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AN: This fic inspired by 'Out of the Unknown' though I can assure you this is nothing alike. I have chatted with axellon2008 the author of 'Out of the Unknown'. He gave me much advice I would find useful with this story, especially about avoiding cliché advice. So don't be worried.

Also 'Sith'ari' is Sith's word for 'Overlord' or 'Perfect Being'.

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B.B.Y. (Before Battle of Yavin)

B.B.Y. 67 - Darth Plagueis slays his own master, Darth Tenebrous, on the planet of 'Bal'demnic'.

B.B.Y. 66 - Jango Fett was born on planet 'Concord Dawn'.

B.B.Y. 64 - Naruto Uzumaki was born on an uncharted planet in the unknown system at the end of the galaxy ring.

B.B.Y. 60 - The beginning of the Mandalorian Civil War.

B.B.Y. 59 - Current year.


A five year old Naruto walked alone into the forest. Today was his fifth birthday, which meant he should go into hiding. Ever since he could remember, all of the villagers in his village hated him, and while there were some who treated him fairly, they were very few; most treated him as if he were an abomination. His birthday, October the 10th, was always the worst. Most of the time, the villagers kept a safe distance with him, yet today was an exception as they went as far as to hurt him.

Last year he only got hit by one rock in shoulder. That's why he was here; he'd rather not take any chances and hide in the forest until tomorrow. Maybe even then he would wait a few more days before going back. But first, he had to find a place to sleep.

From the small amount of knowledge on survival that he possessed, he knew he couldn't just sleep on the ground; there were too many bugs and snakes. Sleeping on top of a tree was also out of the question, as in almost complete darkness he could accidentally climb up a tree to a bee's nest or something even more dangerous.

But as he walked on, he tripped over something. After he hit the ground and climbed back wearily to his feet, he turned back to see what he tripped over and only hope that it wasn't a dangerous animal. In complete darkness with the moonlight as his only light source, it was hard to determine what that he fallen over. But as he looked on, he began to see its shape.

It was round. No. It was oval. It was the size of a ball. Naruto narrowed his eyes, trying to determine what the object is. Suddenly he knew what it was – a head! Naruto screamed as he got up and ran behind the closest tree, terror filling him as he imagined just whose head it was.

After a few moments, his fear receded, and he put his head out to look at the object on the ground, which head presumed to be a humans. He slowly walked to it, muscles tense and ready to run at any moment. Once he got close enough, his hand reached out to examine it. When his hand touched it, the surface was not that of a human's but rather, it was made of stone.

That was the moment he realized it was just a stone head that belonged to a statue. He sighed in relief before looking around trying to discover where the head had come from. Soon he found a humanoid shape in the darkness with its head missing so he assumed that it was what was left of the statue.

He walked in closer to observe the statue more clearly. But as he got closer he noticed that the ground was rapidly changing: instead of the usual grass found in the forest, it was becoming harder; stonier ground. He looked down at his feet and, despite them being in complete darkness, he saw that he was on a stone path. He looked ahead and saw a path continuing deeper into the forest.

'Maybe I could find a shelter for today…or for a while', the boy thought.

He followed the path further into the forest. As he continued to walk along the route, somehow it became darker the further he went. Along the way, he encountered more statues, some of which were destroyed like the first one, while a few remained intact.

Only a few minutes later, he saw a massive dark shape ahead of him, which he believed was a building of some sort. He began to increase his pace, wanting to rest after a long walk. As he got closer, he could see the building more clear. It was some kind of pyramid shape temple. He finally stopped on the first step of the pyramid.

Walking up the steps, he aimed to reach the top in order to gain a better layout of the pyramid. But when he reached the top, there was something that awaited him. It was a strange, large stone in the shape of a ring with strange glyphs written on it [1]. Naruto stepped closer to the ring in order to observe it.

As soon as he stepped forward, the gate surged to life. A red light ran through the ring, and the once-empty-middle now was being filled with energy, crackling and humming. Naruto took several steps back, cautiousness filling his young mind. After a few moments, seeing that the gate wasn't doing anything else, he stepped forward.

At this moment his childish curiosity began to step in. He wondered what this was; what this creation was in front of him. As he slowly walked towards the ring and extended his hand out, he felt his hand make contact with the energy surface. The light began to consume his world and where the boy had been, replacing it with emptiness.


Korriban, once a proud world. Korriban, once a homeworld to the Sith species. Korriban, once a world where dark Jedi reign supreme. But now, Korriban was nothing, except the canyons and deserts and the lonely howling wind.

In the Valley of the Dark Lords, many tombs contained the bodies of infamous Sith lords throughout the history, such as a body of Darth Andeddu, a dark lord who tried to cheat death. In a way, he succeeded.

Indeed, many of the tombs in this valley contained the legacy of those dark lords. The tombs were now lifeless, crumbling and decaying. Only a few things remained, such as Sith holocrons, Sith artifacts, and ancient weapons…all of which were guarded by Tuk'ata, also known as the Sith hound.

The tombs remained lifeless except for Tuk'ata. Even so, that day, something changed. In one of the tombs, a small life began to emerge.


Naruto slowly opened his eyes. He got up from the ground and began to observe his surroundings. He was in some sort of hall, but it was too dark for him to see clearly. Yet he could feel it; his surroundings had changed. The air had become dry and full of dust and sand. The temperature was cold. Wherever he was, it was not Konoha.

What should he do? Naruto had no idea. He sat down in complete darkness, helpless. Finally, after thinking in silence, he concluded that the only thing he could do was rest. He was too tired to do anything not to mention that it was nighttime.

Lying down on the floor, he rested his head on his hands for a pillow. He closed his eyes and hoped for the morning to come soon.


To say that she surprised would be an understatement. To say that she was interested would be an understatement. And to say that she was disappointed would be is an understatement.

She had been waiting in this tomb for a long time, waiting for someone worthy to come. Yet the first person who stepped into her tomb in thousand years was nothing but a boy, a naïve boy whose Lightside was strong within. Her disappointment could be turned into rage that would kill the boy in seconds.

Yet she retained herself from doing so, for there was something about this boy, something…special. She did not know what it was, nor did she want to investigate yet. If the boy was not strong enough to even survive on his own for a few days or a week, then he was nothing but a weakling; a unique weakling, but a weakling nonetheless.

For now she would wait. And if the boy proved to have skills to survive long enough, she might reconsider her options.


The morning finally came and Naruto woke from his slumber. Now with a ray of light shining through the empty spot on the ceiling, he could see his surroundings more clearly. He was in a horseshoe-shaped room, which resembled a performing theater of some kind. He had slept on the stage and in front of him was where the spectators would sit.

In the very same room, on the stage he had slept on, Naruto found an exact copy of the device that had sent him here. He tried to reactivate it by touching it or chanting some words like 'open the portal' in a soft voice, neither of which seemed to work.

After an hour or two, Naruto was forced to focus on more important task; finding water and food. He hadn't drank or eaten since last night and now he was both thirsty and hungry Naruto walked out of the room into a hallway decorated with statues of warriors and strange symbols, most of which weren't human.

As he walked on trying to find an exit or supplies, he began to realize that he might not even be in the fire country anymore. After a while, he saw a gate at the end of the hallway. He rushed through the hallway and into the sunlight. Being in the dark for some time, the ray of light blinded him for a moment. When he regained his sight, blinking rapidly and squinting, he saw something he never expected to see.

A view of the valley, enormous in height and width, filled with hundreds of strange buildings and even stranger statues. A low wind swept through the basin, kicking up small eddies of dust below him. As he continued to stare at the valley in utter shock, a shadow watched from behind, in the tomb.

'Welcome to Korriban, boy', the Shadow thought before disappearing.


A/N: That's it for the first chapter, short but I'd rather not reveal too much now.

[1] It basically looks like Stargate, to put it simply.


A/N: This is a newly added section after the Sith language fixing I did. I understand that there are some who did not prefer searching for info of the character they don't know on their own, so I made these small, and brief, bios on each new character that introduced into the story.

This will also help with future plan of my story, not to mention help people with no background of the fandom getting into it.

Character profile:

Name: Naruto Uzumaki (Uzumaki Naruto, in native tongue)

Species: Human (Konohagakure)

Gender: Male

Sexual orientation: Too young to understand

Age: 5

Homeworld: Unknown. Adopted: Korriban

Allegiance: Konohagakure

Profession: None

Birth date: Native; 10, October, year unknown. Basic; around 30 Yelona-15 Relona, 64 BY [2]

Religion: Shintoism

Relationships: None

Appearance: Blonde hair. Whitish yellow skin. Blue eyes. Unique: a twin pair of whisker marks on each cheek.

Bio: Born on an uncharted planet appeared in the Outer Rim of the galaxy. Naruto Uzumaki's parents sacrificed themselves to protect the infant and their village by sealed the creature of immersive power, the Nine-tailed fox, inside their son. Years followed, Naruto was put through number of abuses due to the being inside him.

[The rest is non-canon] On his fifth birthday, he ventured out of his birth place to seek refuge. He eventually found a device which transferred him to Korriban and his new life.

[2] It's galactic basic calendar, there are 10 months, roughly 7 weeks a month, and 5 days a week. Don't asked me to give specific date, I am not math genius.