A/N: This chapter contains adult language and situations: Abduction, detention, rape, torture and it must be read at your own discretion. The language is necessary to set the tone for remainder of story. Definite 'MA' rating. Remainder of story will not be rated 'MA', just 'M' as this is the only dark chapter in the story.

This is a sequel to the continuing story of Emerald and her life. Would help, but not necessary to read 'I Remember You' first. I don't own any of the Castle characters, but do own the character of Emerald in this context.

A/N 2: This is definitely AU because there never was a hanger scene with Roy, so he is still at the 12th. He was NOT involved in Kate's mom's death and has been helping Kate in a small way to continue the search for the killer. Kate and Rick have been married for some time, but it was all kept on the quiet, hence no real publicity. The public does not know of the marriage, per se. Timelines are not as in canon.

She is not sure exactly where she is. She remembers dancing at the club, but not much after leaving the stage. All she knows is now she is in a large room and it appears there are no exits from it that are unlocked. In fact, it seems the doors have no locks visible from the inside. She is lying on a large luxurious bed outfitted with expensive linens. The room is a bedroom in what seems a large home of some sort since any noise she hears is far off but obviously still inside the structure. The room is big, bigger than half of her apartment she calls home when she is not dancing at the club. There is a nice bathroom opening off the bedroom and she has free access to the toilet and bathtub/shower. But she doesn't know where she is.

All she knows is she thinks she has been held here for a couple of weeks, not sure exactly how many days have passed since the windows in the room are blacked out from the outside. She has no clock or radio in the room so there is no concept of time marching on, or of days being ripped from the calendar. Where she is and why she is being held here against her will she does not know.

She remembers a tall slimly built man has been visiting her frequently for his own personal pleasure. Sometimes he merely comes in and talks to her about her act at the club, sometimes they talk about her past but most of the time he is there to satisfy his sexual cravings. His appetite is not what one could consider 'normal' and she is frequently physically abused in addition to being sexually assaulted. She seems to have no will to resist, so she thinks she must be being drugged. She has been fed well, with meals fit for a wealthy dowager. However, she thinks the food is drugged since she has been drinking water out of the faucet in the bathroom and not the drinks left for her by the tall man.

She doesn't know where her clothes are because she is dressed in apparel that cannot be described as anything other than harem pajamas. Her pants are loose fitting except at the waist and ankles and her top is a harem top, Tight around her ribs just under her breasts and low cut, showing most of her cleavage, with loose flowing sleeves attached to the top. When she woke in this room, she was wearing a similar outfit, just in a different color. She is left this style of clothing every other day and she has no other choice than to wear it or go naked. She has no underwear and the clothing she does have is nearly transparent. She feels nearly naked even though she is dressed from shoulders to ankles.

It would appear to her that she is being kept as a concubine by this most assuredly wealthy tall man and as she sees it, has no means of escape. Whether she gets out of this depends solely on this tall man. He is in no hurry to give her any indication of what his intentions are other than keeping her as a sex slave to do with as he sees fit whenever he so decides.

Today is different though, because he has not come in to visit her yet. He has nearly always made his appearance by this time of day if she can actually say it is a new day. But there is something off about now compared to earlier. Not sure what it is though.

But now she hears the footsteps in the long hallway and the keys rattle in the lock of the door. As it slowly opens, the tall man is there, but also another man is with him. He is not as tall, but is very muscularly built, like a well-conditioned athlete. This second person exudes wealth also, but not like the first. However, he is supremely confident in his physical prowess and she fears his intentions.

The tall man comes to her and beckons her to the bed. She has no power to resist him any longer and follows him to the bed. He commands her to undress and she slowly complies, not wanting to but not strong enough to refuse his commands. These must be some powerful mind controlling drugs.

He tells her she is going to entertain both men today and she must be sure to provide maximum enjoyment for them or suffer the consequences. He says the men will tell her what they want from her and she will comply without question or hesitation. She does not respond, but the tall man knows she will comply. He has total control over her.

The athletic guy starts to undress as does the tall man. Both are naked and come to her in the bed, telling her to lie on the bed on her back. She does as they ask because she doesn't want to be hurt more than necessary by them. The athlete starts to kiss her and the tall man fondles her breasts, always checking her womanhood now and again to see if she's becoming aroused as they continue to take from her what they will. The athlete then lies down on her and thrusts powerfully into her, not caring whether she is completely ready for him. The tall man comes to the head of the bed and requires her to take his length in her mouth, swallowing him fully while she gags from reflex. The athlete is pounding away at her and the tall man is thrusting roughly into her mouth. All the girl can do is lie still and allow it, not being able to come up with a way to resist or escape from her captivity.

The athletic man then takes her and rolls her over onto him and he remains deep inside her as the tall man comes around to the foot of the bed and slides up her body from behind. He pours some lube down the curves of her ass and then parts her hips, taking her from behind roughly and quickly. The girl cries out in pain, only to be stifled by the tall man's hands over her mouth. They both are taking from her what they want without considering her pain or distress.

After what seems like hours, the two men are fully satisfied and they prepare to leave. The tall man tells the girl to get cleaned up and redress because she will have another visit later that evening from a very important man. If she does not cooperate, she will be severely punished. They leave and the girl is left to herself and her pain.

She goes to the bathroom and draws a hot bath, intending to soak in the hot water to relieve the pain and stress of her encounter with the two men. As she slowly sinks into the soothing water, she thinks about what the tall man had said and wonders what the rest of the day has in store for her. Nothing good she surmises. She just wants to go home to her little apartment.

Later in the evening, she hears more footsteps in the hall and the jingle of keys at the door again. She is dressed in clean harem clothes that were left for her and stands by the bathroom door, not daring to even move for fear of retribution from the tall man. As the door opens, she sees the tall man and a second man also, again. He is tall, but quiet, with a distinguished air about him. She thinks this is a man who is used to getting whatever he wants whenever he wants it. Something about him strikes a special level of fear and foreboding, thinking he is very dangerous.

As before, the tall man tells her to undress and move to the bed. This time only the distinguished man approaches the bed. He speaks softly, telling her to sit on the edge of the bed and then to slowly undress him. Hmm, he has a strange alluring accent but I can't quite place it, she thinks. She does as she is told again and after she gets to the man's underwear, he tells her to stroke his penis. She does as asked and then he pulls her mouth to him, forcing her to take him completely down her throat. She willfully forces herself not to gag as he is not a small man. He is long and thick and he will barely fit in her throat, filling her completely and not allowing her to breathe until she feels faint. He controls everything about what is going on. At least all the men that have had intercourse with her, other than oral, have used condoms.

The mood changes and he then tells her to move up in the bed on her back. He moves with her and, after cuffing her hands to the bed rail corners, thrusts into her with no warning. He starts to piston in and out of her without mercy, slamming into her without let-up. She can see he is getting close to his release and then it happens.

His hands wrap around her throat and close ever so slowly. As his grip tightens, the room starts to darken for the girl. She can still see his face though, twisted in manic delight. She can feel the blood pounding in her head from the stifled flow and she can barely draw any air in through her restricted windpipe. Her vision is slowly dimming, closing in an ever increasingly tighter ring of light until it closes off for good and the girl is released from the pain and torment of the past several days. She does not feel the hurt and humiliation anymore. She does not feel anything at all except the blackness of nothingness.

Kate's phone rings in the loft and wakes her and Rick up from sweet slumber. Kate slowly untangles her legs where they had been entwined with Rick's all night after making slow passionate love and reaches for her phone.

"Beckett," she answers sleepily.

"Yo, Beckett", Esposito says, "We have a body".