Basket 7

Hanamiya strolled towards where the bickering noise is. He knows very well the owner of the voice was and he licked his lips in anticipation, knowing that the people would be so surprised when they looked at their friend. He still can't believe that the calm and positive guy had now changes. He really can't wait to see what will the others response to it. He tucked his hand inside of the pocket and threw a smiled that people knew it was a smiles that promised pain.

"I know that Tetsuya is here, so if you don't want anything to happen, bring him here, immediately." Hanamiya smirked at the over-protective voice that Akashi had.

"Are you deaf or dumb? We will not give him towards a bunch of loser like y'all." Hiroshi said as he grabbed the collar of Akashi's uniform, crumpling it. The other's glared back at the shooting guard of Kirisaki Dai-Ichi.

"Hiroshi, let that midget go." They all turned too looked at Hanamiya who was beyond pissed at them. They know very well that Hanamiya hate Generation of Miracle and Seirin High. "Well well, what pleasure do I have here until you all come here?" Hanamiya asked, smiling at the heterochromatic eyes of Akashi who keep on silent.

"Hanamiya Makoto, we come here because we want to meet with someone who shouldn't be here. Now, tell me where is he?" Akashi asked/demanded towards the older who crossed his arm in front of his chest.

"Dear Akashi Seijuro, you said he, how the hell should I know who you're talking 'bout?" Akashi response by sending him one of Akashi's glared that no one can resist.

"I'm talking about Kuroko Tetsuya." He answered. "Now, tell me where is he?"

"Hn, and do tell me why I should've answer your question?" Hanamiya question him back that make the other pissed at him.

"Hanamiya, Kuroko is our team mates and we want to know his whereabouts." Kiyoshi said represent the Seirin High. Kagami's had already clenching his fist tightly with Hanamiya's attitude. He can't become more tolerate with the older anymore.

Kagami was about to yelled and shouted at the older when someone spoke.

"Oh, it's an honor for me for you to care about me." They turned their attention towards the door that leads to Kirisaki's locker room. Their eyes fall towards one teenager that is leaning on the door frame with his right arm on the side and the other inside of his Kirisaki's vest pocket.

His bangs were hiding his eyes. The beautiful sky blue hair colors were now tinted with black at the tip of his hair.

"Kuroko…" Midorima said enough for all of them to hear it. They were surprised with it before their narrowed their eyes.

"As expected of Shintarou-kun, ne~" It was Kuroko's voice but it mixed with something that they never thought Kuroko will have. A dark malice mix with playfulness

And when Kuroko lifted his head up to look at them, they were surprised with his new eyes. His eyes that once beautiful sky blue colors were now a beautiful yet dangerous blazing bloody colors. They can't turn away from not looking at the eyes. The eyes already said that whoever tries to mess up with him, there will be penalty, a penalty that they wouldn't like it at all.

"Tetsu-kun…" Momoi cupped his mouth, didn't believe with what she seeing. Her crushed was different, totally different than before. This person, she didn't know who was this person. This is not her Tetsu-kun!

Kagami and Aomine can't tear of their eyes from Kuroko. This is not their Shadow. It was completely a different person, like someone was controlling him.

"Kuroko, tell me is that you?" Kagami asked, narrowing his eyes towards the petite teen.

"It is me, Taiga-kun, but not the old and weak Kuroko Tetsuya."

"What do you mean by that?" Riko asked, finally finding her courage to ask.

"The old I was pathetic and weak. Can't do many things and had a really weak body. I really despise that. That's why, I make the old me sleep for eternally and thus had made me awaken from the deep slumber I had. I am the hatred, avenger, betrayer, chaos, cold of him. In other words, I am his Darkness side." He exclaimed rather darkly that made them shivered by each of the words that come out from his mouth.

"Liar… From the moment I knew Tetsu, he never had such emotion, let alone an avenger and betrayer. If he was an avenger, who his target is? Who had he betrayed? Answered the damn question!" Aomine yelled as Kuro looked passively at the dark tan teen.

"Hn, such foolish questions you had, Daiki. He is an avenger after what you had done towards his most precious person." Kuro answered.

"Precious person? Like we know who his precious person is!" Aomine yelled.

"Did you forget the basketball tournament when you're still at Third year of Middle School?" The other narrowed their eyes, trying their best to remember such event.

"They didn't know about it. I keep it for myself only." Akashi answered make them looked at him.

"Akashi-cchi, what do you mean by that?" Kise asked, looking at his ex-captain.

"On our last year at Teiko, the tournament that Tetsuya can't play since he had his head injured, he told me not to take the opponent easily. So, I told all of you to play at your best and we beat that team with 111-11. It was Meiko Middle School where Tetsuya's childhood friend was. Am I right, Ogiwara Shigehiro?" Akashi explained as he called Ogiwara's name and stared at the orange teen that had been watching the scenes from earlier.

Ogiwarda snorted as he looked away from the group still had grudges towards the Generation of miracles.

"Why didn't you tell us about this Akashi?" Midorima asked, narrowing at the red-head while tightening his grip on his lucky item, Kerosuke.

"Aka-chin…" Murasakibara murmured, for the first time, he didn't eat his snacks.

"Arghh! This is doesn't make sense at all!" Aomine threw his hand into the air before messing with his hair in frustrated.

"Does that mean this their entire fault?" Hyuuga asked, pointing at the GoM. Kuro nodded. "Then we, Seirin don't have any fault at all. If they have mistake, Kuroko should shared it with his team mates."

"And what? Do you think just by telling you folk will conclude his problem and the curtain will just close like that?" Kuro commented before he laughed a little. "That's not funny at all. Seirin also had they own problem with Kuroko. Do you think he didn't know that you almost lose your trusted on him or should I say, already lose?" He concludes and taking the quietness as a cue, he walked closer towards them.

"Because of you, he always cried on his house, alone. Because of you, he was desperate. Because of you, this is what happens. And if not because of Hanamiya Makoto and the rest of Kirisaki Dai-Ichi plus Ogiwara Shigehiro, he would have gone from this world." He said before turning his back and walked from there, leaving the stunned basketball teenager with their own world while they tried to digest on what had just happen.

"Well, can't wait to meet and play with you folk. See you then~" Kuro waved as he goes towards the locker room and leaving them there.


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