Well, I guess it's time to come forward and said what needed to be said. This fic is dead. You people probably see this coming though. And to some people who I said I wanted to continue this, I am sorry, but as time went on it's just not going to work.

You may wonder 'why now? I know it's dead, but why announce now?' Well, another big Naruto fic 'Look to the Star' had been cancel as well, so I figure now is the time. Let what's dead be officially dead.

It's not a simply lose of interest. My 'Night Haunter', 'CAOS', and 'Only One' may have taken a hiatus, but I always wanted to come back to them (in fact, I am thinking about uploading chapter 2 of CAOS in a few days since it's already finished). But this one… it's too much and there are two main reasons for that.

The first reason is about the story and my inability to execute it. As you may see/read. The first half (the training) is pretty competent and it was the part that captures the thousands of readers. Then comes the second half, yeah, it's a mess. I was too juvenile when I start this. If I had started this story in my university years the first half would be even better and the second half would not be such a mess.

I would also like to make it clear that I do intend for this story to become multi-crossover, just… not like this. And I still believe having Naruto serve True Mandalorian is a right direction instead of time-skip, what bad is my execution. I made it like he just went on yet another training with several paper-thin OCs around. As I said, it's a mess.

The second reason is the fandom. Not only did I lose interest in both fandoms due to the stories themselves (the last arc of Naruto is… not good, I heard Boruto is competent but I don't care enough to read it, which should tell you that I no longer care about this universe, and The Last Jedi is too mediocre with too much plot holes than Lucas could ever make, and he didn't make this film!) And let's not even get into the people who inhabited these fandoms (no, not you, but you know what group I was referring to).

I can probably manage to continue the story and lessen the first reason/flaw I talked about (it's just the second arc after all) if I still hold interest in one of the two fandoms, but when you lose interest in both then writing will turn into the kind of chore you don't want to do (writing is a chore, mind, but there is such a thing as too much).

I thought about writing a synopsis, but the sheer details make me recoil. If anyone wants to adopt or 'inspire' by this fic then be my guess. And if you are My Hero Academia fan then that's one of my main fandoms now alongside 40k.