Title: The New Me

Author: KurokoNoBasuke1115

Rating: PG

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Mystery

Summary: He was a guy who has a weak presence that no one aware of him. His name is Kuroko Tetsuya, a basketball player and a former member of Generation of Miracles (Kiseki no Sedai) from Teiko Middle School basketball club which he was a phantom sixth man. But, among all the people, there're some of them who acknowledge about his presence and its no other than his former comrades from Generations of Miracles and his new comrades, Seirin High. But, after they lost to Rakuzan in Winter Cup, Kuroko Tetsuya suddenly disappeared. What happen to him and where is him?

Basket 1

It was just a typical day for all students. Going towards the school while walking and chatting happily with their own friends. And it all goes the same with Seirin High basketball team. It was already passed a month after the Winter Cup have end and it end up with Seirin High being defeated by Rakuzan High. They defeated them only with a one point different between the scores. 100 – 101 with Rakuzan lead. They feel frustrated at the beginning but slowly, they learn to accept it.

It was just a normal day for all the students accept for a blue sky hair that is keep on staring outside of the windows didn't pay any attention on what the teachers teach in front of him. Even if he pays attention much on it, it's not like the teachers and the other student would notice him there.

He just a guy who have a weak presence and the name of this guy is...

Kuroko Tetsuya.

He can just let a deep long sad sigh, remembering about some event that he doesn't want to think about. He stands from his seat eventually after the school bell chiming showing that the end of school for that day. Kuroko exits the class and as always no one greet him due to his lack of presence but for him it's normal.

"Kuroko, let's go." A redhead guy spun around to look at the teal-hair guy just to find an empty seat. He narrowed his eyes before dashing out from the classroom to catch up towards the teal-hair guy.

Meanwhile, Kuroko who's already inside of the gym room stood still in front of the basketball court where they always having their training together. He grips the bag that he hung on his shoulder tightly like suppressing something from getting flow out. And that is...


He looks around the court and every corner it has, the floor that already absorbing their sweat, the strong bond between the team that never disappear within them. All of it, he saves it properly inside of his memories doesn't want to forget about it ever. It was the basketball that he loves the most; of course he won't forget every tiny bit of it.

He turned around attempt to exits the gym before the member of all basketball enters. He walked past the entire student around the corridor that didn't aware of his presence. He exits the school ground after giving the school a last glance.

Meanwhile, Kagami Taiga was so irritated because of can't find his 'shadow' anywhere. He already checks the places that Kuroko will go and his favorite places, but still can't find the teal-hair guy anywhere. It makes him irritated and confused at the same time. To be told the truth, he wasn't that idiot since he knows that something is happening towards his 'shadow' lately.

Kuroko always wanders off in class. Doesn't focus on what the teacher teaches. He even always tripped or being so clumsiness that even the 'light' doesn't know what to do with his 'shadow' anymore. He tried to ask the teal-hair guy what his problem is but it just a waste of time when Kuroko just shook his head and tell him that its nothing much. But, his faces show something else. He knew something is happen whether it's good or bad, he really have a bad feeling about it.

He walk towards the basketball gym in hope that Kuroko is there training with the other senpai as always. He opens the door entrance and he can see that they have starts practicing without him. He also can't find and see the person he searches for. He let out a loud grumbles and it's enough to make the other who is practicing looks at him with a weird faces. He looks at all of his friends and senpai before he can felt something chill within the gym.

"I'm dead..." he murmurs when he can felt a dead aura being sent towards him from the coach, Aida Riko and Hyuuga Junpei, the captain and clutch shooter.

Kuroko whose now at the street walking towards a certain places that he knows he hates the most. He knows it but still he goes. He grips the bag that slung on his shoulder tightly. When he was about to step into the places, a hand on his shoulder makes him stop abruptly and he quickly turns his head to look at the person.

"I see that you really keep your promised~" he was surprised when the guy who he supposed to meet are now in front of his eyes. Even so, he wears the stoic and blank faces he always have. It's like there's a lump on his throat that he can't utter any words at all.

"What's wrong? Too excited that no words or greet for me?" The guy said and Kuroko just narrowed his eyes before his lips parting wanted to utter some words for the guy.

"Hisashiburi desu, Hanamiya-san." That's right. The guy in front of him right now is no other than the one who haves hurt his senpai from Seirin High School, Kiyoshi Teppei and the one who have hurt Seirin High basketball team before they can proceeds to the Winter Cup...

Hanamiya Makoto, captain and coach of Kirisaki Dai-Ichi basketball team.

Kuroko avert his gazes from the older and began to walk pass him when Hanamiya suddenly catch his left wrist and pull him to somewhere else that is hidden from other people sight. They go into a bushes and Hanamiya pinned him on a tree before giving Kuroko a kiss that the teal-hair guy didn't expect would come.