How are you supposed to know the meaning of love when you whole life, all you've ever known was hate, war, and barbaric ways? That is the question we have all been asking as we live the life of a demigod. None of us have ever had the most care or even the utterance of home. Some have run from death at the age where Barbies and Hot Wheels are a kids' best friend. But why should the gods (our parents) care? We are just pawns from our birth, or some from the time that their "parent" had the affair.

Children have been fighting in wars over insignificant quarrels for millennia. Maybe Hera had a bad hair day. The result? Some demigod would be sent on a tortuous quest-on which they will most likely never return, for a hair product that she could have easily gotten from a quick stroll to Aphrodite's palace. So why? Why must we suffer and never know what it feels like to get held and rocked when you're close to tears? Love to them is using their children like their personal slaves, so how is it possible that we can learn any better?

As we strap our armor on, and prepare to go to battle against creatures we didn't enrage, or even fully understand. We did not choose this life, nor can we change the fact that it's ours.