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'Your name? Your name is Kite. Kite Elanie Blackhawk. Angels will shiver every time the name Blackhawk is spoken. They and their gods will pay for their deeds. And you are going to help me with that.' I had a name. Kite, a beautiful name. It fitted perfectly for a good flier. Named after the elanid kite, the hovering birds in the hawk family. Or the colourful figures in the sky, controlled by humans on the ground with strings. I bowed again.

'Thank you, lord Hades,' I said. Hades looked surprised by my action, but grimaced.

'That's how I want you to speak to me,' he said. He made a sign to me that I could stand up.

'There is something I want to show you,' he said. I immediately started wondering. His voice was calm, so it wouldn't be something horrible. But I would better ask it.

'What do you want to show me?' I asked.

'Your weapon,' he answered. A weapon! I got my own weapon. I followed Hades to the training hall. A golden pillar got my attention. It stood against the wall, but didn't serve as fundament. On the pillar lay two claws in a glass case, as if it stood in a museum. Hades removed the glass case and showed me the claws. They were blue, with huge sharp nails from a bird or something and soft white feathers at the edge.

'These are Raptor Claws. Dyntos personally made them as angelic weapon. It was very difficult to snatch them before they went to their owners, but these claws fit perfectly for you. Use them as an extension of your hands. Go ahead and try them.' Hades handed me the claws. I carefully slipped my hands in the soft fabric. These weapons were quite comfortable to equip. I bent my fingers and saw the nails do the same. I turned around and lashed out in the air. They did exactly what I wanted to do, like they were my own hands.

'You are quite cute when you are lashing around. I can't wait to see you catching an angel of the Forces of Nature,' Hades said. I made a nod in gratitude of his compliment, but more questions came in my mind. I knew somehow the Forces of Nature wiped out humans too, what was good for Hades' business.

'Why the Forces of Nature?' I asked. Hades looked up and gave a smile. Not a grimace or smirk, but a smile of pure felicity.

'The goddess of nature, Viridi. Every time I think of her, I...wait no.' His facial expression became serious again. 'Just because I want that.' I raised an eyebrow. That sounded a lot like he had a crush on her. I couldn't help but chuckle. Hades on the other hand, didn't find it funny. He roughly grabbed my throat and lifted me up. My claws fell off my hands. My feet dangled above the ground, my wings flapped desperately and I made a gurgling sound. My arms tried to give my throat some space to breathe. After a few seconds, Hades dropped me. I landed on the ground with a smack and gasped for air. My hand hold my sore throat.

'Aw...did it hurt, Kitty Kat?' he taunted. I deserved that. I should have never insulted him. And that nickname, I hoped he didn't use it often, because I hated it. But I decided to not complain about it. Hades roughly helped me up.

'You see, you have to know the consequences of insulting me. It is a harsh way, but otherwise you won't learn it.' I let my head hung down sadly.

'I understand, my lord. I totally deserved it.' Hades seemed to bright up.

'That's more like it. Do you come along? Dinner's almost ready.' My stomach rumbled when he said "dinner". Hades walked away and I followed him to the dining room. It was a large room with a large rectangle table. Several beings sat already at the table. Hades took a seat at the head of the table.

'Oh Kitty, that chair is yours,' Hades said and pointed at a chair. I took the seat he pointed at.

'Hello everybody. This is Kite, our own angel,' Hades introduced.

'Hi, I'm Kite,' I said to everybody and looked around. Next to Hades sat the Gorgon with the name Medusa. Left from her floated a blue flame, who stared soulless out its eyes. At the other side of Hades stood...what should I call it? A god-like being?

'Kite, these are Medusa, Pandora and of course, Thanatos,' Hades said. 'They are your priorities. Be as loyal to them as you are to me and follow each and every orders they give you. If you refuse, they are free to do what they want to do with you.' I bowed my head a bit.

'It's my duty to serve you,' I said.

'Oh goody! Finally a someone I can command who isn't brainless!' Thanatos said.

'Tell me, are you strong enough to face the goddess of light's flightless chicken?' Medusa said. The goddess of light's chicken? Did she mean a real chicken? That would be piece of cake. But what if she meant an flightless angel? Did flightless angels exist? I started worrying. What if I couldn't fly?

'Well it depents on...'

'Medusa, that is not her task. She is still untrained. I don't want to lose her immediately,' Hades interrupted.

'But I thought I could use her,' Medusa said.

'But I'm superior over you, so I still pull the strings,' Hades said. Everyone had said something, except for the blue flame, whose name probably was Pandora.

'Hey! There is our food!' the god of death exclaimed when monsters walked through the door with dishes of food. A monster placed the dish before me. My food looked like soup, but the liquid was glowing and had a white/blue/silver colour.

'What is this?' I asked.

'Eat first,' Hades offered. I had to obey his orders and ate/drank (which verb do you use for consuming soup?) the liquid. The gods sniggered and that made me worrying. What did I just consume? But somewhere it didn't matter. It was delicious. Why was my bowl so tiny? I wanted MORE. Much and much more! I could eat a lake of this stuff.

'You just have eaten you first soul,' Hades said with a evil grimace.

Question for all you readers: what for physical impact would have a soul if you ever ate it?

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