Hollow. Empty.

Five months and absolutely nothing.

He woke up, brushed, bathed, ate, walked, and slept in routine everyday like a well-wound clock. Everything he did, it was all in the same precise time every single day.

7:00 am - Wake up

7:15 am - Get ready

8:00 am - Breakfast

12:00 pm - Lunch

4-6:00 pm - Go to Card Capital

7:00 pm - Dinner

8:00 pm - Bath

9:00 pm - Sleep

As for the missing times, he spends it doing nothing unless he is told specifically to do something. For instance, between the times of eight and twelve, if he is not told to do anything, he will resign to a sofa in his living room, his bed upstairs, or really anywhere close by, and simply sit there until lunch. If he is told to do something, however, like if one were to tell him to go buy groceries, he would go and do the task obediently without a word of question. Once returning after finishing the task, he will resign himself again until either he is tasked again or the next scheduled time approaches. Unfortunately, if you were to ask him a favour, you would need to be specific. With the example stated a while ago, he would go shopping as instructed, but upon returning, since his task was merely to buy, he will do nothing more, but drop the groceries to the ground before resigning. Also, he wouldn't even know what or where to buy the groceries unless told so you would need to give him a list including how much of something to buy, a specific location, a time he must return, and what he must do after like sorting the groceries in a way one wishes to.

In a sense, a well-wound is clock is really to light for him. He's very much alive, breathing as any, but he has no will of his own, no mind to think for himself, no conscience to hesitate, no emotions to feel, no consciousness to be aware, no heart to care… at times, he wondered if he even had a soul.

He always did as he was told. He didn't respond to praises or threats. He never reacted to being hugged or pushed and didn't mind comfort and jeer. He simply just stared to nowhere throughout it all. Never smiling, crying, laughing, or frowning.

Such it was hard to believe that someone so inanimate was once vibrant with life to the point one could call him that. More than that, he was also a hero, a brother, a son, and a friend. One so kind, he went to great lengths to protect those he cared, eventually sacrificing himself them, ultimately leaving nothing else of himself, but a concept and his empty shell called his body.

His name was Sendou Aichi.

He hadn't seen it coming. He had always assumed, since Aichi had won their fight, that it was all over. But he was wrong. Oh, so very wrong.

In front of him was his friend. At least, it was his body that was staring over to him. The dark crimson swirls in his eyes and the bloody red streaks under them was more than enough to tell him who it truly was that stood across the room from him.

"Kai-kun, it's your turn already. Will you make a move or not?" it spoke, using Aichi's face to say it with Aichi's kind smile. It was sickening.

"Seal Dragon, Terrycloth!" Kai finally yelled out, placing down the small red dragon. "Then, I ride Explosive Claw Seal Dragon Knight!"

With the second dragon summoned, he quickly moved the first down.

"I move Seal Dragon, Terrycloth to the Rearguard" he said, his poker face ever on. "Now Explosive Claw Seal Dragon Knight's power is 6000! Now…" he said, hesitant but determined. "Attack Aichi!"

The two dragons waited no time and both quickly striking at his opponent. Aichi yelped upon the attack, unnerving him because of how much it sounded like 'Aichi' being attacked.

"Ugh. Ha, not bad!" Aichi said excitedly, shrugging off the attack. "Kagero. I didn't think I'd ever see you use it again, Kai-kun. Ah, but enough of that! Now, I ride Star-vader, Mobius Breath Dragon and I call Star-vader, Magnet Hollow and Hollow Twin Blades, Binary Star!"

Aichi laid the two cards down to the horror over the others stand before him. "Now, with the boost of Hollow Twin Blades, I attack with Magnet Hollow!"

With its long sword, the dark machine made a quick slash at his opponent. He screamed with the hit, the piercing sound not fazing the card fighter the slightest.

"Then with the boost of Dust Tail Unicorn, I order you to attack! Go, Mobius Breath Dragon!" Aichi yelled. The white dragon roared before it proceeded to do as Aichi ordered and attacked Seal Dragon, Terrycloth.

"Now that's two damage!" he happily said, grinning a smile one could mistake for genuine happiness. But his smile brought distress to his opponent as he recovered from the blows he had given him. "And since the attack was successful, your Seal Dragon, Terrycloth is now locked!"

Black rings encircled the dragon sinisterly before engulfing the beast in bright light, turning it in a flash to a simple, useless card as rings continued to prevent its further use. Aichi smiled before turning to his opponent again, quietly saying that it was his turn with a nod.

"Come now, what's holding you back, Kai-kun? I'm waiting." he sweetly said. He scowled at it, holding back a scream for it to get of his mate and leave them all in peace. Instead, he looks down at his cards and thinks carefully.

"I ride Seal Dragon, Hunger Hell Dragon!" he called, laying the card as he summoned the black creature. "Now, I call two Scale Dragon, Jacquard! Next, I call Scale Dragon of the Magma Cave and Seal Dragon to boost their power!"

Staring straight to Aichi, he hesitated again before continuing. "I attack with Jacquard with the power of 18 000!" Kai yelled before moving his hand to his deck. "Drive Check! Critical Trigger!"

The beast swung the flame sword at Aichi, dealing the first damage before calling flames that enveloped his long sought-after mate for the second. Aichi screamed from the flames. If he hadn't known he was Reversed, Kai would have sprinted over to his side to see if he was alright. But he stayed his instincts, telling himself over and over that it wasn't really Aichi standing before him.

"That's two damages for you, totalling to three." Kai said. "Your turn."

"You've gotten stronger, Kai-kun!" Aichi said. Kai had longed to hear those words once. Now it sounded like it mocking him in the cruelest way it could. "But I won't let you win so easily!"

Kai's patience was waning slowly. He had already sworn at the start not to entertain its obvious, playful facade, but he had had enough.

"You can't even fight me without using his face?" Kai said. "Why don't you come out and fight yourself, coward!"

Aichi smiled to Kai as he drew a card. "As much as I would like that, Kai-kun, I can't." he replied. "Remember? I was in the process of being sealed away from this stupid, weak world by this obstinate child until only a few minutes ago. I would have been stuck there for a long time if you hadn't shown up in time to interrupt him and rescue me, Kai-kun."

Kai gritted his teeth angrily. Void, under Aichi's skin, smiled gratefully all the same.

"Don't worry. I promise to reward you. Oh, I know! How about you become my first general, Kai-kun?" it offered, putting Aichi's excited face, one Aichi usually had when he would have a spark of idea. Kai wanted to rip Void out from it.

"You really think I'd fall for that again?" Kai asked with a sharp tone. Void pouted, this time putting on a disappointed face, one he had seen a number of times before whenever Aichi would feel troubled.

"Please, Kai-kun. I'm not trying to trick you or anything." it said, sounding hurt as it continued pleading. "Remember how strong you were in the last battle? With Link Joker, even the world will kneel before you. Don't you want to have that power again? Without it, you'll fall behind your friends again like before and you'll be left alone. Do you truly want that?"

"Shut up!" Kai yelled at it, having enough of its tempting lies and honeyed offers. "I will never go back to Link Joker! True, I was falling behind then, but that was because I had closed myself off from everyone. I only thought of myself, staying there alone, never moving. But now I know better. I know my friends will stand by me and support and push me if I ever get weaker. I'm not alone anymore."

"Well, yes." it said, looking frustrated. "But for how long? You think they'll always be there for you? To always need them to support you… Don't you think that's a little tiresome? They'll grow weary of it eventually. When that happens-"

"Enough! I won't have you say more lies!" Kai snapped. "As I've said, I'm not returning to Link Joker. If you think I'm dumb enough to fall for that again, then you're wrong!"

It flinched, seemingly having been taken aback by Kai's words before huffing painfully and miserably away in a manner that mirrored Aichi's years before when he would tell him that he wasn't strong enough. It was a very painful expression for him, one he hoped never to see.

"I see. That's a shame, Kai-kun." it said. "I'm sorry, truly, but you've given me no other choice. After this, I'm going to send you to the abyss where I was nearly thrown in with this child included. No hard feelings, right, Kai-kun?"

He snapped.

"No! I'm going to defeat you and send you there where you belong!" Kai swore furiously.

"Oh, are you getting tired?" he asked quietly to the boy lying quietly in his bed. He looked at the time to see it was nearing nine, his usual sleep time.

He turned down, closing his leather-bound book as he chuckled wearily to himself. "Of course you are."

He tucked his friend in under the covers. Without thanks or a word, his friend closed his eyes and he curled to a comfortable position to sleep.

While he often denied it, the lack of words between them was slowly eating him away, but he had to bear it for the both them.

Placing his book to his friend's side, he closed the lamp. "Goodnight, Aichi. I'll finish the story tomorrow."

Thanks to BlackRoseDragon44 who came up with the Cardfight battle sequence. Someone play Cardfight with her and review her stories coz they're awesome!