Hello internet! I'm back from my (shorter than I had planned) break! I couldn't resist to write stories. Well, here he is, Escape the darkness, the prequel to Trainee in trouble. For everyone who haven't read the sequels, don't worry. I personally think it's even better if you don't know the future of the I-person. And for those who DID read it, here is "her" background story. It can take some more time to update this, because I am about to start a second story, because a "certain problem" really bothers me.

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I opened my eyes. Where was I? It was dark everywhere. Who was I? I didn't know. I was...myself. I couldn't describe it otherwise. I began to feel things: my legs, arms and...wings. Was I an angel? The white feathers tickled my back. They were pure and beautiful. My feet didn't feel anything under it, so I was floating. Suddenly, a little light appeared before me. It felt almost alive. It illuminated my pale skin. The little light danced around and I tried to grab it. I folded my hands around it. The light immediately transformed into a fire. I screamed in pain and released the light, but it was stuck! It didn't went off me! What should I do? The fire expanded over my arms. The pain was unbearable. I screeched again.

'Please, somebody! Let it stop!' I screamed. The flames licked on my skin. They hurt horribly, but didn't burn me. The heat crawled over my arms and reached my backlimbs. The odor of scorched feathers made me sick. My pure white feathers turned jet-black. I could cry in pain, but I didn't. Something told me not to. Images loomed before my eyes. Each and every of them were horrible. Monsters, demons, corpses and awfully maimed humans everywhere. I didn't want to see it, but I was forced to. Even if I closed my eyes, the images appeared before my eyelids, as if they came from my mind. My whole body hurt. I screamed and begged to let it stop, but it didn't. It darkened my heart. After a while, my feeling of disgust disappeared. The pain decreased! Not short after, my feeling of guilt disappeared too, so did a bit of my pain. My relief became greater when those pain-causing feelings vanished. Then disappeared my sorrow, followed by grief and compassion. Finally, my sympathy left my soul and all pain disappeared. I closed my eyes and lost my consciousness.

I moaned when my thoughts came back. I scanned my surroundings: I lay on the floor. A cold, dark floor. My mind was foggy and I felt dizzy. Two people were staring at me, as if they were waiting for me to wake up. They said nothing, but I could hear the hissing of the woman's hair. Yes, hissing. I recognised her as a Gorgon. The other was a man, with a dark red/black/purple skin and messy green-reddish hair. He had a evil smirk on his face, but it did nothing to me.

'I told you it would work,' he said.

'Sorry, lord Hades, but Pandora...'

'That Pandora's plans don't work, doesn't mean mine do too.'

'I'm sorry. I will never doubt you anymore,' the Gorgon said.

'Please, leave the room so I can welcome and chat with our "newest acquisition".' The woman left the room. What did that all mean? That Gorgon called that man Hades. Hades, as in, god of the Underworld? Was I in hell? Why? And what was he going to do with me? I felt scared. The god slowly walked to me. He roughly lifted up my throat, forcing me to look straight in his eyes. My heart was in my throat and I breathed rapidly in fear.

'Hmm...' Hades said and released me. 'You look exactly like a dark angel. Flowing long black hair, beautifully black wings and your terrifying blood red eyes. But also cute enough for me to look at.' I was a dark angel? And I had red eyes, but why was that so good? So many questions unanswered. I had to speak. I had to ask him.

'What does that mean?' I asked. Hades grimaced.

'That you are good enough to serve me,' he said. Serve Hades? Something inside me said to accept that fate. That I had to obey his orders and give my life for him. I kneeled down before his long-nailed feet, spreading my wings a bit as I bowed in deep respect.

'I accept my fate to serve,' I said. I felt a long nail stroking my cheek.

'Good job, girl,' he smiled evilly. 'I will make a strong warrior of you, at least...as long as you follow my orders. I will personally train you. I have after all time enough, since big bad Medusa distract the heavens with my army.' So the heavens did exist? But didn't all angels live there? But why I not? Why were there so many questions?

'Heavens?' I asked.

'The heavens yes. A land far away from here. A place where the sun burns your skin and blinds you with light. Light...a dangerous power. Luckily we are in the Underworld. Here it's safe.' I imagined myself horribly sunburned. It scared me, but I was safe. There was no light here, and yet I was able to see.

'And all the other angels?' I asked.

'Angels are the little minions of the Olympian gods. They maltreat them, starve them and use them to attack me.' He made a sad look. How horrible! How dared those gods! Anger boiled in me.

'But yet, angels have something special. Something what makes them different from humans. Do you know what?' he asked.

'Their wings?' I answered uncertainly.

'You are smart,' Hades complimented. 'You're right. Their wings. Beautiful limbs in all kinds and sizes. Every angel is different. Some wings have rare glosses, colours or even forms. I can't wait to get my hands on them.' So he was obsessed by wings. But what did he mean with "get my hands on them".

'What are you trying to say?' I asked. Hades rubbed in his hands.

'I'm going to train you. How to hunt, like my personal hunting bird. I always wanted to be a falconer, but with an angel instead of a bird. And I train you how to catch angels, so I can collect their wings for on my wall. My wall is old and empty, and that bores me.' So I knew my task, hunting. But one, very important thing was still unknown.

'Who am I?'

Yes, who is she? All the readers who read my other stories will know this. But for the new readers, you will find out next time (or you just look on my profile).