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9th Hierarchical City, Tokyo (a.k.a Academy City)

Higuchi Pharmacies Seventh Medical Research Center.

A security old guard yawn loudly and fall back on his seat, bored out of his mind, his new partner has already drift off to lala land for quiet a while leaving him alone with their duty. When he was young he used to laugh about how cliche it is that the securities guard is always sleeping or drunk out of their mind anytime the heroes have to sneak in, now that he has grown up he realize that sitting in a small room staring at fifteen screen showing the exact same thing day after day 24/7 is not the most exciting thing in the world. In fact, it's also the reason why he didn't bother with the rookie, when he need some shut eye he will smack the kid awake and switch turn.

Right now however, they need at least one person to keep an eye on these damn screen, those gun toting brat down stair will call in to check every thirty minutes or so. Come to think of it, why is this place need armed security anyway, as far as he know this is just a small lab with no significant, when they hired him many year ago when he desperately need a job they even admitted that it's just for show and he probably don't have to do anything.

It seem there is a new upstart terrorist that has been going around destroying research facility. It's seem that he's so dangerous they invent a new criminal class above S-class for him and give him the highest bounty in mankind history, enough to buy a small country, or so they said. And if you believe in rumor, apparently he's just a boy. Whatever it was, the higher up decide to send a bunch of shady guy in back mask to defend this place, suspecting that it's the terrorist next target, the sleeping rookies next to him is also one of them. It's has been like this for three night and not even a rat has showed up.

Suddenly, The red like shone at the intercom with that annoying *beep*

"Those brat just checked in ten minutes ago, what do they want now."

"Hey, Team E on the roof, this is team A, please focus the light to the main gate, I think I saw something."

The two giant military spotlight turned quickly and soon shine upon a figure wearing a tatter brown cloak. The figure steadily approaching the facility, paying no heed to the blinding light.

"Security room, tell that hobo to fuck off."

The old guard just sight tiredly and reach for the speaker.

"Hey you."

The figure look up.

"Yeah, you. Halt. This area is restricted, any close and you will be considered an intruder and dealt with immediately."

The figure just continue walking.

"Did you not hear me, I said stop!"

"Damn it, is this guy deaf or something."

The sleeping rookie is already awake and standing right behind him, his eyes focus intensely at the camera monitor featuring the main gate.

"He's gonna step into the magical barrier, what should we do now."

The masked man just go back to his seat, seemingly lost all interested in this whole ordeal.

"He did ignore the warning given ..."

His voice fading like he's drifting back to sleep.

An electrical sphere suddenly appear surrounding the facility, signaling an intruder has been detected ... and promptly disposed of.

"Somebody deal with the corpse..." was the masked guy last mumble before returning to his beautiful dream..

...But immediately jump up at the loud sound of breaking glass of the barrier fell to pieces ... the moment it touch the stranger outstretch right hand.

Before they realize what's happening, the figure already thrown off his cloak and charge that the two gate keeper knock them both out with a single punch each.

The figure turn out to be a boy in his mid teen, black spiky hair, nondescript white shirt and black pants. On his two hand however is a seemingly high-tech gloves, every time his hands ball into a fist, small crackle of electricity can be seen.

"Shit, it's him, the SS-class criminal Kamijou Touma. All team prepare for battle, team E, M,K hold your position and watch the left, right and back side in case he has friends, the move to the front gate, let shoot this bastard down."

The sleepy head seem completely awake this time, frantically reaching for his riffle leaning again the wall while barking out order. After checking his equipment as a precaution, he waste no time dashing out of the door, only to poke his head back and said some quick word to the old guard before carrying on his way to perform his mission.

"Get out of here old-timer, this is gonna get messy."

The old man didn't need to be told twice and make a beeline for the back gate, the last thing he hear is the sound of gun fired echoing out of the facility...





... Which continue for several more hour until it finally stop.

The door to the innermost lab of the facility open before the boy, behind him several bodies of the masked man lying haphazardly on the hallway, they all seem to be alive however since some of them is groaning while others twitching like they're having a seizure.

The boy step inside the room and analyze his surrounding. It's a quite space room that's mostly bare. On his left side, standing again the wall is a row of life-supporting machine with some kind of fluid inside. On his right side is a row of capsule like device, big enough for a human to fit in, inside of each is a helmet. They are all empty. In the corner of the room there is what look like a controlling system console.

"So I was too late ... again. Such misfortune."

He put his hand into his pocket and fish out a phone, half surprise that it has survive through the whole ordeal and dial the only number he has in his contact list. He didn't have to wait long, from the other side of the phone come a young girl voice.

"Tou-ma-kunnn! You finished already? That's impressive, not that I ever doubt your reliable ability. Should I send Kuro-chan?"

"No, they've clean out the place, just like last time, there is a lot of HOUND DOG though, it's like they knew I was coming."

"Look like you had a hard time,what do you say about a little vacation after this? If you want some company then just tell me your type and I'll take care of it. I can even volunteer myself ... or is Kuro-chan you after ..."

"Thank you for your concern but no Beside, considering this Kamijou-san luck, any vacation spot would become a war zone or something similar anyway. And for the last time, I don't swing that way."

"The way you're oblivious to every girl advance say otherwise Touma-kun, poor Kuro-chan though, getting rejected so harshly."

Touma take a page out of Kuro's book and didn't bother to dignify that statement with a retort, sometime he feel that the boy in question is just as unlucky as him, the different is he never noticed it ... or didn't bother to point out.

Temporarily putting off the conversation to finish his work, Touma walk toward the system console and put his glove hand on it. Moment later, spark start shooting out of it and the boy immediately jump back. The monitor and the lighting start to go haywire. The console then explode, follow with the life-support machine and the capsule-like device immediately after. The boy, unfazed by the destruction he cause, continue with his conversation.

"So, what now? It's seem like they're catching up to our plan, and we have barely even slowed them down. Should we try a different approach?"

"Forget about it for now, something troublesome just came up, it seem like they are developing a new type of Sisters, I don't know the full detail but we better investigate it and shut it down in case it prove to be dangerous. By the way, how good are you at foreign language Touma-kun?"

"If this is about vacation again..."

Realizing that not even Misaki would joke at a time like this, the boy reluctantly answer.

"I have taken up a lifelong policy of avoiding foreigners."

"Then you better work on it now because you're going to Russia."

All the boy could do is sight.

"Such misfortune."

1st Integration City, London.

Windowless Building.

Used to be the 5th Hierarchical city London, most well-known as the headquarter of Necessarius during the second war and now, the headquarter of Academy City, where the Board of Director and the chairman Aleister Crowley reside. During the war it was said to be completely annihilated from the map due to Academy city overwhelming firepower, but now the city has been rebuild and become the biggest and most advance city in the world, a symbol of oppression.

In the middle of the city stood a tall and ominous building that has neither door nor window, not even air ducts and generally no sign of entryway. Within the building there is no floor, stair, corridor, a peculiar building indeed.

The Windowless Building is not devoid of life however, within that building is a certain room. The room is quadrangular and quiet spacious, several tubes and pipes cover the walls and ceilings, the only thing notable in the room is a large cylindrical tube that connect the floor and ceiling. The tube is filled with some kind of red liquid and inside it, floating upside down, is a human. The human- wearing only a green hospital gown- looks like an adult, yet also a child, like a man, yet also a woman, like a saint, yet also a criminal. The human is the one who is governing this stagnant world, Aleister Crowley. Around the human, various monitor floating about, their artificial light is the only source of illumination in the room.

"Have you been watching again, Othinus. You mus have lots of time to kill."

The human monotone is devoid of any emotion, it seem like he didn't talk to anyone in particular for he's indeed a lonesome presence in this calculating fortress.

However, from the darkness of the room, a figure step out, reveal themselves to be a young girl with wavy long blond hair and one green eye, the other is covered by an eye patch. She's dressed in a revealing outfit, a low-cut neck line that goes down below her navel. She has a long cape, and has ribbon wrapped around her. Traces of a witch-like design is present, such as the cape and a wide brimmed hat with a pointed tip. The girl answer with nearly the same amount of interest, although there are hint of boredom in her voice.

"Yes, so much time that I have no idea what to do with it."

"Indeed, if things keep repeating itself perpetually like this, my plan cannot advance either."

The girl immediately send him a glare.

"Remember your place human, do no more than watch."

"I'll take it into consideration, however a new plan is already underway. Do not worry, I'll not directly interfere, but I think it's time we give up on the Imagine Breaker and find someone else to become the calamity trigger."

The girl's glare intensify.

"And who might this be, certainly not that wretched thing you decide to let out of Dark Legacy I hope?"

"You will know soon enough, this is after all only a backup plan, a little push in the right direction. My plan still need the Imagine Breaker so your concern is mostly unfounded. And do not worry about number 2, everything is under my control, your responsibility is with the Imagine Breaker, make sure you remember YOUR place, Othinus."

"You are underestimate him Aleister, it's true that he's only a mere human, but because it is so that I believe in him. God is not the one who create miracle, human is. I hope you are prepared. If you're going to treat him half-heartedly, that right hand will rip your illusion apart."

And with mark the end of their conversation, the girl turn around with an angry huff and disappear into the darkness, and Aleister is once again the only existence in this impenetrable fortress. His voice rang out again, this time really to no one in particular.

"Hm, all the illusions that I believed in were destroyed a long time ago."


GROUP's headquarter.

"Status: stabilize. Subject is about to regain consciousness."

A man open his eyes to a strange yet familiar world. He immediately try to sit up, but his body feel heavy and sluggish, like he has been sleeping for a very long time. The man inspect his surrounding, he seem to be in some kind of hospital room, it's quiet small and only has one bed, his body is being hooked to various machine. The man tore out the wire from his body and try to get off the bed, a blast of cold air hit him, come to think of it he doesn't have any clothes either. Af if reading his though, a voice come through the speaker at a corner of the ceiling, it seem to be some kind of intercom.

"Hello, mister Hero, are you awake yet? There should be some clothes on the right side of the bed. Please make yourself presentable, I'll be there right away."

The man did as instructed, he found he found a simple white pants and and a black T-shirt with a big white "V" across the torso. The man dress himself and find his way to the mirror in the corner of the room.

The reflection in the mirror show a man in his early twenty, shoulder length white hair, blood-red eyes. There also a black choker-style electrode on his neck, which he didn't noticed until now.

"What is this shit? Where the hell is this place?"

Wait a minute, he know this place. No, not this place, this world. No, not his world either, it's ...

The sound of the mechanical door slide open interrupted his inner musing. At the door stood a girl stood a girl who seem to be quiet young, in her mid teen, but her more ... feminine aspect said otherwise. She has long straight hair of golden color, she's wearing some kind of school uiniform comprised of a short-sleeved white dress shirt worn under a light brown vest and dark tan pocketed skirts. She also carries a shoulder bag with a star adorned on the middle.

The girl could have been an elegant beauty, if not for the fact that she's panting heavily like she have just dash here from half-way across the world, which in reality is just a short walk from her office. It's took some more minutes for the girl to regain her breath, she then struck a silly cutesy pose and introduce herself like nothing happened.

"Hello! I'm the Queen, leader of GROUP, an honor to meet you, leader of the legendary six heroes, Accelerator-san."

The man just roll his eyes at the younger girl antic.

"Whatever, so that mean I've been yank back to what you called the world of the living."

"Yes, that's right, you have been gravely injured in the first war 100 years ago, Academy city have put you into something called Dark Legacy to prolong your life ability and do research about your power. It's now easy breaking you out of there you know, but I suppose Kuro-chan did a great job, I think I'll give him a break after this."

The man then point at the choker on his neck.

"And what the hell is this."

"Well, you're pretty mess up when we pulled you out of the Dark Legacy. We fixed you up mostly, but your brain ability is so heavily damaged you can't even think straight. So we have to use something called the Misaka Network to support it, whenever you want to use your power just flip the switch. Be warn though, the battery only last for an hour and you can only use about 10% of your power."

The man look thoughtful for a second.

"So that's what they wrote me off with, those damn bastard."

"Huh? Did you say something."

By this time he has long since ignored the girl.

"10% huh? Well? It's more than enough."

"What do you mean?"

The man just turn on his choker and tap a nearby wall, it immediately explode outward, a peaceful scenery of a city can be seen outside. The girl suddenly become frantic.

"What a minute, We broke you out so that you can help us with something."

The man just answer with a sneer.

"Do I look like I fucking care, I have one target only, the Invisible Thing."

A strong wind flow from inside the room, getting stronger and stronger and gather at Accelerator back. The Queen have to shield her eyes from the strong gust of wind, mind racing for some solution to this unforeseen problem. She have haft a mind to reach into her bag to take out a remote and MAKE him calm down. But then she think better of it, she will need to be on good term with him if she want his help. That and the man standing in front of her is the leader of the legendary Six Heroes, who have can and will kill her in a blink of an eyes with no remorse whatsoever. She will have to use the peaceful approach.

"Wait, no need to be so hasty. I mean you have been sleeping for 100 years, you might want to sit down and hear about the current state of the world, after that you can calmly decide what to do next."

"Save your fucking breath, I already knew all I need to know about this world, what is the present to use is only the past to me."

And with that, four small tornado form at the man back and moment later, he's already out in the sky, free as a bird, leaving the girl alone in the devastated room. The girl then grit her teeth and yell loudly to the intercom.

"Somebody, get me Kuro-chan, NOW!"

After a while, there some sound of static, and then through the intercom come a bored voice.

"Kurosaki here, what ever you want, call me after nap time, if you really need something, called the dense bastard, he'll be happy to help."

The girl voice turn sickeningly sweet.

"I don't have time for your lazy ability right now, if you don't back get here in 10 minute you will parade around the city in a dress the next time I see you."

A string of word come through the intercom, to low to hear but there is no doubt about its intent. The voice then sight and continue in a bored tone.

"So I guess that you got rejected, that guy's going into my respect list."

"No I didn't get rejected, he just need some more hard persuasion that's all."

"So? Not sure if I can do anything about that."

"Just get back here."

"Yeah yeah, all right."

And the line went dead. The girl then turn around and run quickly back to her office, it's a good thing that there is a tracking device in that guy's choker. Her anger overshadow her lack of stamina. Seriously, this is why she hate heroes, especially the Six Heroes, they just run around doing whatever they want without a care for anything ... just like those two.


To be able to fly in the endless sky have always been one of mankind greatest dream. The feeling of absolute freedom in the the air, the urge you feel when you view the world you live in from above, every little thing can seem magnificent. Throughout history countless men has spend their life chasing those feeling. To the man who is current living that dream with little to no effort, there is no such feeling however. In side of him are so many mixed feeling. Anticipation, Nostalgia, Exhilaration, Sadness, Determination ... He has always know, from the moment he kill him, that the world is too small for them to never cross path ever again. And indeed their destiny has once again intertwine, like an endless cycle of suffering.

"Fate really has a terrible sense of humor right? BROTHER!"

This time however, he will severe this twisted fate by his own hand, once and for all.

9th Hierarchical City, Tokyo.

Nagatenjouki's special class student dorm.

A certain five-story student dorm, which you can only reach by going an alley off the road and down a few narrow lanes. The surrounding buildings were more than ten levels tall, and in contrast, this student dormitory had a dark and damp feeling. It seemed like the damp air had sunk deeply into the concrete of the entire building.

Out of every room, the one with the number 311 outside the door is really stand out, or rather, the room is missing a door entirely. If you look inside, the fact that this room is not normal stand out even more. Everything is in complete disarray. There were not just a large number of footprints on the floor, everything in the room was thoroughly decimated. The wallpaper and floor were peeled, the shoe shelf was shattered, there were burn marks left in the kitchen, indicating that someone had set fire to it, the TV was hacked in half, the bed was broken, the cotton in the sofa was ripped out. And if you look down from the window you will see another TV, or what was left of it.

In the middle of the room stood a young girl in her mid teen, she has short chestnut brown hair, her eyes share the same color. She is wearing a black skintight body suit, a big goggles on her head. she carefully survey the 'war zone', showing no sign of being disturb by it.

"Target's resident clear, he's nowhere in sight, Misaka 10031 reports."

the girl say with a monotonous voice, although it's just loud enough for herself to hear.

1st Integration City, London.

Board of Director Thomas Platinaburg's private resident.

A certain mansion, to whom it belong to is a fact few is privileged to now and even fewer is privileged to access it. It's rather small,more like a cottage than a full-sized house. The surrounding buildings were more than ten levels tall, which give this manor a bright prestigious feeling. It seemed to represents it owner whose life has a been perfect "smooth sailing" filled with success and opportunities everywhere.

The inside of the house is even more impressive, lavish with priceless piece of arts and decoration. Everything is extravagant but nonetheless give a feeling of sophisticated. The owner of the house clearly know how to show his status, but there is no vanity to be found. It's like he just view them not as bragging right, but simply the trophy that symbolized the life he had lived, everything is naturally the way it is since he did his best.

In side of the room which seem to be the owner's office stood a girl in her mid teen , she has short chestnut brown hair, her eyes share the same color. She is wearing a black skintight body suit, a big goggles on her head. It's not only eerie that this girl look exactly like a certain other girl, but she also repeat everything the other said, half-way across the world, into the phone she's holding. She then continue with that same monotonous tone.

"Victim's resident is also clear."

The girl took a glance at a corpse of a certain man in the corner of the room and then go on.

"Only the body of Thomas Platinaburg is found."

Another pause, her glance is directed to the shaking workers at the door.

"Witness confirm it's indeed the target who is responsible, and it seem he demanded something from the victim."

Her eyes then land on the LCD monitor and keyboard which seem to rose of the large antique ebony desk.

"The victim's computer shows sign of being used, the BANK's activity log shown that it has been recently access by this same computer, the time matched. Misaka 19090 reports."

A male voice finally come out from the other side.

"What is the specific information that was accessed, just in case."

The answer come inmediately.

"The information was about the SS-class criminal Kamijou Touma, his recent activity and the prediction of his next target. Misaka answers."

" I see, as expected."

After that is a long pause in which neither say a word. The girl is the first one to pick up the conversation.

"Should Misaka contact the Black Crow Unit? Misaka inquire."

"There's no need, SCHOOL will take care of it. Oh! There she is, thank you for your work."

With that, the man end the conversation and turn to his new company. He's a man in his early twenty, shoulder-length dirty blond hair. He wears a dark maroon colored suit with a white collared shirt, both unbuttoned, revealing a red v-neck under them. He give the newcomer, a girl, a cocky smile and greet her.

"So you're my partner, haven't seen you around here, are you new?"

The girl is wearing some kind of school uniform, short-sleeved white dress shirt worn under a light brown vest, dark tan pocketed skirts that reach halfway down her thighs. She seem to be in her mid teen, short chestnut brown hair which has same color as her eyes, a big goggles on her head. From her mouth come the familiar monotonous tone.

"Yes, Misaka confirms. Misaka's name is Misaka Mikoto. Misaka introdues herself. Misaka will accompany you in the mission to track down the rogue number 1, Misaka informs. Misaka's looking forward to working with you, Misaka performs common act of courtesy."

The man smile grew wider, deep darkness could be seen when he opens his mouth.

"Likewise, Misaka-san."



A boy lying on the soft grass of the field, gazing up at the sky. It's almost dusk, originally he has only decide to take quick nap but somehow he has slept all the way through until now. The boy lazily stand up and decide to go back, this is the first time he has come back so late, his brother and sister mus be worry sick.

Come to think of it, his brother has been pretty quiet today. Normally he would stick to him like glue, but the boy haven't heard a peep out of him all day. Maybe it's the reason why he overslept, the others two always interrupts his nap by their arguing. It's rare that he's only by himself today, the three of them practically do everything together. They don't get along very well with other kids in town, his sister is always sick, children got hurt playing with his brother, he himself got labeled The Plague and every adult in town just outright ban their children from even glance at him.

It's a good things that their "Mother" is very kind to them, as she is with everyone in town, that's why the three of them haven't been thrown out yet. As the eldest he has made it his responsibility to looks after the others two, and he know that they in turn admire him very much, especially his brother. He just wish that his brother can treat his sister with the same amount of care, the boy always show disdain toward his sister for some reason he can never put his finger on.

As his foot carry him back toward his beloved home however, he's shell shocked. The scene before his eyes would haunt his dream for many years to come and will be forever etched in his mind.

The orphanage is on fire.

Outside 13th Hierarchical City, Moscow.

The spiky haired boy is awake from his fitful slumber. It's still too early in the morning, he hasn't had enough sleep, his body is sore all over from the rough ground and tree trunk, the campfire has already been extinguished so the cold morning air is chilling him to the bone. He has been walking for three day since he arrive at the port, and it'll take another a half day before he can reach the city.

Of course there are much faster and convenient ways to get to his destination, but the boy couldn't afford that as he is an extremely famous ... infamous fugitive. The sailors, with the right amount of money, is willing to take him to Russian shore with no question asked. The boy lazily stand up, doing some basic exercise to relieve the stress from his sore body, how on earth that he feels after some sleep he feels even more tired than when he's walking for two day straight. From afar, the outline of the city is in view, the prospect of a nice meal fuel his sluggish body and keep his legs moving forward.

Suddenly, The boy stop, his body tense and ready for actions, his eyes darting around around, surveying his surrounding. His voice rang out, seemingly to nobody but himself.

"Who ever you are, please step out, you're scaring this Kamijou-san to death."

Silent passed, They boy is starting to doubt his instinct but didn't relieve his defensive stance. Just when he's about to chalk it up as his own imagination, from behind the trees to his right, a figure step out, his voice soon follow.

"Relax Touma, it's just a little prank, no need to be so high-strung."

The one stepping out is a slim, short-haired blond man with green eyes, who wears a modest aquamarine thin shirt accompanied by a camel-colored lambskin vest. The boy visibly relax when his eyes land on him.

"Jeez, it's just you Ollerus-sensei, no wonder I could feel no malice intent. I should have figure it out sooner though, your present the warping all the mana of this place."

"Well, as a teacher I glad that you have matured so much and can take care of yourself now. In fact, I think you might even be ready now."

The boy giving him a question look.

"Ready? Ready for what?"

Ollerus just give him a gentle smile.

"Something only you can do. Don't think too much about it, you will know when the time come."

The boy just let out a long sigh, his body slump forward. He then mutter in a exasperate tone.

"Again? You and Othinus always like this, just suddenly showing up and giving cryptic message that I can never understand. Can't you guy give me a straight answer for once?"

Ollerus just laugh out loud and change the subject.

"So what have you been doing lately, I heard quiet a bit about you, all over the world, none of them seem very nice."

The boy decide to think you much about those cryptic message, like he always do, he'll never figure it out anyway. Instead he decide the humor his teacher and give a hearty laugh of his own.

"Oh just the usual, destroying research facilities, rescuing the Sisters, making the board of directors's life miserable, stuff like that. What about you sensei? Still going around destroying criminal organization and rescuing cats stuck on the tree."

"Well, that, and I'm still looking for my most important person too ... just like you."

For a moment, their smile disappear, replace by a solemn look.

"Yeah, just like me."

Ollerus just cough and attempt to change the subject again.

"No need to take it so personally. It's just that I would never imagine the title I give you, "Imagine Breaker", would become the epithet of an SS-class criminal."

"Yeah yeah, you told me this a thousands time when I was young already. I know it's the title of that "Nameless Hero" in the First War and all, since history forgot about him, you give me this title as a reminder and a way to honor him. Sometime I also feel bad about it, but it can't be help, I'm up again Academy City after all."

The man just give a reassure smile.

"Don't worry, I trusted that you will always do the right thing. I believe in you, after all you are not just my student, you are like a son to me."

"Yeah, I know that sensei, I promise I'll never stray from my path."

Another silent passed, this time, of understanding. Ollerus is the one who spoke up first.

"Anyway, that's all. I just want to see if you're doing alright, look like I don't have anything to worry about."

With that, he turn around and disappear silently into the forest, just as he come. The boy decide that it's time to continue his journey. He has only taken a few step however, when he hears Ollerus's voice again, this time it sound very far away.

"I almost forgot, be careful Touma. HE's there, and he's after you. You'll understand when you see him, even if you want to or not."

The voice and presence of Ollerus fade away, for good this time, leaving the poor boy dumbfound. Touma then yell in outrage.

""He"?"He" who? Oh god not another cryptic message! Would you guy PLEASE stop with that already! Such misfortune!"

13th Hierarchical City, Moscow.

The spiky hair boy have, at last, arrived at the city of Moscow. After so many day of forest and barren wasteland, the sight of civilization give the boy a sense of relieve.

After the first war, earth is badly damage, the human race lose more than half of it's population and 50% of the land become inhabitable due to the excessive use of nuclear weaponry in human's desperate attempt to bring down the Invisible Thing, an action which, according to history, is a foolish act and a waste of human and monetary resources, accomplish absolutely nothing but bring humanity to it's last legs.

When all hope seem lost, the Invisible Thing suddenly go dormant for a year. At the same time, the Six Heroesappear, within that one they use their knowledge of ESP and magic to arms humanity, ready for their last stand. The rest is history. What wasn't in history however, is why the Invisible Thing suddenly become inactive for a years, creating a window of opportunity for mankind to strike back. Nobody know, except the Six Heroes themselves. According to Ollerus, there was a seventh Nameless Hero, who somehow sacrificed himself to stall the Invisible Thing for one year, giving the the Six Heroes enough precious time to prepare humanity for their final confrontation. The Nameless hero is forgotten by history, nobody know about his existence except the Six Heroes, and even then they didn't know his name, only his title, they call him the "Imagine Breaker".

But that's all in the past. Today, humanity live in gigacities called "Hierarchical city" built by Academy City's advance technology and governed by them. Every city is completely self-support and is ranked by their size. Right now the boy is at the outskirt of the city, often called the Strange. The area suffering from vast urban decay, broken wind turbine and cleaning robot litter with trash all over the street, some wall is covered in various graffiti, plenty of old and seemingly abandoned building, this where the poor and "talentless" gather. "Talentless" as define by Academy City, is having absolutely no power despite going through the power curriculum, they're called Skill-out and is at the bottom of the social pyramid.

As he walk through the area, he can feels a lot of stare from the shadow. The boy promptly ignored them since they seem to have no attention of doing anything. However as he walk closer and closer to the city entrance, he's getting more and more of those stare, and they seem to get closer by the minute. When Touma reached the entrance, he stop, surround him is dozens of shady looking guy, some already have they knife or brass knuckle out.

"Such misfortune, so you guy really wanna do this I guess, fine by me."

Just before he's about to take off his cloak, the crowd slowly disperse. Before Touma can understand what's happening, he hear a monotonous voice all out to him.

"Hey, you, suspicious person over there, Misaka tries to get the suspect attention while ready for any form of aggression."

Touma turn his head back to the direction of the gate. There stood a familiar figure of a girl, she has short chestnut brown hair, eyes of the same color. She seem a bit different to others Sisters for the fact that's wearing a school uniform, the same as Misaki. On her face however is that same blank and emotionless expression as other Sisters he has met. This is bad, he's not even near his objective, if he is discovered now it's all over. The boy sweat nervously, tried ( and failed) to put up a believable front.

"Me? Ah, you see, I'm just a normal traveler, I'm nobody suspicious at all."

The girl just calmly take out two handgun and point it at the boy, who instantly rise both of his hand to the sky. He is sure that's no school would ever design their uniform, especially their skirt's pocket with this use in mind.

"Please cooperate and take off your cloak. Misaka orders. Failing to comply immediately will result in Misaka treating you as a convicted, Misaka warns.

"Such misfortune."

Touma let out a sigh and shakily take off his cloak, even if he resist and attack her now, the Network will be immediately alarmed and his mission is done for either way. The only thing he can do now is quickly knock her out get take her him out of here as fast as possible, the mission will still fail but at least they would recover one more Sister.

When the dirty brown cloak is already on the ground, the girl took some moment to inspect his feature, an action which puzzled Touma. She should have instantly recognized him through the network and shoot him on sight. The girls eyes then drift to something on the wall beside her, Touma just take that as an opportunity and sprint with all his might toward her, only to suddenly stop when the girl lower her gun. She then bow and apologize.

"It seem that Misaka was truly mistaken, Misaka say while trying to hide her embarrassment. You are indeed just a normal traveler, welcome to Moscow, thank you for your cooperation and sorry for your inconvenience. Misaka sincerely apologize."

Touma, who still have no idea what's going on, decide to go with the flow. Somehow his identity haven't been found out and he can still go on with his mission.

"Yeah, that's ok, no harm done."

And with that the girl away, apparently to continue with her duty. This is too good to be true, may be this is a trap to lure him in, maybe ... wait, what's that?

Touma noticed that on the wall in the direction that the girl look at moment before there is something. When he come closer for further inspection, he was speechless.

It's a wanted poster, not just anyone wanted poster, HIS wanted poster. The fact that he has a wanted poster did not surprise him one bit, it's his picture in the wanted poster that left him speechless.


Let's just say that he don't know whether to feel glad ... or insulted. He's the so called criminal with highest bounty in mankind history for god sake, and they can't even get his picture right. Granted it did get him out of that sticky situation he will make his activity in the future somewhat easier, but still! Has his luck got so bad that it's actually good now? Or is it that even his good luck will now come in some form of misfortune. Either way, such misfortune!

On the back of Touma's mind, something still bothering him however, why did that sister even need to rely on a faulty wanted poster? Shouldn't the Misaka Network already have everything about him in it's database already? ... Whatever it is, he's too tired to deal with it now, bot mentally and physically, he haven't eaten anything for days, his priority right now is getting some food and then be on with his mission.

To prevent the previous run in from happening again, Touma decide to move in between the alleyway, avoiding human contact as much as possible, take every precaution necessary, surely even with his luck nothing can go wrong ... right?

No. While he's busy surveying his surrounding, his feed suddenly caught something and he promptly fall to the ground, face first. That's not all, when he turn to said what he has he trip over, turn out it's not an it, it's a ... she. To be more precise, it seem to be the body of a young girl, she's wearing and white nun's habit with gold highlight, like an expensive teacup. she's lying face down, strand of silvery-white can be seen flowing out of her headdress.

"Such misfortune". Well, not entirely, they're in a dark and narrow alleyway, nobody has seen them yet, if he just calmly walk away and pretend he didn't see anything ... Suddenly from the presume corpse a voice rang out.

"... Hungry ..."

By now they boy have already sense trouble and an enormous wave of misfortune incoming. Forget about calmly walk away, if he run not there might still be a chance. Wasting no time, he immediately stand up and proceed to hightail out of here as soon as possible ... only for the girl's hand to grab his legs causing his face to once again meet the ground.

"... I'm Hungry ..."

The girl still muttered those world like a zombie and crawl her way atop the poor boy, who by now seem almost desperate. No, he must not give up now, it's only over when you give up, he still has a chance to get out of this misfortune-free.

"I'm sorry miss ... but you see ... I'm in a hurry ... so if you don't mind."

Touma used plea, it's have no effect.

The girl is now more or less sitting right on top of him, he can now clearly see her dazzling emerald eyes, they're however, seem cloud, like she's half-asleep.

"... I'm telling you I'm hungry ... Feed me ... Oh look ... Food ... Thank you ... Time to eat"

Her mouth open wide, revealing two row of sharp wide teeth. By this time Touma is already full on panicking, desperate time call for desperate measure, he'll have to fight the girl off and make a beeline for the main street, it's his only chance of survival. He then proceed to but the genius plan into action, however as soon as step one begin, which is when he place his right hand on her habit, he know that his fate is seal.


At the same time the girl seem to snap out of her reverie.



"Uhm, if it's all the same to you, we can go grab something to eat now, my treat of course."


The girl bare her teeth once again, to the boy, it's look more like fangs of a wild beast. There is only one thing left to say.

"Such Misfortune."

Index used bite, it's super effective.

"So, your name is Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Index for short, the keeper of the 103000 magical grimoires."


"At least swallow before answering."

The boy just sigh at his companion table manner, said girl in question is currently wolfing down enough food to feed an army.

"So you are a magician then, that's rare, are you a survivor of Necessarius?"

After the First War, the world mana quantity and leylines suffered greatly. Thus, magician go into decline and the use of magic is limit or outright ban to preserve what little mana the world have left. Most remaining magician and lots of Esper was allied with Necessarius in the second war, and with it's total destruction, it seem that all magic successor is gone and magic have cease to exist. Although there are rumors that there are still a lot of magician survive and has gone into hiding, especially in Moscow, where used to be the headquarter of Annihilatus, Necessarius ally in the second war. Conspiracy theorist say they are amassing their force day by day and will someday rise to overthrow the Academy City once again.

The girl finally swallow her last piece of food, a serious look on her face.

"Yes, I'm also a bounty hunter, my goal is to gather enough money to help the children of Necessarius and preserve the use of magic."

"Oh, so you are one of those extremist who want to spread the gospel of god and condemn all illuminati heretic."

If the girl take any offense to that, she didn't show it.

"No, that's not it at all, by your logic then magic will be consider heretic all the same, those who do that are hypocrite. I mean exactly what I said, there are children who born into family of magicians or those who aspire to be magician, they can't afford to practice it in public and can not take the power curriculum so most of them is poor. That due persecution of of Academy City, the number of magician is dwindling by the second, if this keep up, magic will be gone for good."

"So, why not just give up on magic and go with ESP, with the world mana and leylines in the state it is now, magic doesn't have much use anyway. If you want power, ESP is the safer and more convenience way."


The girl sudden outburst surprise Touma and attract some looks to their table, but only for a moment. Everyone soon get back to their own business and the girl seem to have calm down.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at the one who's feeding me, that's an ungrateful act that unbefitting one who follow the teaching of god."

"It's ok, I was being inconsiderate, so if it's not about power, then what is it."

"Magic by itself roots from the simple fact that 'those without talent' wanted to be able to do the same things as 'those with talent', namely Esper and Gemstone. It's born from faith and strengthen by believe, faith in a higher power and believe in oneself. Magic is not limit by capability or innate talent except those who are born Saint, it's only limit by how you use it. It's because of magic that the powerless and stand again the strong and protect what's precious to them. Their pride, their purpose, their hardwork, their way of living become their power. It's god miracle, not one to be granted, but one to be created and grasp with your own hand."

"I see". It's the only thing Touma can say.

"That's why I won't let magic die, I won't let those children dream fade away because of the harsh reality, I won't let people stop believe in miracle ... even if they have stopped believe in god."

The last part was too low for Touma to hear, but judging from her downcast look, it's something personal. To be honest, he really don't know much about how magic work, and he's sure that no small amount of magician misuse their power, the same go for esp and esper. However he feels that what she said is right, the scene back at Strange come back to his mind, a world where your worth is decide the moment you're born. How many of those thug have had their youth and dream robbed because they're deemed "talentless".

"So are you gonna archive that dream, it sound rather far-fetched for one person ."

A smile immediately replace the downcast look on her face, she then reach into her nun's habit (which by now is only held together by various safety pins) and take out a piece of paper.

'Oh , please tell me it's what I think it is'. The boy scream in his head.

"I said I was a bounty hunter didn't I. I'll just have to catch this stupid looking criminal with and an absurd amount of bounty, everything start with money after all."

Touma just grab the wanted poster from her hand and tear it to pieces.

"Hey what are you doing? Oh so you're after him too. Too bad I have already committed his image into my photographic memory, when I find him I'll know instantly. It's just a matter of time before I catch that SS-class criminal Kamijou Touma."

Yeah, right.

"So you're after such a dangerous criminal young miss."

A man sitting at a table next to us seem to have overheard our conversation.

"I suggest you give up on it, that guy have been going around attacking research facility, even hundreds of Academy city's Hound Dog is still nothing to him. Every bounty hunter after him so far have been sent to the closest hospital, even the famous one."

His friends soon join in.

"I wonder if his head is screwed on right? I mean that guy just go around destroying places and beating up people."

"Yeah, there only one person who can win again those kind of psycho..."

"...Is the Hero of Necessarius right?"

The whole restaurant suddenly focus all their interest to the topic. Touma hand subconsciously tighten around his glass of water, his expression unreadable.

"Yeah, the Number 1 Esper of Academy City, he single-handedly bring the Necessarius force to their knee in the Second War. The orbital strike from the Tree Diagram is just the last nail in the coffin. The Necessarius's Esper and Magician could do nothing but run."

There are a sudden slam and the table of those man is instantly turned into splinter.


"Wait, what the hell ..."

"Who the hell are you ..."


"Damn it, whoever you are, you are paying for all this..."


At this point Touma have already paid for everything and is about to leave. Index didn't stand up to follow him.

"Oh so you are going already, thank for the food ... come to think of it I didn't even ask your name."

The boy just walk a way, he just stop to said a few word and continue on his way, never once look back.

"It's ok, I doubt we'll meet again anyway. It's good that you have a dream you want to accomplish, never give up or stray from your path ok?"

And with that he's gone.

The boy name Kamijou Touma once again slipping in and out of alley ways. Now that his stomach is full, there only one thing left to do. At first he has decide to do some discreet sightseeing before actually get on with his mission, but now he's in no mood for it. All he want to do is finish what he's here for quickly and get out immediately, his annoyance is starting to show on his face. Suddenly the boy hear something, his immediately turn back toward the sound, body ready to spring into action at the moment notice.

Standing atop a small building in the alley way is a young girl with long wavy hair, she wears an eyepatch over her right eye and dress in a very revealing witch costume, complete with cap and wide brimmed hat with pointed tip. Upon seeing her, Touma his body relax, his annoyance however skyrocketed.

"Oh, it's just you again Othinus. You people keep popping up out of nowhere."

"What's with that ungrateful attitude human, did you forget you are only alive because I still find amusement in your petty little existence. Tell me because whom compassion that you are allowed to live till this day when you should have choke to death in that burning pile of trash like the worm you are?."

Touma just grit his teeth.

"It's you, Othinus."

"And who take care of you when you are helpless and alone like a little pathetic infant?"

"Actually that was sensei Ollerus."

"And who led him to you?"

A sigh this time.

"It's the oh-so-great Othinus-sama, you are the light from heaven that guide me through this dark wretched world, to you I'm nothing but to me you are everything."

The statement hold no small amount of sarcasm, the girl however simply ignore it.

"It's good to see you still remember your place human, you should be grateful that I even waste my time trying to communicate with you."

"Communication? You mean just suddenly show up saying some cryptic jargon nobody understand anyway?"

"It's not my fault human language is beyond your capability of understanding, even I can not fix stupidity."

"And when you're not acting like a chuunibyou with a god complex, you're acting like an overzealous teacher, spouting line after line of exposition which serve no purpose other than making me feel like a complete idiot."

"You fully realize your idiocy but still have the gall to talk back to me? Your insolence deserve appropriate punishment."

At that instant numerous invisible explosion appear and Touma start to frantically dodge and negate them. Othinus didn't even lift a finger, her face doesn't show any seriousness at all. She seem to gain some twisted pleasure from seeing the boy dancing around like a monkey trying to avoid getting his body blow off.

Unbeknownst to himself, Touma's annoyance seem to have vanished. Sure distress is clearly showing on his face but aside from that, there are also hint of determination and ... nostalgia. It seem that all his doubt and fear has been completely blown away. He worry is still there, but their way has all but disappear, they no longer holding him back. He has chosen this path, he have a purpose, a goal, he has a promise to keep. He have people that support him, people that look after him, and people that'll smack him upside the head whenever he lose his way.

Eventually Touma could keep up with the seemingly countless explosion, one misstep and explosion cause him to fly high through the air like a soccer ball before slamming into a wall and slip down like a rag doll. Othinus voice sound clearly in his ear despite the fact everything is hazy.

"I hope this will serve as a reminder the next time you try something foolish."

Suddenly the boy feels something warm envelope his body, Othinus voice sound closer than ever before, like she has spoken directly to his ears.

"Touma, haven't you once said that I can rely on you, even if I was to be the enemy of the world, you would always remain by my side."

"What is it ... all of the sudden ... yeah ... I remember ... just a kiddie promise, but I have full intent on following through with it. Not that the world stand any chance again you anyway, if you actually get off your ass and do something useful instead of stalking and making a fool out of me."

"I'm being serious here, so listen without any of your tasteless joke, please."


"Promise me, you must not give up no matter what. You are just an insignificant human, but never let go of that insignificant existent even till the very very bitter end. Even if you can't do it, even if you can't endure it anymore, please keep yourself as a person, keep struggling as Kamijou Youma."

"Great ... Another cryptic message ... Othi ... nus, I still have no idea ... what you are trying to say, but ... I have a feeling ... that I would do so anyway ..."

"Try hard, Touma."

And that's the last thing he hear before his world gone black.

When he open his eyes, he was leaning again tree in the middle of a forest. He can see from afar, the research facility that's his target. He looks around, Othinus is nowhere in sight, he's alone.

"Sorry ... Othinus, and thank you."

No more hesitation, after all, there only one thing left to be done. This is his world, this is his life, and this is his fight. he will make his own destiny, as himself.


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