This is my adventure to Superjail!

I was sitting in my room, watching "Superjail", when a weird light started to glow from my T.V.

"what the..? Is the T.V. broken?" I wondered out loud. I went over to the T.V. and poked the screen. Then, the T.V. sucked me inside of it... and into Superjail.


When I opened my eyes, I was inside of the Superjail universe. So, naturally, I had to get used to the environment. I'm not used to being a cartoon.

While I was walking, I saw a robot hovering in the air. "Jailbot!" I called to it. Jailbot flew over to me. "Can you show me where Superjail is?" I asked politely.

Jailbot stretched a mechanical arm out and wrapped it around my waist and started to fly me to Superjail. "Thanks." I said once we landed.

I started to walk around, looking at everything and everyone in Superjail. Then, I noticed all the men looking at me. I kinda forgot that in the cartoon world, body parts [mainly boobs and stuff like that] kinda show more through clothes.

Then, someone grabbed my wrist. I was sure it was a prisoner trying to rape me. I swung my fist and hit him in the cheek, but gasped when I saw who I had hit. It was the Warden.

"Oh! Warden, I'm so sorry!" I said, falling to my knees. Warden was my favorite person in the world.

"Oh, no, it's fine. It's..." he trailed off as he looked at me. Then, he smiled, showing the gap in his teeth that I adored. I laughed a little just at seeing it.

"What's your name?" he asked me as I helped him up.

"Lorraine." I answered. Warden smiled again, then offered me his arm, like they did in old times. I happily took it.

"Well, Lorraine. Welcome to Superjail!" he exclaimed, extending his arm out to Superjail.

I think I'm gonna be here a while. Yay!

Well, gumdrops? Whatcha think?

p.s. I changed the name to my real name in case someone out there was named "Kerry Roland." That would've been awkward. :3