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Palutena lay a hand on my shoulder.

'I saw you wounded. You would have died if I didn't interfere,' she said. The way how she spoke, just like a mother to me. My fear disappeared and made place for sadness.

'You could have let me die. I..I...' my voice cracked. 'My blood is too impure!' When I said that, a shock went through my body, making me sob.

'Don't say that...' Palutena said. That was the breaking point. I buried my face in the blankets and cried out loudly.

'I caused your world so much pain!' I cried. 'All those angel, dead. And Hades, he...he forced me. The pain...I'm so sorry.' This was the first time I openly expressed my soul to another being.

'Don't cry, my dear,' the goddess said, drying my tears. 'Many think only my most loyal servants have a bright heart. But when I saw you, you needed me. Your deepest need revealed your true core. Your light shone brighter than most of the other angels. I believe any angel with that light, despite its background, deserves my protection. And so are you Kite, I give you a second chance.' I looked the goddess in the eyes, speechless. She gave me a second chance. As in, she forgave me. The gratitude was clearly visible.

'I have only one request, Kite,' Palutena said.

'What is it?'

'I can try to make you a light angel. Do you allow me to try?' she asked. My eyes grew.

'Of course I allow you. If there is a chance to change my fate, I will do it.'

'I have to say this is the first time and I don't know the result. Professional doctors can easily do this, but I rather keep your existence silent.' I nodded one time.

'Then I have to accept the risk. I can also understand you want to prevent a fuss by taking care of me,' I said.

'Well, I made a cover story to keep your hidden,' Palutena said and handed me the newspaper she made appear. I looked at it. The photo showed a team of angels with a dirty bloody Raptor Claw in their hands. The title did say enough.

'They think I'm dead...' I said, but when I read I looked up in surprise. 'Along with Hades. Hades? Is he dead as well? Who...what...where...how...' I was cut by a soft "shh" by Palutena.

'Calm down my girl. Just lie down and relax. Then I can start the process,' Palutena ordered. I lay my head on the fluffy pillow. I didn't know why, but my feathers were trembling. Maybe I was a bit afraid of what would come. Of course Palutena once again got me.

'My magic prevent you for getting hurt. However it will take some time. Just try to take a nap or something and the time will fly.' I sighed in relieve. At least it wouldn't hurt. Her recommendation to take a nap didn't sound bad, I was quite tired. I heard how Palutena casted a spell on my body, but not long after, I was dreaming.

I floated somewhere. It felt like I was surrounded by water, but I could breathe like I was on land. My head was stuffed with fog. Suddenly, a light shone from my chest. The dream was lucid, so I had the idea of Palutena being busy. The light expanded over my whole body. I felt how my limps warmed up from the icy coldness. I took deep breath. My hair illuminated, while floating around me. I smiled when I saw the black colour blanch. The light crawled to my wings. A pure white colour appeared. I closed my eyes. They would be next. But suddenly, the light exploded and a darkness pulled me back. I reopened my eyes in fear. The darkness and light were pulling me apart.

'Argh!' I shouted, the cry echoing endlessly. I felt how the opposites were tearing me up. I did my upmost to go with the light-side. The darkness jerked my hands. Then I saw it. Something tried to escape from me. With effort, a dark shapeless mass separated from my body. It fused with the pulling darkness. I was free and sought protection in the light. The mass started to make form. The body, arms, legs, wings, hair, face. I gasped. The creature before me looked like an exact copy of myself. Or at least, the appearance I wanted to forget. Then the fallen angel opened her eyes. My own grew in fear and my feathers stood upright. Her eyes, my eyes, they were glowing red. Not my own colour, but bright red without any pupils. The dark version of me looked in my eyes, before speaking.

'How hard you try, your polluted blood will connect lord Hades forever,' she said with a distorted voice. I screamed the lungs out my chest.

'Kite! Kite awake now!' the alarmed voice of Palutena rang through my head. With a shock, I awoke. I saw Palutena's worried face.

'I had to cut off the progress. I could do much, but something happened. I don't know what.' I sat up. I was still quivering from what happened.

'It felt like was torn apart by light and darkness. Then a mirror-image of me was created who said I and Hades would be connected forever, no matter what.' The goddess closed her eyes and sighed.

'Hades was smart enough to curse you...' Palutena grabbed her head in worry. 'My goodness, what did he to you?' I sighed. There was only one thing what could be the answer. The fact I had to feed me with an angel.

'Hades, he locked me up for about a week, because I failed to kill an angel. There was no food, except for...except for...'

'You can say it,' Palutena reassured me when I couldn't find words. I took a deep breath.

'He made me eat an angel,' I told her, my head hanging down in sadness. Palutena gasped.

'Oh...you poor thing...are you all right?' she hesitated. 'I'm sorry I brought up this subject. Shall I get a mirror for you? You're a kind of light angel. Only your eyes and primaries are the same.' I looked up again and nodded. With a snap of her fingers, her mirrorshield appeared. She held it before me. My eyes grew. Was I that? Oh wow...my hair was light brown. And my wings, so beautiful. They were as soft as before, but a glossy white colour that was black at the tips.

'My god...thank you!' I shouted in happiness.