I told myself I wouldn't do a self-insert.

But here I am.

But instead of being an Uzumaki, or an Uchiha.

Instead of being perfect.

I decided to put every bad trait of mine into one person. Even if I slightly have it, my new OC has that trait. I gave her more bad traits than good traits. Just something that I wanted to try, and see how it goes. I don't even know how often I'll be updating but hey, you never know, right?

So, here we go.

Warning: This FanFiction should not be taken seriously (especially the Chibi Arc which starts next chapter). It will be making a lot of jokes pertaining to the real world (EX: Winnie The Pooh) and I do those on purpose to make you laugh XD

I really, honestly I would be damned to hell.

I didn't act like a bad kid, believe me.

I was my parents pride and joy.

I did everything I could to please the people around me.

Straight A's through school.

President of Student Council.


Even doing some bull shit speech at Graduation.

I was on my way to become a doctor, which was what I didn't want to be in the slightest.

Doing everything for others made me feel as if I wasn't truly anyone.

It made me just believe that life sucked, and death wouldn't be much worse.

I thought that I was going to hell when I died.

Even though I smiled a lot, I wished death on more than half of my shallow "friends".

I was terrible to this poor boy who always drew anime characters, even though I did the same thing while I was at home alone.

I had a secret love for all things anime.

Fruits Basket was my love.

Fairy Tail was my life.

Naruto was my soul.

But, I hid it so that I keep the illusion that I was the perfect girl.

And when I died, I was so angry.

I would go to hell before I could tell my parents my true feelings.

Let out my true self.

But, I guess it was all for the best…

I found myself in silence, but hearing a constant beating.

I just let myself relax.

"Well, I guess I'll be chilling here for the rest of eternity." I thought to myself.

It was warm, and very relaxing I might add.

Suddenly, I was forced out.

I was pushed out of some hole into someone's arms.

"I guess there wasn't anymore room in hell…" I thought as I began screaming.

I noticed that there was another baby screaming in the room, so I thought someone else was having a baby in there, or I was a twin.

Or a triplet.

Or a quadruplet.

Oh for the love of god, I so hoped that wasn't in some Jon and Kate plus 8 situation.

The next few months was a mixture of coming in and out of consciousness. Sleeping alot, eating a lot, oh and shitting those damn diapers.

Soon, my vision was less blurry.

I was often taken care of by the woman I assumed was my mom with blond hair and green eyes.

She seemed nice, but I was willing to bet she wouldn't stay like that. Once I was able to walk and talk, she'd change into some other person.

"Kizashi! Isn't Umeko just adorable?!" my mother said.

I was passed to a man with dull pink hair and green eyes.

I gave him an odd look, almost trying to figure out why he looked so familiar.

"Yes! Who would have thought we'd be so lucky to have adorable twins!" he said with a smile.

"We?! We're you the one who carried them around inside of you for nine months?!" Mother asked.

"Hey, I helped as much as you did!" he retorted.

Suddenly, a crying came from the other room.

"Sakura!" he said, running to take care of her.

He came back with the now calm pink haired, green eyed child.

My eyes widened.

"Umeko, meet your big sister, Sakura." Father said.

'When there's no more room in Hell, I get reborn to the other hell... WHAT THE HELL?!' I thought as I began to scream as if my life depended on it.