Bella Pov





Those are the 5 letters that I would describe the remanding four days of this week that I endured. You would think my week would have operated smoothly, especially since I didn't have much to arrange but go to school. Plus, I presented orders that would keep the others busy for a while, so I don't come home to the house on fire again. Don't me wrong, I admire them with a passion, but sometimes it is hard to be the eldest and the most responsible all the time. It was such a pain being in control of five other semi-grown human beings. I have been doing it for a lifetime, and you would think I would be used to it by now, you are 100% mistaken in that belief. They somehow discover ways to make me what to shoot myself in the head. I testify that they do half of the shit they do to provoke me for their own amusement.

This week's headache is because I disregarded how wild they are, and it was a great mistake to overlook. I really shouldn't say that everyone was the problem because not everyone gave me problems. No, this was more the development of the three shopaholics in the group. I had asked Nejel to buy everyone's vehicles since I knew everyone needed to get around and do their own thing. I respected that they couldn't get something down without transportation. He did as I asked him to do, but he also went over the top in a sense and did the most.

He bought a car for Marlayne, himself, and me but not for the others, and I was cool with what he had gotten. They were dope cars, and I respected the make and model that he had picked out. Hell, I wasn't even mad when I saw that they were expensive cars cause I knew that he loved to buy fast and flashy cars. I didn't like we ha also decided to get for everyone else because I knew that they wouldn't really drive, and the rest of us are gonna have to be everyone's uber.

What I had a problem with is that he decided to buy Sabrina, Bliss Dakotah, and I motorcycles. Fucking Motorcycles I say, and might I add that they were also stolen. I had no clue where the motorcycles were stolen, but I knew that Nejel didn't find them in Forks or Settle. He said he plans to fix them up so that no one could trace them back to the original owners. He also said that he would give them a sick paint job that would be personalized to our taste.

Did I forget to say that he bought a shed for the backyard to house them before all of this? And he took it upon himself to convince Bliss into helping him make an illegal hidden basement under the shed to hide said bikes. This boy can not be called dumb he knew what he was doing, and I'm not surprised. He got this done in four days, I have no idea, but it was all done before Saturday presented itself. But That's not the point. He just loves to watch me lose my shit, and I did because of how much work he decided to take on.

On another note, I misremembered how excessive spenders Bliss and Marlayne are. If you think that Nejel is terrible at keeping a budget or someone like Alice Cullen, Who is up 24/7, you have never met Bliss and Marlayne. These girls take shop to you drop to a whole new level, let me tell you. Never in my life have I engage a person so excited to shop and spend all their money in one sitting. I swear I remember giving these two a limit that they could spend this week, and it's like they have thrown it out the window. Other than a Vampire, how can a person spend 2 Million dollars in Four days? I mean, the job I gave them was finished, and the house looked perfect. It fit all the criteria that each member needed to do their part in the organization. It's just that I had people coming in and out of my house setting things up and dropping shit off all week. And let's not talk about all the extra lengths they went on certain items. An example would be Sabrina's computer set up in her room. I'm just happy that the week is over with the drama at school and how crazy they were acting. I didn't think I would make it at school being so sweet and happy with all the drama.

With the whole Angela situation, nothing really has been happening. It's crazy how nothing has popped off yet over some little small stuff. You would think that a bomb was supposed to go off, but nothing. The few incidents were just Jessica or Lauren snickering behind our back talking shit, but there was a time that I had to hold Angela back when Jessica made a virgin joke about her and Ben. Other than that, not much, but I knew there was only time before something explodes. You can't go to school with people like Jessica and Lauren and not have to watch your back every once in a while.

I sat silently in the sand by myself, calmly watching the ocean waves came crashing to the shore. The sun was shining so bright in the sky, making it an excellent day to go swimming, as well as the warm air. Honestly, there was only so much you can do, especially since I just got some new ink, and I didn't want to mess it up. I soon grew bored watching the boys throwing back in forth a Football, and I grew bored sunbathing with the girls. And I hate to say it, but I was growing bored at starting at the ocean. So I guess the next best thing for me to do is take a long stroll down the beach. While no one paid attention, I got up off the sand.

As I calmly walk down the beach by myself, I wonder how long it would be before Billy commands that I get ahold of them to get the DNA test done. Of course, I had to know where they were before they had tracked me down. It was plausibly wrong that they could find me so easily since not even Charlie knew where I lived. This was confirmation of this a few days into them staying with me. On Tuesday, Sabrina, she revived an alert on her computer of someone trying to dig around in their records and access her laptop. It was just fortunate that they couldn't get past the new and improved firewalls that she had set earlier that day.

At first, I had thought it was Billy trying to get his hands on them, but soon I realize how crazy it would be for him to try and hack a hacker. Especially since I remember not giving Billy the names of my friends and telling him anything that he could use, he was smart, but he wasn't that smart. I have no idea who was looking for us, but I would love to find out, especially since we had a run-in with a hitman just yesterday. It didn't sit right with me how easy it was for someone to get our information to precisely send the Hitman to assassinate. The good thing was the Hitman told us all that he knew, but it wasn't enough to keep him alive. The bad thing is Sabrina had a hard time tracking who did it since the person paid him in cash and did leave any trace. We worried about who was out to get us since we had so many enemies out there, but they didn't know who it was, so it was just a confusing loop. A little voice in. my head told me that I would find out in the long run.

I kept walking farther down the beach, admiring the beauty of the ocean once again. I didn't know how far I had roamed, but soon I started to hear voices and laugher. They looked like they were having a good time parting and roughhousing, and I didn't want to intrude. I kept walking, not really caring about where my legs were taking me and try not to bother the group. The closer that I got to them, the more I started to recognize a few faces. And soon, I was to close not to be recognized myself as I saw Jacob, Sam, Old Quil, Charlie, Sue, Rene, Phil, and Billy looking my way. I was confused about why my mother and her husband not back in Tennessee, but I wanted no part in the drama that she brings. I quickly decided to turn back around to go back to my companions, but luck was not on my side when I heard Billy calling my name.

I groaned before I turned back around and went to face the music. I could see how my mother looked at me up and down, and I smirked cause I could see her eyeing my tattoos. I knew that she disapproved of them but hey not like she could force me to get them removed. I could also see Jealousy Flash in her eyes as she noticed how toned than I was. I don't think she has ever seen me showing this much skin before. All the training that I put myself through seems to have paid off, and I'm glad cause my type of work is dangerous.

When I was close enough, I murmured out a quick Hello to everyone. I made sure that a smile implanted on my face as I tried to hid the nerves that were creeping up my spine. The reason for the uneasy feeling name was Phil Dwyer. We didn't have the best history, and the history between him and my friends was even worse. He has gotten into a few verbal and physical fights with Nejel and Dakotah. It never ended well For Phil, who always ended up bloody or something ended up being broken. I mean, what grown man starts a fight with twin 13 now 16-year-old boys over-breathing air, Phil that's who.

I looked at everyone sitting at the bonfire, and I was not impressed that they all stopped what they were doing just to gawk at me. I could see that Jacob and his friends are the ones that were staring at me the hardest. I don't know if he is shocked that it was actually me or he was surprised how good I looked in a swimsuit, but I really need them to stop. I caught his eye, and I raised my right eyebrow at him. Boy did he look like a dead fish with his mouth open the way it was. One of his friends, Sam, if I remember right form that night, hit him on the back of his head, snapping him out of his Trance.

"You haven't been answering your phone, Isabella. I have called you enough times over the past few weeks for you to get the hint to at least pick up your phone to a single phone call. Even your Mother and Charlie have been blowing up your phone," Phil said in distaste, but I could also hear the anger in his voice.

Before I could say anything, he cut me off," You had your mother worried and crying, thinking something happens to you. You seriously need to learn how to pick up your phone. Next time I have to come down here because you are unreasonable, I will lose my shit. I can't always take off from work because you decide to be a brat."

I could tell that Everyone but Charlie was surprised by how he was talking to me. Even my mother was looking at him in horror as she has never seen this side of him before. I guess I must have hit a fuse if he was willing to do this with an audience. But I have lived with this temper tantrum for a while now, and I know that Phil wasn't about shit, and I love to call him out on it from time to time.

"Sorry," I said sweetly, " I have been runny without a phone for a while. Seen someone cut my phone off a few weeks ago. So I had to buy my own, and with the way my life has been going, I was a little bit to busy buying a house and dealing with school."

It was true, but I wasn't going to tell him that I knew that he turned it off. I wasn't crazy to call him out like that, just like how I was trying not to be a bitch in front of strangers. Well, I wasn't trying to straight out say it, but I knew that a few of them caught on to what I was throwing out. On the other hand, my mother was looking for me for Phil to have a tennis match. I knew that what we were saying was flying over her head. She was trying to turn a blind eye, but we both knew something would be said to where she couldn't save face.

" Be as it may," Phil said as he glared at me, knowing that I was calling him out on his shit. If he thought I didn't realize that he had it shut off, then he was crazy. I tried to reframe myself from rolling my eyes at him trying to act like my father. It wasn't working since I would never see him in that kind of way. It wasn't new to me since he couldn't have kids. He tried to act like my father, and I did shut him down straight away. I think it's why He and the boys always buck heads, and why he was pulling shit with me all the time. But that would particularly explain why he continued trying extremely hard in the beginning to if he was in on the secret.

" You claim that you are a responsible adult. You need to act like it. Having a way for your mother to communicate with you comes first," He finished tilting his head to the side. I can see that Phil was daring me to speak back to him in the same smart ass way that I was time I actually did roll my eyes at him. Be more responsible did he know who he was talking to. I was more accountable than his bimbo of a wife, and he put together. Heck, if it wasn't for me doing their taxes and making sure that they paid their bills on time, I don't think they would be living it up half as good as they were.

" I think we both know that you are the last one to talk about responsibility," I said as my bitchiness started to slip through," So how about we skip the bullshit. What is the real reason you and my mother came to Forks."

" That's what we have been trying to get ahold of you for," Rene said, cutting whatever smart remark was coming out of Phil's mouth. I was surprised that she collected enough courage to speak.

"It seems your friends have gone missing from their homes in Jacksonville," continued Charlie, "Parents say that you were the last person to reach out to them. After that, they have been M.I.A., and no one has seen or heard from them."

"Parents started an investigation of their disappearance and didn't any news for a week before an investigator found documentation of emancipated papers with their signatures .," Phil continued for Charlie while glaring at me. He kept watching me trying to get a read to see if I knew where he was going with this. I did a bit. I didn't let anything past my bitchy facial expression.

"I find it funny cause those papers dating back to a few weeks ago," He said as he started to laugh, but you could tell it was fake," It was dated around the time your mom came to visit you. You wouldn't have anything too with that or know anything about it?"

He tried to look intimidating, but it wasn't working for him. It made him look like a drowning cat, and it was quite funny to look at. I was close to laughing at him, and if he continued to look at me like that, I will. Instead of responding, I just shrugged my shoulders. I knew it was going to make Phil mad by not saying anything. I mean, it's not like he could do anything about the papers. They were legit as far as anyone knows. Plus, I really didn't know about them until recently, so really, I was truly clueless to all that he was saying. I watched smoke come out of his ears, and my mom tries to calm him down. It made no budge on him as he started to yell at me, but it's not like I didn't say that it was fun to watching him lose his temper and losing it he was.

As a laugh passed through my lips, I caught a glimpse of 2 guys walking out of the woods. What I could see was pure perfection, and I mean that shit. They resemble something that was only described in a fairytale, and let me tell you, they were a sight to behold. I continued to side glance and notice that they were well-toned and Freakishly tall. One was a lot taller than the other, and he seems to be a bit darker too. His face was in a scroll, and I would be totally exaggerating if I didn't say that I wasn't turned on by it. I could only describe the other as a mountain of flesh. No lie, it looked like he could crush me with just his thumb with how much muscle was on his body. It wasn't like the other guy wasn't shredded he was, but he just wasn't as ripped as mountain men and what eye candy he was. I didn't help that they were also not wearing any shirts, yet for some reason, the more I stared at them, I couldn't help but feel an unfamiliar sensation in my chest.

I continued to stare at them as they slowly walked, and I couldn't help but think of how perfect they looked. I began to imagine what it would be like to have one of their heads pushed in between my legs. Or to maybe hold onto them as I felt their muscles moved while they were pleasuring me. I really needed to get laid if I was fantasizing like this. I soon pushed this thought away as they stood next to Jake and Sam.

I turn away from them in disappointment as I couldn't believe I was gawking at strangers. Heck, I was more weirded out that I was gawking at members of the brother's well-known gang. It wasn't a secret about all the shady shit that went on in La Push with the residents of Forks. It's even harder not hearing being friends with someone in these parks too. People are quick to tell you all you need to know to learn in seconds. I didn't get why nothing has been done about them, and I could tell that Billy wasn't going to stop them. Heck, his soon was apart of this gang, the same one he wanted no business with. Hell, I found it weird that not 2 weeks ago, he looked like a scrawny 16-year-old. But anyway, I think they were sloppy enough to get ratted out about being gang members, but they stood next to the chief acting all buddy-buddy.

I shook my head as I overheard Phil raise his voice louder and louder the more that I ignored his presence. And the more I did, the more he began to lose himself and started spewing out some insults and slurs about me. I wasn't surprised this was the Phil not many get to see, and I knew that Rene has never seen it in the 6 years they married. I could recognize that it was getting to the people surrounding him. Charlie looked a tiny bit green, Rene looked like someone had said to her that God wasn't real, and Billy was close to snapping at Phil himself.

I didn't blame him at all. Phil had a particular way of making people see him as a nice guy. I think he was a surprise for everyone else, and I felt sorry that they fell into his multi-personality. As soon as it looked like Billy could take nor more and was about to speak out, I heard my name getting called repeatedly behind me. I knew that it could only be a handful of people since I didn't have may friends. It also didn't hurt to mention that not many will come looking for me or knew I was on the beach.

I turned around to witness Dakotah and Nejel screaming their head off, calling my name as they ran down the beach. When I say they were running, it looked like they were getting chased by a pack of Wolves. I was puzzled as to why before I recollected that I was taking a walk, and didn't tell them. So they must be in a Panic to find me. I let out our signature high pitch whistle capturing their attention immediately. They quickly made their way to me, and the first thing that Nejel tried to do was tackle me, which would have landed us into the sand. Luckily I step out of the way, and he ended up face planting into said sand instead. I didn't want to be tacked buy him or Dakotah. This shit would hurt badly.

Dakotah stopped himself from having the same fate, but he did end up scooped me up and pulled me tightly into his arm. I detected 2 growls from behind me, but I could have imagined it as he squeezed me to tight. The longer he held me, the more he pressed, and the more that I couldn't breathe.

"Dude, let her go. You know you are too strong. Nobody can withstand your freakish strength," Nejel said as he tried to pull at Dakotah's arm, "Dang, it bro, her face is turning blue."

That seem to be the magic words to Dakotah, and soon I felt my body be released from the iron chains know as Dakotah. I wasted no time quickly taking big gulps of air as I tried to also put a lot of distance between us. I was not trying to get caught up back into his grip.

"Damn sorry, Bells," Dakotah said, rubbing the back of his neck, "Sometimes, I don't know my own strength."

"It's just got worried," Nejel said as he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my shoulder. I felt him nuzzle his face into the crouch of my shoulder. Awe, this boy was making me think guilty as hell, and he wasn't even trying.

" Yea, you disappeared sort of terrified us all a little bit when you didn't come back after an hour," Said Dakotah as he smacked at Nejel's arms and pushed him away to wrap me back into his own arms. This time they weren't as tight as before, but I could feel how relief he was to find me.

" You all good wolf, don't beat yourself up about it," I replied to him, trying to ensure him as best as I could. I knew that I must have really frightened them cause. It wasn't like me to leave them alone for an extended period.

I pulled him into a hug and patted his back. As I held him, I could see the faces of the bodies behind him, and boy did they not look happy. Somehow Jacob and his friends watched us, and let me tell you, the two boys from the woodlands were shaking badly. I swear that I heard growling again, but this time I thought it came from them. Jacob and Sam saw that I was staring at them, and they quickly whispered something to the remanding members of their little group. Slowly I freed Dakotah from my hug, making sure to kiss his cheek as I fully release him, I made sure to wink at a smirking Nejel. Luckily he was standing at an angle that Dakotah would not have noticed.

" I mean we all know that it's not your fault that you are the size of a lumberjack," I said, and Nejel started to die laughing, "It was a matter of time before someone died form you squeezing them so hard. Might as well be me but you need to be careful. You won't be able to get a pet with that strength."

I tried so hard not to giggle as I saw Dakotah's facial expression changed from a smile to a glare. He never liked being picked on, but he was quick to pick on others. I heard a snicker behind me, and look at Nejel was trying not to laugh and was failing miserably at it. Dakotah was not known for being a fast individual, but he can be in the right circumstances. Before I could even blink, he tackled Nejel into the ground giving him tons of noogies, and because of the strength difference, Nejel couldn't escape.

" Excuse me, are you really going to ignore us like this. You do know its quiet rude to not acknowledge your elders right," Phil said, ruining our sibling moment. Of course, he could be a buzzkill once a party pooper, always a party pooper. Realizing whose presence they were in, I watched as my baby brothers stop Fighting. They looked at each other and smirked up at me. When I told you they liked to piss off Phil, I meant it. I knew it was a matter of time before their playful banter became a free for all.

" Well, Hello, Mr. Buzzkill. I didn't realize that you were visiting. But as you can quite see, we are having a little moment going on," Dakotah said as a scroll appeared on his face.

"Yea, What's your problem, Mr. Stick, Up ass. Mind your own business, you being quiet rude yourself. Didn't your mother ever tell you that its rude to but interpret," Nejel said, joining in Dakotah's mood?

"I don't need to have manners to interrupt Children," Said Phil, as he got off of the log he was sitting on," You should learn how to you should address an adult boy. A good lesson to know before you get older. Wouldn't want you boys to get the shit knocked out of you?"

My eyes grew the basketball size as I saw my baby brothers started to move closer to Phil in anger. They did not seem happy, and I even saw Rene's body freeze as she looked between Nejel and Dakotah, who were close to fucking Phil upon sight. She knew that they were being abused at the White House. She sometimes went over to clean their wounds when the wife and husband were gone. It was a low blow for Phil to bring it up, and I could see he tried new tactics out.

" Naw, we ain't no bitch boys. We know how to handle our own in a fight," replied Dakotah sizing Phil up," Don't want to be a bitch and have someone else handle my own battles."

"Plus, I didn't think you knew how to fight," Nejel continued," Last time I checked, you were still sucking on your wives nipples collecting milk. Not much of a man yourself to be talking about manners and preaching for respect now is yeah."

Phil started to step towards the boys but was quickly intercepted by Charlie. He couldn't get passed, so he started bucking at the boys like he was gonna try something. From my angle, it looked like he wasn't making much of an effort to get passed, Charlie. On the other side, my brothers really looked like they wanted to fucked some shit up. Mind you, it has been a while since I have seen them fight. I knew that Phil didn't have a chance with either of them.

Charlie, though, looked like he was going to shit his pants as he tried to stand in between both parties. He did not know what he was getting himself into because when it comes to Dakotah and Nejel, they act like animals fighting over a scrap piece of meat.

I quickly took my phone out and text the girls that the boys had found me. While I was at it, I made sure that I included that Rene and Phil were in town and needed to get all the shit packed up and wait for us by the car. I knew that I couldn't have the boys fighting Phil like this, no matter how much I wanted him to get his ass kicked. While I was sending my text, Phil had got past Charlie. I don't know if it was an accident on Phil's part or if Charlie stops holding him back, not believing he would hit a minor, but it was a big mistake. Before I realize it, Dakotah got hit in the face by Phil's fist.

No one made a move and just watched as blood started to ooze from his nose. Nejel let out a dark chuckled; he knew that Phil had just released the beast. I put away my phone and signed as I knew that it wouldn't be easy to stop what was about to happen. Hell, he was even worse to try to intervene when Dakotah got like this.

As if he was scared at what he had done, soon Phil began to back up. He must have forgotten the last time he had hit Dakotah. Really Phil backing up was all it took before Dakotah finally snapped flying at Phil, landing a punch at his jaw.

Rene and Sue started to scream as Dakotah started to punch Phil. None of the males tried to help him, maybe because they saw it coming or thought he deserved it. Whatever it was, they didn't make a move to help. Jacob and a few of his friends were just egging Dakotah on, laughing their asses off. And he was really letting him have it, and no yelling from Sue and Rene was getting to him. Rene tried to run towards them, but Charlie quickly grabbed her and kept her in place.

Dakotah was really getting in some good punches and kicks, and you could tell how better of a fighter he was than Phil. Regarding how tired Phil looked, he was still trying to hold his own, and really I felt bad that he was getting his ass kicked by a minor, but hey, he asked for it. Phil went to throw a punch, but Dakotah dodge it, and Phil wasn't fast enough to move the arm out of his reach. As quick as a cheetah, Dakotah grabbed the arm and used it to project Phil over his shoulder and into the sand.

"Are you done, old man," Dakotah laughed as he stared down at our Step-father, who was breathing very heavily," Cause if not, I can go for a bit longer. You think you all big and bad."

He let out a little chucked as he started to circle Phil like the predator that he was. You could tell that he was in his element.

"You talk all this shit as if you somebody Important. Kind of sad that all you are is a fuck up," Dakotah asked as he now had stopped circling Phil," Where is the man that wasn't afraid to backhand my brother and I. Hell, where is the guy that told my adoptive father a bunch of lies resulting in the abuse that we got every day for 6 years."

I knew that this shit was now personal and that it would get a lot worse from here on out. Phil got up out of the sand and ran at Dakotah, swinging at him like a wild man, but Dakotah just dodged and weaved every last one of them. Dakotah suddenly dropped and swept Phil's feet right up from under him, and that was all Dakotah needed before he got on top of him. As soon as Dakotah started to resume punching, Phil did, Charlie decided that now was the point to be a hero. Charlie tried to grasp Dakotah up off Phil, but he was immediately blocked by Nejel, who urged him back. That didn't stop Charlie from trying to struggle to break it up, but Nejel wasn't have it.

And before I knew it, Nejel grabbed onto Charlie are and twisting it behind his back before he pushed Charlie into a kneeling position in the sand. It really looked like Nejel was putting a lot of pf pressure because I saw Charlie grabbed the elbow of said arm. As he held Charlie, he started to yell boxing moves and holds to Dakotah that he wanted to be done on Phil and believe it or not, he was doing them. I watched enjoying the way that Phil was getting his ass handed to him. I know I'm a bad person, but I never said that I did a good thing, just that I tried not to get caught.

I continued to allow them to do their thing, and it was funny to watch as Charlie tried to get out of Nejel's hold. It didn't work, of course, and Nejel straight up put him in a chokehold. Charlie ended up getting out of it, and I could tell Charlie not sitting sit was making Nejel angry. Charlie wasn't seeing that Nejel was trying to be friendly and save him from Dakotah double-teaming them by himself. In anger, Nejel grabbed Charlie's right arm and disconnected it from its socket in the shoulder.

Charlie's cry in agony stop the chanting of encouragement from the peanut gallery, and I saw that they look like they were going to intervene.

"Wolf, Bunny, that's enough of that," I said to them, and they immediately stooped what they were doing to look up at me. They could see that I was in Leader mode and that what I had just said was not advising but an order. And they knew that going against an order was not something that they should take lightly. Really I just wanted this fight to stop, and I had to look good for those that were watching.

"Get up its time to go home, and I think you boys had made your point that you wanted to make," I said, raising my right eyebrow at them.

They both released their victims and dusting themselves off. They both made it to where I was standing on either side of me. Nejel save me a sheepish smile, but Dakotah just crossed his arms. I knew that he was still running on adrenaline, so I didn't say anything, but I did see the small nod of his head, confirming that he was all there.

I looked at my mother as she ran straight to Phil, trying to help him up off the ground. It was laughable that she was crying over what had happened. He was fine in my mind, a little banged up and a little bloody but nothing he shouldn't be able to handle. Maybe a black eye, a bruised ego , jaw, and a few more body parts, but it was nothing compared to having a dislocated arm. Speaking of Charlie, sue had him in her arms as Old Quil was calling 911.

" I'm sorry about them, Billy. They are very dominated individuals, and having a wimp mouth off to them sets them off. Don't think bad about them. They are good kids just have problems controlling their anger," I gave him one of my smiles of apology before turning to Charlie ready, to give him a real talking to about his actions.

" You should be glad, Charlie, that you made it with only a Dislocated arm. Makes you think twice about trying to help a child abuser," I nagged him as he groaned in pain," Would really have liked it if you would have stayed to the sideline. Nejel did you a favor in trying to stop you from joining the fight between Dakotah and Phil. But you just had to defend Phil, huh."

I turned my glance at my mother's husband, and he was now at this point off the ground and leaning on my mother's shoulder.

"You should have learned your lesson the last time you decided to use them as punching bags, Phil," I said, glaring at him and my mother," You lucky I was here or something terrible would have happened to you again. Learn from your mistakes cause next time, it won't be Dakotah that you are fighting. You will be answering to me, and I'm a lot worse then he is."

I glared at Phil before giving him my scariest smile, the smile that promised pain in the future. My smile seemed to have weirded him and my mother out cause they both winced, and I would lie I enjoyed it. The looked that I gave him was one that a predictor gave their prey before they went in for the kill. It took me a few years to perfect, but I never lost it once I had it. At the moment, I was not Isabella Swan, daughter of Rene Dwyer, and Joshua Uley. No, right here right now, I was Shadow Leader of the Tueurs de Mouchard.

Shooting one last smile at Billy and the rest of the elders, before I turned around a made my way down the beach.

Word Count: 6,410