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Two years later

Bella was nervous, it was her wedding day. She was standing in her old room at Uncle Charlie's looking in the mirror. She turned away from the mirror and looked around the room to see all her bridesmaids in the room with her, all ten of them. She walked over and sat down in a chair so Alice could finish her make up. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door, JJ went and answered it to see Jack enter the room. He walked over to older sister and smiled at her.

"Hey sissy."

"Hey Jack, come here."

Bella picked him up and placed him on her lap, before facing the others.

"Are you ready for today?"

"I sure am Jack. Are you ready to be a ring bearer along with Henry?"


"Hey how about you go with Garcia and go see dad ok?"

"Alright, come on Aunty Penn!"

"I'm coming Jackie."

The pair exited the room and headed downstairs where the men were. After the door was closed Bella turned to the remaining ladies and sighed, her nerves coming back full force. She turned to see them staring at her with sympathy. Prentiss walked over to her and gave her a hug.

"Honey don't be nervous you know Reid will be at the end of that alter, with a big smile on his face once he see you. Now let Alice finish your eye shadow."

"Yes ma'am."

Alice came back over and finished applying her eye shadow before going to sit on the bed with her sister. Finally Bella couldn't take it anymore and turned towards her friends, nervous.

"Guys, what if I trip and fall? Or what if Spence changes his mind and decides not to marry me? Or what if-?"

"BELL! Stop nothing like that is going to happen ok? You aren't going to trip, because you are in flats and the path will be clear. Also Spencer isn't going to leave you, he loves you too much. Now calm down before you give yourself a stroke."

"You're right, thanks Rosalie. I was being silly."

"Yeah you were."

Bella rolled her eyes and turned to the mirror, smoothing out her dress. There was a knock on the door and Angela went to answer it. It was her dad with her Uncle Charlie. They entered the room and walked up to Bella. They hugged the girl before turning to everyone.

"It's time."

The group headed out of the room, down the stairs, and out the door to the cars that they were taking to the reservation for the ceremony. When they arrived they saw that everyone was already at the beach where the ceremony was taking place. They walked towards the beach, but stayed back a bit so the groom wouldn't see the bride. First Jack and Henry, carried by Will, walked down the aisle, followed closely by the bridesmaids and groomsmen. When the maid of honor and best man, Angela and Morgan, were down the aisle was when the music changed and everyone stood to see Bella begin to walk down the aisle with her dad and Uncle Charlie. When they arrived at the alter each kissed her on the cheek before sitting down in the chairs reserved for them to watch the ceremony.

****Time Skip**** (Sorry the ceremony wouldn't have been very good so I'm going to skip most of it)

"You may now kiss the bride."

The couple leaned in and met in the middle with a sweet kiss that made all of the girls' go awe. They were blushing when they pulled apart to the clapping of the guests. They headed down the aisle and back towards the clearing, where the reception was going to take place. When the couple arrived they saw it was decorated exquisitely, just like they wanted it to be. They sat down at the head table and were quickly joined by their wedding party. Neither could wait for the reception to end so they could go on their honeymoon. They ate their food and talked with each other quietly. Before the dancing would begin, it was time for the speeches. First was the Best Man speech by Morgan. He stood up and was handed a mike by the DJ they hired for the evening. He smiled and looked towards the audiance to begin his speech.

"I have known both of them for years. I work with them both and let me tell you this, it took Pretty Boy here took forever for him to make a move on Bell here. Everyone on our team could tell that they liked each other, they just wouldn't make a move. Finally Bell had enough and on the jet, hit him over the head then pulled him in for a kiss. Let's just say, everyone else on the plan was relieved, including her dad, which surprised us all."

He paused to let everyone quit laughing before he continued with his speech.

"These two are perfect for each other, they compliment each other perfectly. I hope you two live full and amazing lives together. To the happy couple!"

The toast was echoed by all the guests, with smiles towards the couple. Then it was time for the Matron of Honor by Angela. She stood up and took the mike from Morgan and turned to the guests.

"I met Bella in high school, when she was living with her Uncle Charlie. Then I met Spencer two years ago when they came to Seattle for a case. I imidiately could tell they were perfect for each other. These past two years I have watched them and they love and care for each other so much, that I don't think they can be angry at each other for more than twenty minutes. That is saying something, since Bella can hold a grudge like no other."

Everyone started laughing at what Angela said and she waited for them to quiet down beofore she continued with her speech.

"I know that these two will have a happy life because they are perfect. Good luck to the two you and live happy and comfortable lives."

Everyone cheered and toasted the happy couple again, before more people stood up to give speeches about the couple. They spent the rest of the night dancing and laughing. When it was time for the couple to leave for their honeymoon, they said good-bye before climbing in the car and heading towards the airport for their flight to Mexico.

When they arrived at the airport, they still had about two hours till their plane took off. After going through security and into the waiting area for their gate, they sat and talked till it was time to board. When the plane was time to go they both relaxed ready for their week long honeymoon in Mexico.

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