Summary: Bella is actually not a Swan but a Hotchner. After the Cullens leave she goes back to her dad what happens if they come back into her life? Set 5 years after New Moon. AU. All human.

Sorry for spelling a grammer mistakes.

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Bella smiled as she walked into the bullpen of sorts and looked around at her team, her family, she went in and sat at her desk when Spencer Reid, one of her teammates and boyfriend, sat at the edge of her desk and smiled at her while giving her a cup of coffee.

"One coffee for the lady."

"Why thank you I really need this."

"I kinda figured when you walked in and didn't greet the team this morning like usual. So what's up?"

"Nothing it's just that time of the year again."

"I know and I'm sorry babe but hey look at me you don't need them anymore."

"I know it's just hard is all."

About that time JJ came over and said that Hotch needed everyone in the briefingroom ASAP. When they got up there they sat down and once Hotch got up and started speaking.

"Alright everyone I got a call earlier from Strauss saying that we are going to have some new agents seven in fact. Each of us except for Garcia is going to have a shadow for the next few months they will accompy us on cases and the like. Now don't worry Garcia did a background check on all of them they will be in ten minutes."

Ten minutes found the team over by the desks waiting for the newbies to show up. Bella had her back to the doors and was talking to Emily and JJ about nothing in particular when Emily pointed out that the new agents were here when she turned around she gasped at what she saw, in front of her were the Cullens, people who she hadn't seen since she was 18 years old.