It Happened In Vegas

By: El Chacal

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The Year: 2023

Abel Teller ( 15 years old )

Between the 5 mechanics from Teller-Morrow Auto Repair, the 7 Prospects riding at the rear and the patched members riding up front, National President Chibs was certain they had what they needed to go to Vegas and come back with a truck filled with enough shine and spirits to float all their speaks and bars throughout Northern California for the next month or so.

The only issue that came up was when they needed someone to man the truck and most of the Sons seemed to not want to leave their motorcycles for trucking liquor across the desert sands.

The reappointed Sergeant At Arms for SAMCRO surprised everyone when he said, "I may not like going to Vegas in a cage but I will do it. Knowing the Prospects we have, they're going to sooner crash into a cactus than get to Charming with the liquor in tact."

Chibs smirked as he put the truck keys in Tig's hand. "Alright, Tiggy. You got the truck."

"Yeah. There's one other thing I got to bounce off ya, Pres."

After everyone else had left to get a good night's sleep for the next day, Chibs and Tig walked into chapel and closed the doors behind them. "What's on your mind, Tig?" Chibs almost kicked himself for asking such a loaded question. There were psychiatrists who did not want to know what was on Tig's mind.

"Abel heard that we were going to Vegas. All week, that kid has been up my ass, pushing for me to take him along."

"This isn't a family road trip, Tig. We're going on club business. There is no telling what might come out of the sands while we're out in Nevada." It may have been years since the end of the West Coast War in California when the Mayans and the Chinese Triad fought against the Niners and the Sons but things were still tense out in Nevada. There was no way to know who might try to attack the Sons to make a profit or a name for themselves.

"I'll keep him with me the whole way." Tig argued. "If I can get the shipment from Vegas to California, I can take care of a 15 year old and keep him from getting into a lot of trouble."

Chibs looked at him evenly. "Tig, from one father to another, it is impossible to keep a teenager from getting into trouble." Pacing around for a moment, trying to get right with his decision, Chibs came to a decision. "Tell Abel to get his things together and be ready tomorrow morning at 9. That's when we all head out. If he's not on the truck by then, he doesn't go."

Tig nodded. When Chibs walked out to the bar, leaving Tig all alone in the chapel, a voice spoke out, "You are taking my son to Vegas, Tig? As long as it's out of this town, I would be happy if he wanted to go build snowmen in Alaska the rest of his life."

Tig looked at the foot of the table to see Tara in Bobby's chair. "Sorry 'bout what happened to you, Tara. You should have had more time with your boys."

"We both should have had more time with them." Tig turned to the head of the table and saw Jax sitting there. "All we got for our trouble was a fork in the head and a shank in the side."

"That's not even the half of it, Tig. We can't leave this shit town until both Abel and Thomas leave on their own." Tara said, her voice raw with anger and disgust. "So if you want to do right by us, you and the others better think up a damn good plan to get my boys out of here!"

A knock on the door snapped Tig out of his reverie and left him by himself in the chapel. Tig opened the chapel doors to find Rat Boy staring back at him. "You were in chapel for half an hour. Wanted to see if you were alright."

Tig just pushed past the SAMCRO Secretary and walked to the bar where he downed a double shot of bourbon.

Jonas Lennox ( 23 years old )

"How did you find me, Kitty?" Jonas asked only to have her head slap him. "Hold still or I'm going to end up opening your throat." The Fearless Leader of the Nomad charter in the Hell Cats MC was not exactly known for people skills but everyone knew where they stood with her. "I've always known where my family was. If I could find your grandfather, I damn sure could find you."

Right now, she had her grand nephew in a chair with his head in one hand and a straight razor in the other. "Your grandfather was one of the few men who I genuinely loved and one of the few I still gave a damn about. It damn near broke me when he...went away. I thought that you ought to know that you're not completely without a family." With one last scrape, Kitty left Jonas clean shaven. "Years ago, your grandpa told me something that no one else knows about."

"What is it?" Jonas asked.

"Rane thought that if he ever had a son, he would join the Navy and become a SEAL before he patched in as a Son. It was a pipe dream but one that he held onto for years."

"With Mom being an only child, I guess that dream never came through."

"I have nothing against Maria. She just seemed to push everything in the opposite direction that Rane hoped for. Now what kind of cut do you want?"

"The one that doesn't end with me in a box?" Jonas quipped only to get another head slap from Kitty. "Damn, Kitty. Your slaps are almost as hard as Grandpa's."

"Who do you think taught me how to hit?" Kitty said. "Now quit the stand up routine and tell me what kind of hair cut you want?"

"Induction cut." Those words instantly caught her attention because it could mean that Rane's dream was probably not completely dead. "You're going into the Armed Forces?" Kitty asked.

"I already got through training and graduated a few years ago with the Marine Corps. A few of the guys there gave me a Victory High Ball as a present last year."

Kitty kept a straight face and said nothing, which scared Jonas since she could turn bland scissors into a fatal weapon in the blink of an eye. Instead, she put down the scissors, ran her fingers across Jonas scalp slowly, her nails dragging across the surface. "So you are in the Corps and ride around on Victory motorcycles? Am I also right in thinking you are not going to Prospect for either the Sons Of Anarchy or the Hell Cats?"

Jonas said, "Yeah."

Kitty took a deep breath, picked up the scissors and finished cutting Jonas' hair. "If your grandfather, my brother, was still alive, he'd kick your ass all over Alaska."

"I told him about this several years ago. We almost got into a fight over it. He didn't like it anymore than you, Kitty. A few months and several jars of moonshine later, he accepted my decisions."

"From this point on, you can not ask me or any of my own what happens in the club just as much as you can not ask any Son anywhere what goes on in the club, right?"

Jonas nodded. Kitty leaned in and kissed her grand nephew on the head. That was the most sentimental she had ever been since Rane passed away.

Angelica Cortez (18 years old )

"No. Absolutely not! I will not allow this! Ask me for a motorcycle, I'm OK with that. Ask me to learn how to ride, fine. Ask me for help in finding some work to earn money, no sweat. Nevertheless, there is now way in Heaven, Hell, Earth or on any plain of existence that I'm going to let you ride into that hellish vortex of corruption, debauchery and degradation."

"Dad, it's a bike show in Vegas, not a Republican National Convention in Ohio!" Angelica pleaded. "It's supposed to be a big blowout with all kinds of bike builders, tattoo artists and riders of all kinds and I really want to go. I heard along the way that Chicago is going over to Vegas and I thought I'd tag along with them. This is my last chance at some fun before I go to Basic Training. Please, Dad?"

"I don't like what the West Coast does to New Yorkers." Coyote said with disgust whenever he thought of California. "Dad, I'm not going to California and the West Coast is not going to get me, I swear it. Besides, I'll have the Chicago Sons watching out for me."

"Who's watching over you?"

"Dario, Grachi, Sacco, Sicko, Venzetti and Indio. They're all patched in and they all know who you are. Lino trained them to revere the name Coyote in Chicago."

"How do you know Chicago is going to Vegas and what makes you think you're going out to Chicago?"

"Because Lino's Old Lady is one of Mom's best friends and so I have an ear in the Chicago Crew. Also, I happen to be friends with Sacco, Sicko, Venzetti and Indio. Dario and Grachi may also have a crush on me. That's how I know the New York Crew is trucking hooch to Vegas with a pit stop in Chicago."

"They talked to you about club business?" Coyote was about to go into orbit before his wife stepped in.

"Emilio, our daughter wants to go out and get a bit of fun before she heads off for the Marines. It's not asking for a lot and we both know she's a responsible young lady. Not only that, we both know she is not a stool pigeon. She's not going to tell anyone about what goes on in the club."

"I'm worried about what could happen out there if she opens her mouth to the wrong people, Angie." Coyote said before addressing another point."Angelica, you're a very responsible young lady when you are with us. I only wonder what's going to happen when you are over there and we're over here."

"I'm not going to act like a sweet butt. I'll be on my best behavior the whole time."

Coyote sat down in his armchair, trying to come to terms with what was being asked and begged for. Angelica knelt at Coyote's side. "Por favor, Papi? Dejame ir, por favor."

"I'm going with you to Chicago. I will speak with Dario, Grachi, Sacco, Sicko, Venzetti and Indio myself. If they will keep you out of harm and bring you back to me alive and well, I'll let you go to Vegas for the bike show."

"Gracias, Papi!" Angelica said as she hugged her father excitedly.

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