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Emma Alonso - A student at Iridium High, she's bubbly and positive. She's a nice witch and scrap booker who wants to use her powers to help people. In season 1, she falls in love with Daniel. She finds out that she's the Chosen One: her guardian is Lily, the school nurse. In season 2, she is dating Daniel, and her powers grows stronger.

Daniel Miller - An all star at Iridium High and member of the Sharks. He has had a constant on-and-off relationship with Maddie. He's totally against cheating until Emma shows up. He has a crush on Emma. In season 2, he is dating Emma Alonso.

Maddie Van Pelt - The scariest and most popular girl in school. She's the leader of the Panthers and Daniel's ex-girlfriend. She's a mean witch. In season 2 she has lost her powers and she likes Diego even though she uses him for her needs and calls him "Proxy". By the middle of Season 2, she regains her powers.

Andi Cruz - Emma's best friend, she's a fearless and tomboy girl member of the Sharks.

Jax Novoa - The new student at Iridium High in season 2, he's a wizard and a member of the Sharks. He uses his powers to get his way when he wants something and won't hold back. He's shown to be a trouble maker and loves to use his powers to get Daniel in trouble with Francisco. He has feelings for Emma and helps her out when she needs him. Even though he's a bad boy and causes trouble, he has a very soft side when it comes to Emma.

Diego Rueda - Brother of Gigi. He's the last Churi Kanay (meaning "Son of Fire"), which means he can control the elements, and a member of the Sharks. In season 2, it is revealed that he has a crush on Maddie and will do almost anything for her even though she can't remember his name and refers to him as "Proxy".

Katie Rice - Member of the Panthers and Maddie's friend who want to be head leader. Her hair is turned blue by Maddie on multiple occasions.

Sophie Johnson - Member of the Panthers and Maddie's friend she's a bit of an airhead but deep down truly cares for her friends. She was the first one to know that Ursula had Maddie's powers.

Francisco Alonso - Father of Emma and new principal of Iridium High in season 2.

Ursula Van Pelt - Mother of Maddie. She is deeply in love with Francisco, even though he has no feelings for her.

Desdemona - Desdemona is Emma's new guardian while Lily is in training. The fool moon turns her into a bad witch bent on destroying the magic world.

Lily - School's nurse and Emma's guardian witch. Despite being a witch, she is actually powerless and always relies on her magic kit. She is the new member of the witches council in season 2.

Gigi Rueda - Sister of Diego, school news reporter known as Miss Information.

Tommy Miller - Little brother of Daniel and member of the Terrible Three.

Melanie Miller - Little sister of Daniel and member of the Terrible Three.

Robbie Miller - Little brother of Daniel and member of the Terrible Three.

Christine Miller - Mother of Daniel, and the T3

Rick Miller - Father of Daniel and the T3

Author's Note: Not all the characters will be in the story, since there is quite a lot. I will try to incorporate them in as best as I can, but we'll see how the story goes, and if people want me to continue with it or not. Now then on with the show!

Chapter 1 - Love's A Witch

{Emma's POV}

I was sound asleep when I heard my dad yelling from downstairs in his usual annoying principle-like voice, "Emma Alonso, report to the kitchen for breakfast. Emma Alonso, report to the kitchen." I groaned in annoyance as I sat up, and quickly looked over at the clock by my bedside, which read 7:00am. I quickly got dressed in my school uniform and as I was coming down the stairs I saw Jax in the kitchen wearing his usual trademark black jacket. "Good your awake." He said, with his usual australian accent. "Jax!" I cried in surprise nearly falling down the stairs. I toppled down the stairs, and was about to cast a spell to stop myself, but then found myself caught in Jax's arms. "You okay there?" he asked, helping me to my feet. "Didn't mean to startle you."

"Where's my dad?" I asked. "I heard my dad's voice calling me." Jax laughed. "yeah about that." Jax said like he obviously knew something. "What's going on?" I said cautiously. "You didn't do anything to him did you?" "No." Jax scoffed. "Why would you assume that?" "Jax, I'm serious." I said giving him a serious look. "Where is he?" "Alright already, calm down. He left for school already. That was me calling you, with a voice mimic spell." "You can mimic other people's voices with a spell?" Jax nodded. "want me to show you? it's quite cool. Watch." I watched as Jaz swirled his finger in a circle, with black and blue magic appearing. "So many voices in the world, many people to mimic, give me now the voice of principle Alonso!" He snapped his fingers, when the spell ended, and looked over at me. "Emma Alonso, please report to the principle's office." He said in my dad's voice.

"Oh my gosh!" I cried. "Jax, that's amazing!" Jax snapped his fingers to cancel out the spell, and said, "See I told you it was cool." he said as his voice returned to normal." "Please tell me it's not another illegal spell though." I said now turning serious. "That's the best part." Jax said, as he took a step next to me. "It's completely legal." "Jax, what are you doing?" I asked cautiously as he moved closer to me, and his face moved as well. Suddenly I found myself moving toward him! It was as if time had stood still all around me. "Don't try to fight it Emma." he said slowly. "It's not forbidden for witches and wizards to be together." "Jax-I" He cut me off as our lips met, and we kissed.

"Em! Emma!" I suddenly very distantly began to hear Andi's voice calling to me, and suddenly realised that I was dreaming. This wasn't real, but I didn't want to leave. Part of me didn't want to wake up from the dream. Part of me felt good being with Jax. It was so much different being with him then it was with Daniel, who obviously had a problem with me being a witch. Maybe the council's right. I thought. maybe Danny I breaking up is for the best.

"EMMA!" Andi's voice was in my ear now, which jolted me out of the dream. "Finally!" Andi said with a sigh. "Sheesh, man you sleep like a log. Must have been some dream you had." "Yeah." I said with a yawn. "Let me guess, Daniel again?" "Uh not exactly." I said embarrassingly. "Seriously?" Andi asked, with her eyebrows raised as she flipped her long streight brown hair over her shoulder. Her one purple streak caught in the morning sunlight through the window. "Well then if it wasn't Daniel, then who was it? I mean it wasn't like you were dreaming about Jax or anything we're you?" I felt a flutter of butterflies hit my stomach and the next thing I knew they appeared in my room, fluttering around in different colors. "Jax?" I asked, trying to keep a serious tone in my voice. "Why on earth would you think I would be dreaming of him?" Andi shook her head. "Yeah, your right. What on earth was I thinking?" She turned to leave. "I'll meet you downstairs." She said as she left the room.

Once the door had closed behind Andi, I felt my heart skip a beat at the thought of Jax, and slowly began to realise something. My dream was real. At least the feelings I had in my dream were real. I'm falling for Jax.

Outside Emma's bedroom, there stood Desdemona, watching with an evil smile on her face, as her brown eyes gleamed with mischievousness. "The Chosen One is falling for the new boy? interesting. This may complete my plans after all." She let out an evil laugh. "Now the daughter of Maria Castillo will be mine!" She laughed an evil laugh.

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