, fixed them up, and later enter them in street races. I could say that we did just about everything under the sun together. They were my one and true family that would always be there for me and me for them. Soon my mother met a man named Phil, and all the illegal things had to be done with a lot more care and precision. Rene started to become a "better" mother and started to pay a "little bit" of attention to the things I was doing. She started asking" how" I was making the money I was making to pay the bills. The bills that said women were supposed to be paying but I never told her how.

Now living with my mother was a lot easier than living with my father. Was it my choice to quickly leave all my friends behind to have a nice and quiet time away from a bunch of idiots? Yes, yes, it was. Did I regret moving in with my father and leaving the freedom that I had with Rene to be replaced with the strict life of being a cops daughter? Yes, yes, I do. My biggest regret overall, though, is falling in love and dating Edward Cullens. Mind you, I have had my fair share of boyfriends back in Jacksonville. So when I look back on why I fell in love with him, I am confused comparing it to my past relationships. I was known for dating guys that were the complete opposite of Edward and a whole lot hotter and bad temper than him, to be honest. He was to proper and old fashion, and the idea of living forever with the guy makes me wonder what the heck I was thinking.

All the months that I have been sitting in my room and at school alone feeling sad for myself. For a guy that, what, left me because he was too good for me or something. Sitting by myself has given me an insight into how much I have tried to change myself for another "person." It makes me feel like a fool because I wish I never tried to act like the girl he needed in his life. A woman that I had promised myself that I would never try to fool my own self into being for another "human being."

Edward was too controlling and never supportive of me and the things I was passionate about. He was someone who wouldn't let a girl have a say or do very much because he was still living in the past and not the 21st century.

But still, I had been sad when our relationship had ended. I was most unhappy when Edward had left me in the woods with no way to get back home. I was disappointed that the people I thought as a second family would leave me so fast and in a blink of an eye. Where was the loyalty to the person that they thought was a daughter and a sister? I was more furious than anything because my family in Jacksonville would never do that. They would never leave me like the Cullens did. Heck, even though I was thousands of miles away, we still text and call each other, and they are always there for me even at my weakest.

Now that I had a chance to go over my rights and wrongs in life, I could go back to the badass Bitch that I use to be. I don't really think that Charlie is ready for the smartass person that I am, but I don't really care at this point and time. As for the friends and the kids in Forks, I could give no fucks of what they thought.

I was so lucky that I saved a lot of money from my time in Jacksonville to redo the boring style that I adopted as a goody goody to the clothes I used to wear out. It was high time the Forks, Washington had a rude awakening for the dangers that were about to be brought to their little town.

Word count: 866

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