Hello everyone, and welcome to my newest fanfic, The X-Keepers!

Before we get started, I think it's best that I explain something you guys are probably wondering: Who the hell are the X-Keepers?!

For those not in the know, The X-Keepers are a group of five Kingdom Hearts YouTubers, known for collaborating on different topics regarding the series, whether it be news, theories, etc. What makes these guys so great, in my opinion, is the fact that each of their differing personalities and traits seem to make for some good chemistry amongst the group, and seem to lend themselves to be kickass characters if ever put into a tale such as this one...

Now I'd like to stress before we begin that this story is going a be a little different than my ongoing KH III story, as with that one, I try to mimic the games to a tee (Character dialogue, gameplay flow, so on and so forth.) Here, I will just be trying to straight up tell a story that personally, I would love to see come to life at some point. But hey, a guy can dream...

So, without further ado, here is the debut chapter of The X-Keepers! Sit back and enjoy!

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His mind was drifting from one thought to the next.

Images of the last Keyblade War flashed before his eyes.

He saw the seven guardians of light clash with the thirteen seekers of darkness.

He saw a boy filled with light confront his darker half, two bitter friends cross their blades, a nobody settling a score with his mentor, a boy who walks the road to dawn face his oldest enemy, and at the centre of it all, the boy chosen by destiny, connected to so many hearts, face to face with what many have considered the embodiment of all that was darkness.

All of this, while above in the clouds rested the heart of all worlds in which these two sides fought for: Kingdom Hearts.

"Deeeeean…wake up, silly bum."

Suddenly, his eyes flashed open, and gazed upon his master, whom was leaning down toward his face, with her hands on her hips and wore a smirking smile across her face.

"Oh! Sorry master." He flustered, scratching his head.

Seeing as her apprentice was now awake, the master stood back up, "It's ok. I can see you've had a lot on your mind recently." She said.

"Yeah, something like that." He answered, still a bit embarrassed.

"Well, why don't I let you take a break for a little bit, let you clear your mind, and then we can continue later on. How does that sound?" The master asked.

"Ok, I guess." He answered back, a bit relieved that the master wasn't upset. Then again, she did have a lot more patience than the other "master". He then hopped off the rock he was sitting on, starting to leave, before he turned and bowed to his master.

"Thank you, Master Aqua." Aqua giggled a bit as she bowed back to her apprentice. The boy then took off down the corner staircase around the garden. His blue jacket blowing in the rush of wind passing by as he now started to race down the stairs. It was moments like these when he almost felt like a child again.

As he approached the garden's exit, facing the castle library, he took another look out at the beautiful garden. He always thought The Land of Departure was beautiful to begin with, but this place in particular was always a breath of fresh air to visit. After taking one more glance, SoraAlam turned back around to enter the castle library.

What he didn't know was that Aqua was now standing on the balcony above the entrance, looking down at her apprentice as he strolled through the entrance. After the Keyblade War, she, as well as others, learned of a way to pass through corridors of light, similar to the darker ones used by the Organization, making it easier to navigate through the worlds, wherever they may be.

The mere thought of Xehanort and his thirteen seekers of darkness brought back painful memories for Aqua, and how she almost lost all of her friends to the monster she once called a master. But what was important now was that they were all safe, and still with her today.

Well, everyone…except one…

Aqua's thoughts were cut short, however, as to her surprise, a corridor of darkness appeared. Quickly, she summoned her Master Keeper Keyblade, gripping it in her hand ready to attack, only for a familiar face to appear.

"Whoa, relax, it's just me!" said the red haired pyro, as Aqua let her guard down.

"Lea." Aqua greeted. "Why are you using a corridor of darkness? You know it's dangerous to use those."

"Eh, old habit I guess." Lea answered, as the corridor disappeared behind him. "Plus, just something about those new ones of light are just kind of…weird, I guess."

Aqua leaned on the railing as she looked out at the garden. "It sends a better message to the young ones. So far, none of them have shown any signs of darkness in their hearts, and I don't plan on having it start anytime soon."

Lea, though a bit shaken by the statement for some reason, put up a smirk and replied, "That's good. We don't want anymore Xehanorts running around here anymore."

"I only hope that I never have to lay my eyes on that monster again in my life. Nor should my students." Aqua sulked a bit.

Lea sighed, as this was a touchy subject for Aqua, thus he decided to detract from it. "Hey, speaking of those students, how are they coming along?" He asked.

"Very well, actually." Aqua answered, looking inside the library to see SoraAlam looking through the shelves of books. "SoraAlam in particular has been very impressive as of lately. He shows so much potential of a Keyblade master."

"You think he's ready for the mark of mastery?" Lea asked, leaning back on the rail.

Aqua shook her head, "Not yet. He still has much left to learn. But I do see greatness in him. So much light."

"No wonder he named himself after Sora." Lea said, to which Aqua began remembering her old friend.

"Sora…" She mumbled to herself. The boy who opened the door and saved the worlds. Aqua kept herself from getting too emotional, as she moved onto a different subject. "So, how about your apprentice? How's he doing?" Aqua brought up, to which Lea looked away in almost embarrassment.

"Oh, you know. He's coming along. Bit of a handful, but he knows his way around a Keyblade, heck even bested me a couple times dueling." The way Lea was talking made Aqua think he was hiding something.

"What is it Lea?" Aqua finally asked, crossing her arms.

Lea chuckled weakly, thinking of how to break this news to Aqua in a gentle manner, "Um…while training him, I could sense a liiiiiiitlebitofdarknessinhim…" the last part was uttered so fast that Aqua couldn't make out what he had said.

"Wait, go back, what was that, Lea?" She asked, only for Lea to push off the topic.

"Wow, would you look at the time? The old scamp is probably wondering where I am. Got to go, Aqua. Tell the others I said hi!" And with that, a corridor of darkness appeared once again as Lea rushed through it, the corridor disappearing after him.

Aqua just stood there, a bit confused as to what just happened. What exactly was Lea talking about? For the time being, she shrugged it off, looking back out at the garden. When the time was right, she knew Lea would tell her what was going on. She just hoped that his apprentice wasn't being…too hectic this time…

Radiant Garden.

What started as a kingdom of light that fell into darkness, only for light to return, turned it into a city of sorts for the denizens of the realm of light. It bustled with much more people than it has usually before, with people all over the universe coming to reside in the world.

He looked down from high above the building he was standing on to see the people walking about their day, knowing that their lives are much safer than before. He smiled at the thought of everyone being safe. As he looked out at the bright, pinkish looking sky, a corridor of darkness appeared behind him, with Lea stepping out of it, almost out of breath.

"Whew, there you are!" Lea said, walking closer to him, "If anyone asks, I've been looking all over for you."

He nodded, not taking his eyes off of the sky. "Well, you found me." He said with a smirk.

"What are you doing up here anyway?" Lea asked.

"I like to come up here and think sometimes." He answered calmly, as Lea approached his side, leaning on the edge.

"Really? About what?" Lea asked.

"Like, what if what we think we know is not really fact, or what may happen in the future due to whatever event may happen." He shrugged, not knowing what else to say, "I dunno, I guess I just like predicting the future."

Lea rubbed the back of his neck. "Sheesh, you're starting to sound more like Roxas as the days go by."

He smirked. He always enjoyed Lea's stories about Roxas.

"Anyway," Lea started back up again. "I was wondering if you wanted me to teach you that move now. Y'know the one."

He turned to face his master with a small grin on his face. "Really?" He asked.

"Yeah. You've been progressing pretty well recently, so I thought something new would be in order." Lea faced his pupil as he leaped from the edge onto the ground in front of his master. "You think you can handle it?" Lea asked, as he summoned his Keyblade.

The pupil smirked; it sounded like a piece of cake. Or at least, by Lea's standards. Thus, with a swift swing of his hand, the pupil summoned forth his Keyblade. It was a dark Keyblade, with a sharp black blade with golden teeth, as well as a rounded grey grip around his hand in which he held the blade. It was a complete reflection of its wielder.

He called it 'The Hectic Eternity'.

"Bring it on!" He taunted, as he shifted into his battle stance.

For almost an hour, the two spared with great balance, not one of them losing focus. Both of them ravaged their fire based attacks at each other, but still to no avail. But the moment Lea let his guard down, his apprentice swiped away his fiery keyblade and leaped in the air to deliver what could be considered the final blow.

As he did, it was almost as if time slowed down, as Lea stared upon his pupil, as saw darkness emit from the young boy's body. He saw a fiery rage that none had ever seen before, that almost scared Lea to the core. But the apprentice noticed this himself as well, seeing the shocked and almost fearful look on Lea's face. Thus, he swung his blade away from his teacher, slamming it onto the ground and dropping to his knees in anger.

"Ugh! That's the third time in a row that this has happened!" The apprentice cried out, pounding his fist on the ground. Lea, recovering from almost getting the flames kicked out of him, came to his pupil's side.

"Hey, it's ok." Lea said, resting a hand on his shoulder, "You just got to learn how to control it is all."

The pupil sighed. "I don't know if I can." Both were silent for a while, before Lea rose to his feet, crossing his arms.

"Giving up already?" He said to his student, "C'mon, Gio, I thought you were stronger than that." Hearing that made the pupil do a double take, seeing his master now grinning down at him. As much as he hated to admit it, Lea was right in a way. No matter what situation he was in, no matter how many times he got kicked down, he'd never give up, only come back stronger than ever.

With this in mind, HMK rose up from the ground, now with a playful smirk on his face.

"I'm ready to go again if you are, Master Lea." He said, to which Lea smiled at.

"Now THAT'S what I like to hear!" Lea said, as he summoned his Keyblade again, as both of them resuming their battle positions. "Just forgo calling me master in the future," Lea added, "It just sounds a bit off. After all, we're friends, right?"

HMK grinned, summoning his own keyblade again, "Fair enough…Axel."

Lea rolled his eyes with a groan. Oh how he hated being called that. "Just shut up and attack me." He groaned, to which his apprentice gladly complied, putting the two into another bombastic brawl.

Before anyone says anything, yes, a good majority of this fanfic's backstory is based on "The X-Keeper File" by Malik Grier. You can check it out on the X-Keeper's official Facebook page. Trust me, it's pretty cool.

Now, I would like to point out, even though I will try and update it the best I can, this story will not be my main focus at the moment, as KH III is still my main focus (As well as FF2, when KH III eventually ends.) But once those two are finished, and this story hasn't completed yet, This story will become my main focus. So don't think I'm going to be ignoring this one...

With that out of the way, let me know what you guys think of the first chapter of The X-Keepers. Two of five have been introduced, leaving three to be revealed. Are you hyped? You should be...

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