As dawn was beginning to break, Angelica began packing her bags onto her Softail Deluxe. Though there were many other questions that had yet to be answered, one came up suddenly.

"Why did you keep the cash instead of the car?" Abel said.

"Abel, my dad would go berserk if he found out I was in a wet t-shirt contest. That car would be very difficult to explain. The five grand though is different. I can tell him that I got very lucky at the Riviera casino. I was on a heater and came home with a satchel full of cash. That story works a little better."

Just as she was checking the straps to make sure her bags would stay in tact on the bike, the six Sons from Chicago rode up on their Harleys with their cargo truck behind them. "Angelica, sieti pronti?" (Angelica, are you ready?) Dario called out.

The time had come. Abel and Angelica looked at each other for a moment before he hugged her.

"Don't worry, Abel. It's only 13 weeks. I'll come back a Marine and if you are a good boy, do well on your studies and stay out of trouble, I'll ride out to you one day. As long as where you are is nowhere in California."

Leaning in to press her lips against his ear, she whispered, "Remember that you are loved, Abel Teller, and there's always a place in my home for you if you ever need it." Leaving a kiss on his cheek, Angelica mounted her Harley, started the engine and rode out to get in formation with the Chicago Sons.

Abel waved to Angelica, who waved back to him before she and SAMCAGO rode off towards the Windy City where they would be met by Coyote and members of the New York Crew.

Chibs, Tig and Happy watched silently as Abel saw Angelica ride off into the horizon. Chibs put a hand on the young boy's shoulder and said, "She is one of a kind, Abel. You'll see her again."

Abel looked at them and said, "Are we going home today?"

"Looks like it. The deal was struck and we got what we came for. Time to hit the road and get on home."

Within an hour, SAMCRO was on the road home. Tig, deciding to take the truck home, watched as Abel seemed to be looking east instead of west. That girl clearly got through to him. Tig thought to himself. For a moment, seeing the look in Abel's eyes and the residual grin on his face, things were looking up.

Then he saw it in the side view mirrors.

An old rusted Cutlass and a Night Train motorcycle riding behind him.

Why can't the past just rest in peace?! Tig cried out in his mind as they rode across the state border into Northern California.

The End

A/n: This was a story set in the future. The year is 2023. Now this story has come to a close. No sympathies are dealt to Jonas since he has become the rebellious grandson who all but rebuked his grandfather (Rane Quinn). Angelica Cortez is Coyote's first child and the complete contrast to Abel, the first son of Jackson 'Jax' Teller. I'm sure this story could merit a follow up story to it. It all comes down to what the story will treat on and how the characters would have grown between stories. If this story entertained or if it was a good read, let me know in a review but remember to be polite and respectful. If you are just going to troll me on the reviews, don't review.