"Mother liked you best, Zeus!" A certain green-eyed god of the sea practically shouted at his younger brother, whom of which was the king of the gods, and ruler of the sky. "Of course she like me best, Poseidon. It must be my charm." He posed into a ridiculous position. In turn, behind them a woman with brown hair wailed at a dark haired, dark eyed man, who was wincing and mumbling things like, "She likes me now..., Demeter" She replied angrily, "I don't care! Hades, you stole my daughter!"

A group of three powerful women were disputing amongst themselves. One of them, who had iron-gray eyes, said "Love is irrational. It has no point. All it does it is disturb your emotions, and cause distraction on the battle field." A twelve year old girl, or so it seems, was nodding her head like the wings of a hummingbird. "I agree fully, Athena. I have seen what happens to my hunters. Boys have shattered their hearts to the point where when they first join, they barely trust me!" She shook her head sullenly at the thought. "Well, I am the love goddess here! Athena, your daughter and Poseidon's son are wonderful together!" At the mention of that known couple, the whole council turned towards them. Little did they know that Apollo and Hermes were having their own discussion, completely oblivious to the pause in discussion.

"Hmmm. Hermes, your cabin is the most cramped cabin in the whole camp!" Hermes pretended to be in deep thought, scratching his chin in mock concentration. He responded, "Well" He stated calmly, "That was before the new terms Percy holds us to follow." He went into his fake thinking face. "I believe the new winner of the overcrowding trophy belongs to you Apollo." Apollo was thinking, truly pensive, and then said, "Well with that thought open, I wonder who will have the most kids in the next century to come. The 'Big Three' had the most kids back in the 'myths'." He did that last word in quotes with his fingers and then turned to face the 'Big Three', and leisurely pointed at each of them individually before asking, "What do you guys think?" They blushed. Zeus cleared his throat, trying to avoid his wife's glares. "I think we should get back to the topic at hand." He said awkwardly. "Okay, so about the issue of the of Gaia rising gaining strength..."