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Skyward Wing's eyes quickly shot open as he sat up in his bed. Shaking himself awake, he thought to himself about what he just dreamed about. It was so weird, and yet, so incredible. One thing was for sure, he had to tell the guys about it.

Quickly moving from his bed to his computer, he in no time was on Skype, trying to call the other X-Keepers. As he sat waiting for them to respond to his call, each and every one of them were typing in the chat as to why he was trying to contact them so early in the morning. 5:30 in the morning to be precise! Simply replying back that it was important, Sky hit send as the others decide to start the call.

As the call opened up, Sky looked to see the tired faces of his friends, save for Cynical who was just about to head off to bed. "Hey Sky, what's up?" Cynical asked still somewhat more lively than the others.

"Noel, I swear, you better have a damn good reason for getting us up this early." HMK groaned, trying to keep himself awake.

"Guys, you are not going to believe what happened." Sky started to explain, "Ok, so I was dreaming, and, the coolest thing happened. We were all in the universe of Kingdom Hearts!"

"Wait, what?" HMK groggily asked.

"I know right? It was so cool!" Sky kept going on, "Like, Aqua and Lea were there, we were going off to different Disney worlds, my Keyblade glider looked like Aang's glider from Avatar, we were…"

"Wait, hold on a sec," SoraAlam interjected, "Was I the reincarnation of Sora?"

"Yeah." Sky answered, as the others started to have questionale thoughts.

"Was a remnant of Xehanort?" HMK also asked.

"Yes." Sky answered again, now he too starting to get a bit nervous.

"Was I the adopted son of Ansem the Wise?" Cynical asked.

"Yeah…all of that." Sky said slowly, as he and his friends just stopped for a second. Everyone was silent, unsure of what exactly to say.

"Did…did we all just have the same dream?" SoraAlam asked, confused.

"I…I think so." HMK agreed.

"Yeah, I been having that same dream too." Cynical added.

Everyone just remained silent again, assessing what they all just remembered. All of them having the same dream, with the same details and same turn of events were quite astounding, and in many ways pretty spooky. One of them having the dream might have been weird, but this was another level of crazy. But the more the four boys started to think about these events, maybe, in some odd way, they all were supposed to have that same dream. Maybe it was to make them realize what kind of impact this game series had on the four of them. And in some way, their love of this game was supposed to bring them together like this.

Perhaps…in a strange way…they truly were all connected.

After much thinking, HMK simply said, "Eh, maybe it was just a coincidence."

"Yeah, you're probably right." The group nonchalantly agreed, as an idea like that couldn't possibly be real.

"Sorry I got you guys up for no reason." Sky apologized.

"Hey, no worries, brah." HMK said in return, "You still good for the stream tonight?"

"Absolutely." Sky answered.

"Alright," HMK said with a yawn, "I'll check you guys later then."

"Ok, see you guys!" Sky said as he exited the call and closed down Skype.

Before he left his chair, Sky sat for second, still wondering if all that he imagined was real, but simply shook it off. Instead, he hopped back into his bed and went back to sleep.

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