She should be hating him right now, not staring at him with his beautiful dark hair... and his cute little earring.. and- NO! Heather, snap out of it now. She tried telling herself over and over again, but it was no good. Her mind would just wander back to him and his oh so many perfections. Maybe she was just hallucinating and she was only imagining all of these amazing things about him. Unfortunately that was far from ever becoming true. She was falling for him, she didn't now when it started, or frankly, if it would ever stop.

He thought he was only using her, but lately he's caught himself thinking about her when he shouldn't be and staring at her when she and no one else is looking. But.. why? He didn't need to use her (at the moment) and his top priority was winning this game. That's what it has always been. When he heard (from a semi-reliable source) of Chris McLean looking for a new cast for his latest, deadliest season. When he was forced to chase and ram that bus with all of the idiots on board. And practically right from the beginning. This he hadn't seen coming. The one thing he couldn't stop was taking over. Heather. And only god knows if these feelings for her were ever going to go away.